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Numerai Compute


Compute is a framework to help you automate your weekly submission workflow __with your own infrastructure.

Use the numerai-cli to provision your infrastructure, and deploy your pre-trained model as a server that listens for new tournament data, runs your model and uploads the predictions back to Numerai.

Quick start

pip3 install numerai-cli

mkdir example-numerai
cd example-numerai

# set up your compute node in AWS
numerai setup

# copy a python example model
numerai docker copy-example

# build the docker container and deploys it to AWS
numerai docker deploy

# trigger your compute node in AWS
numerai compute test-webhook

# watch the logs of the running compute node from AWS
numerai compute logs -f


Follow our step by step tutorial or watch the video on YouTube.

Ask for help in the compute rocketchat channel.

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