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We believe the technology behind NuPIC is an important advance in machine learning and will be a critical component of machine intelligence. We want to share it with everyone and support research and further development of these algorithms. There are many directions the algorithms within NuPIC could take, and we encourage you to get involved. Please read below to find out how you can interact with our development team and existing community members to push this technology into the future.


Get Involved

Please see our Contributing to NuPIC section.

Community Code of Conduct

We strive for the best community experience possible, please help us in this effort by following our Community Code of Conduct in all your community interactions, especially in-person during Events.


HTM Forum

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Live Chat

Public chat room on Gitter

We have a public chat room on Gitter that anyone with a GitHub account can join. There is also a developer-focused room.

Gitter chat

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Prefer IRC for chat? We monitor the #nupic IRC channel on This channel is for general NuPIC discussion. Drop in for a chat anytime. A list of community member IRC handlers is on our wiki. You can also interact with our Gitter chat rooms through IRC.

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Issue Tracking

See our Issue Tracking page, or File a Bug.

NuPIC in Social Media

Community Content

We have an active and growing community, which provides some content supporting NuPIC and its ideas. This content can be found on our Community Content wiki page. If you have your own content you think should be listed here, please go ahead and add it.


We strive for the best community experience possible, please help us in this effort by following our Community Code of Conduct during Event participation.

Online Sprint Planning Meetings

NuPIC projects have 2-week sprints, and each planning meeting is held online, available for anyone to join in and participate. All past sprint planning meetings are archived on YouTube for reference.

These meetings are help live on Google Hangout, and are posted as events on the Numenta Google+ Page.

Open Office Hours

One a month, Numenta holds an online meeting where anyone in the community can attend and ask questions to Jeff Hawkins, Subutai Ahmad, and other engineers. These are held on the second Monday of each month at 2PM PST. All past NuPIC Office Hours are archived on YouTube.

Past Events

Please see the Events page on our website.

Below are some pages created to support events we've had in the past.