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Numerai Python API

Automatically download and upload data for the Numerai machine learning competition.

This library is a Python client to the Numerai API. The interface is programmed in Python and allows downloading the training data, uploading predictions, and accessing user, submission and competitions information.

If you encounter a problem or have suggestions, feel free to open an issue.


pip install --upgrade numerapi


Numerapi can be used as a regular, importable Python module or from the command line.

Some actions (like uploading predictions or staking) require a token to verify that it is really you interacting with Numerai's API. These tokens consists of a public_id and secret_key. Both can be obtained by login in to and going to Account -> Custom API Keys. Tokens can be passed to the Python module as parameters or you can be set via environment variables (NUMERAI_PUBLIC_ID and NUMERAI_SECRET_KEY).

Python module

Usage example:

# some API calls do not require logging in
napi = numerapi.NumerAPI(verbosity="info")
# download current dataset
# get competitions
all_competitions = napi.get_competitions()
# get leaderboard for the current round
leaderboard = napi.get_leaderboard()
# leaderboard for a historic round
leaderboard_67 = napi.get_leaderboard(round_num=67)
# check if a new round has started
if napi.check_new_round():
    print("new round has started wihtin the last 24hours!")
    print("no new round within the last 24 hours")

# provide api tokens
example_public_id = "somepublicid"
example_secret_key = "somesecretkey"
napi = NumerAPI(example_public_id, example_secret_key)

# upload predictions
submission_id = napi.upload_predictions("preds.csv", tournament=1)
# check submission status

Command line interface

To get started with the cli interface, let's take a look at the help page:

$ numerapi --help
Usage: numerapi [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Wrapper around the Numerai API

  --help  Show this message and exit.

  check_new_round         Check if a new round has started within the...
  competitions            Retrieves information about all competitions
  current_round           Get number of the current active round.
  dataset_url             Fetch url of the current dataset.
  download_dataset        Download dataset for the current active...
  leaderboard             Retrieves the leaderboard for the given...
  payments                List all your payments
  rankings                Get the overall rankings.
  stake                   Participate in the staking competition.
  stakes                  List all your stakes.
  staking_leaderboard     Retrieves the staking competition leaderboard...
  submission_filenames    Get filenames of your submissions
  submission_ids          Get dict with username->submission_id...
  submission_status       checks the submission status
  submission_successful   Check if the last submission passes...
  submit                  Upload predictions from file.
  tournament_name2number  Translate tournament name to tournament...
  tournament_number2name  Translate tournament number to tournament...
  tournaments             Get all active tournaments.
  transactions            List all your deposits and withdrawals.
  user                    Get all information about you!
  user_activities         Get user activities (works for all users!)
  version                 Installed numerapi version.

Each command has it's own help page, for example:

$ numerapi submit --help
Usage: numerapi submit [OPTIONS] PATH

  Upload predictions from file.

  --tournament INTEGER  The ID of the tournament, defaults to 1
  --help                Show this message and exit.

API Reference

Checkout the detailed API docs to learn about all available methods, parameters and returned values.


Python API and command line interface for the machine learning competition




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