Hackathon Planning Checklist

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This is a reference page for people planning hackathons for NuPIC (currently only Matt!).

Work in progress

Planning Timeline

4 Months Out

  • find a venue

3 Months Out

  • t-shirt contest
  • Meetup event
  • Promote event via social media

1 Months Out

  • Order / print badges
  • Order t-shirts

Venue Requirements

  • presentation area with seating space for maximum potential attendees
  • workspaces for maximum potential attendees
  • good wifi
  • adequate power outlets (we can run power strips)
  • decent parking options
  • permission to live-stream event
  • wireless peer-to-peer connectivity (some network admins disable this)

Other Venue Considerations

  • Security
  • Insurance
  • Primary contact for event coordination
  • Catering possibilities nearby (make sure they are open on weekends)

At-Event Requirements

  • List of RSVPs
  • Attendance tracking
  • Serve meals, drinks, beer
  • Presentations on different topics during hackathon by community experts

A/V Requirements

Presentations given on Saturday and Sunday will need to be recorded. Demos Sunday evening also need to be recorded. The presentations are usually about an hour long. Demos consist of 10-25 presentations from the audience. Each short presentation should be captured individually (cut between demos).

  • local sound amplification
  • Video recording of speakers (would be nice, but not essential, to get video of audience when questions are asked)
  • Audio recording of speakers and audience
    • Lavalier or headset mic for speakers
    • Wireless handheld microphone for audience
  • Extra lighting for presentation area if needed
    • If daylight is a lighting source, be sure to view the area at night to identify if extra lighting is necessary
  • Ability to capture the screens of presenters, or at least record the projection of their screens to be spliced into the published video during editing.
    • Ideally, one recording of the presenter's screen, and one of the presenter while presenting