Inviting through a mailing list address #18

esimorre opened this Issue May 6, 2011 · 1 comment

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Is it possible to invite a group of people with a collective address ? if it is, the registering form should not have a pre-filled email field.

NumeriCube member

Currently not, but we're about to change many little things about the invitation process (esp. this 24h timeout).
What we had in mind was:

  • Allow sign-up from a given domain (eg. any '' would be allowed)
  • Keep the original invitation process, with a longest timeout (eg 1 month) BUT only useable once.

The problem I see with collective addresses would be that a forwarded email could possibly allow anyone to join-in... So this may be quite unsecure. But we can add an option to explicitly enable this if necessary.

Thanks for your feedback !

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