Editing Wiki Offline

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Clone this wiki locally

The Github wiki is implemented using gollum. For more complex editing it's possible to git clone the wiki and work locally.

Clone Wiki

git clone git@github.com:numenta/nupic.wiki.git

You can then pull changes made online or via other peoples cloned repositories and push your work back to the central site.

Install Github/gollum

  • Install gollum: gem install gollum (you may need to brew install icu4c or apt-get install libicu-dev)
  • Install Markdown support: gem install rdiscount

Running Gollum

Then in the root of your cloned copy run gollum which will run a webserver on Note that the page content shown reflects the latest committed values for each file. If you want to see what your latest changes would look like you need to git commit locally before you rungollum.

Adding Images

You can only add resource files to the wiki with a local checkout. Place your files in the images/ folder, and reference them like this:

![alternate text](images/your-file.png)