Initial Season of NuPIC 2014 Planning

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This page is for the initial planning of the First Annual Season of NuPIC (SoN), as suggested by Pradeepto Kumar Bhattacharya on the mailing list.

Initially, this page contains brainstorming by the NuPIC community to come up with plans to implement the first SoN in 2014. Anyone interested in helping with the plan may edit this page.

Official documentation

  • Should contain detailed description of the program, instructions for registration, etc.


  • Decide on the start date and duration of SoN.


  • Blog post on
  • Social media
  • Cross promotion with other OS projects?


  • All participants will be remote, so there are questions about how we keep everyone up-to-date.
  • Hangouts? Live streams? Tutorials?
  • new ML for SoN?

Idea list

  • Like we did for GSoC Idea List, but specific for SoN 2014.
  • Mentors must be assigned, or else the idea is thrown out.


  • We'll need a way for interested participants to submit a proposal or pick an idea. This should be an online form.
  • Applications should have a review process and deadline for entry.
  • Application review team


  • Detailed list of responsibilities of mentors.


  • Jeff Fohl (tooling, web content, wiki)
  • breznak (mentoring, applicant, wiki)

Perks for participants

  • Certificates
  • T-Shirts