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Help us improve Numerai and earn NMR!


The examples listed below are not exhaustive and the bounty amounts listed above are only rough guidelines. The exact amounts depends on the actual bug, feedback or suggestion.

We need and want your help to improve Numerai so we will aim to be generous and fair with our bounties where possible. If you feel like you deserve more/less bounty for your contribution just let us know!


If you see anything that is broken, report it! If it turns out to be a real issue and your report helped us fix it then we will give you a bounty!

Bug report Bounty
Small website display issues, broken email, broken links 1 NMR
Medium data errors, incorrect payouts, cannot submit/stake 5 NMR
Large exploits, security issues, smart contract vulnerabilities 10-100 NMR

How to submit a bug report

Message us on the RocketChat #support channel.

Tell us what you expected to happen, what is broken and whether or not it is still happening. Please include your username where appropriate. Please also include any instructions on how to reproduce the error or any screenshots / error messages.

If the issue is with the website, please include information about your browser and any extensions you may have installed (anti-virus, ad-blockers). If you are not comfortable posting this information in public you can also send us a direct message or send us an email to

Feedback & Suggestions

If you have any good ideas about how to improve the Numerai propose it to us! If it is a good idea and we end up using it then we will give you a bounty!

Feedback & Suggestions Bounty
Small website features 1 NMR
Medium data, submissions and staking improvements 5 NMR
Large tournament rules/payouts, reputation 10-100 NMR

How to give feedback and suggestions

Message us on the RocketChat #feedback channel.

If you are going for a large, it would be helpful if you wrote up your idea in a document (pdf or google docs) or a notebook (google colab, github).

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