Installing Older Versions of NuPIC

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To install older versions of NuPIC on OS X with pip, simply run pip install nupic==X.Y.Z where "X.Y.Z" is a version published at on pypi (I recommend using 0.2+).


For Linux, it's not that easy because the nupic.bindings binary files cannot be stored on PyPi.

  1. Find the version you want to install on pypi and note the "X.Y.Z" number.
  2. From a local git repo of nupic with no local changes, checkout the tag corresponding to that number with git checkout X.Y.Z (where "X.Y.Z" is the version number).
  3. Get the SHA of nupic.core version by running cat .nupic_modules. Note the value of NUPIC_CORE_COMMITISH, which is a SHA for nupic.core
  4. From a local git repo of nupic.core with no local changes, checkout that exact SHA by running git checkout SHA where "SHA" is the value of NUPIC_CORE_COMMITISH in step 3 above.
  5. To get the nupic.core version to install, run cat VERSION in the nupic.core repo. The number printed will be the version you'll install.
  6. Install nupic.core from binary at the specified version by running pip install (where "X.Y.Z" is the version you got from step 5 above).
  7. Install nupic by running pip install nupic==X.Y.Z (where "X.Y.Z" is the version of NuPIC you got in step 1 above)