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Temporal SODA Streams for GlobalHack

These data streams were scoured from the Socrata Open Data API (SODA) by inspecting each stream for a temporal component. Each data stream below could be used as a near real-time data stream for online data processing and analytics.

City of Albany Crime Data ( Jan.- Mar.)

Auburn Building Permits – BLDS

DOC Grants

Seattle Police Department Police Report Incident
Code Violation Cases
Building Permits : Current
Seattle Parks and Recreation Class Registration Data TEMPORARY
Land Use Permits
Seattle Channel Schedule
Seattle Parks and Recreation Community Center People Counter Data

Calls for Service 2016
NOPD In-Car Camera Metadata
Code Enforcement All Cases

Restaurant Inspections
Crime Incidents
Berkeley Police Jail Booking Log
Berkeley Police Arrest Log

Retail Food Store Inspections – Current Critical Violations
Public Events at the Empire State Plaza: Beginning 1999

Open Checkbook Data FY16 Year-To-Date

LR-311-SC (2016)

Honolulu 311 Reports

Parking Citations

Hampton Small Women & Minority Business Directory 3 test
Hampton SWAM2 Del
Quarterly Incidents Report - Listing

OHCD - Homes Saved
Parks & Rec Activities

Seattle IT Network Uptime Percentages

Code Complete On Time By District
Part 1 Crimes By District-2

Service requests received by Public Works through March 31, 2016
CrimeWatch Maps Past 90-Days
Service requests received by Public Works through March 31, 2016

LASAN: Solid Resources Tonnages - Bulky Item, E-Waste, and White Goods

Austin Code Complaint Cases
ACCD :: Event Listings – Current Calendar Year

Rack Prices - Heating Fuel Prices

Sandy DEP Master Data
Sandy Mapping Detail
Sandy DHS Master Data

Medical Examiner Indigent Cremations

Bronx 311 Industrial Waste 2010-current
Bronx 311 Restaurant DOHMH Complaints
Bronx 311 Rodent Sightings
Bronx 311 Dirty Sidewalk
Bronx 311 HPD Heat and Hot Water Complaints
Bronx 311 Commercial Noise Complaints
Bronx 311 Consumer Complaints
Bronx 311 Graffiti Complaints
Bronx 311 Noise Complaints- Street And Sidewalks
Bronx 311 Industrial Waste Complaints 2010-present
Bronx 311 Derelict Vehicle

Hawaii State Ethics Commission's Public Disclosures

Oakland, CA - OPD Incidents

Dallas Police Public Data - RMS Incidents

Enforcement Actions, Trend

KCPD Crime Data 2016

LinkNYC Locations
Inspections Requested
Sidewalk Café Licenses and Applications

Procurement Notices

Lost, found, adoptable pets

Daily Police Incidents
NC Certified Minority and Women Owned Businesses Directory
NC Certified Minority and Women Owned Businesses Directory

Public Works Department Requests for Service
Rental Housing
Public Works Inspection Services Division Permits

DWR Current Surface Water Conditions
DWR Current Surface Water Conditions

Building Permits 2015-Present
Fire Occupancy Inspections
Planning Permits 2015-Present

Solid Waste Inspections 6-1-2009 To 12-31-2015

ENERGY STAR Certified Displays
ENERGY STAR Certified Residential Dishwashers
ENERGY STAR Certified Ventilating Fans
ENERGY STAR Certified Computers
ENERGY STAR Certified Commercial Dishwashers
ENERGY STAR Certified Room Air Conditioners
EU ENERGY STAR Certified Computers
ENERGY STAR Certified Light Fixtures
ENERGY STAR Certified Commercial Ice Machines

Large Utility Excavation Permits
San Francisco Development Pipeline 2015 Quarter 4
SFMTA-Enforced Temporary Tow Zones

The White House - Nominations & Appointments (New)

2016 Medicare Shared Savings Program Organizations
2016 Medicare Shared Savings Program Participants

Public Wifi Use Over Time
Public Wifi Use Over Time From Select Locations

2015 Cincinnati Fire Department Incident Data

City of Rockford Crime Offenses 2016 YTD

Animal Control Incidents

WDFW-Salmonid Stock Inventory Population Recovery Goals

Residential Street Cleaning Schedule
Animal Care - Edmonton Insight Community
Bike Safety - Edmonton Insight Community
Residential Street Cleaning Schedule
Changes to Whyte Avenue - Edmonton Insight Community
Transit Strategy - Edmonton Insight Community

Tax Liens

Computer Aided Dispatch Entries 2016

Building Violations
Food Inspections
Crimes - 2001 to present
Housing and Economic Development Payment Receipts

Vehicle Accident Data

Active Business Licenses in Providence
Providence Police Case Log - Past 180 days
Active Business Licenses in Providence
Providence Police Department Arrest Log - Past 30 Days

Public Right Of Way Permits
Recreation Winter Programs 2016

Nursing Home Weekly Bed Census: Last Submission
Certificate of Need Applications: Beginning 1974

LOE All Cases

Councillor Representation Allowance Expense

2016 Fire Data
Property Sales History
DPD: 2015 Homicide Offenses - Victims (Confirmed)

Salt Lake City - Building Permits
Salt Lake City - Business Licenses
Certified Fire Extinguisher Companies in Utah 2015
Salt Lake City - Building Permits

Resident Service Requests - Dataset
Parks Graffiti Removal - Dataset

Food Inspection

Iowa Liquor Sales
Iowa Liquor Sales

Leased State Buildings

HWP - Transporter
Open Meetings
New Liquor Licenses
Missouri State Government Job Openings
HWP - Transporter
New Liquor Licenses

Business Licenses

Plan Attributes PUF 2016
Rate PUF 2016