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About twistranet

twistranet is an Open-Source Enterprise Social Network. It's a kind of a Facebook for your enterprise!

With twistranet, you can let your co-workers create content (as they'd do with a more classical Content Management System) and interact deeply. Many things are teamwork-oriented.

Communities are the most stunning feature of twistranet. A community is a group of people working together. Inside a community, the members can produce content, comment, interact just as they'd do if they shared a common office.

What powers twistranet?

twistranet is written in Python with the Django framework.

Although twistranet works out of the box with a local database, it's best to use a robust, enterprise-tailored RDBM to manage a lot of content. We natively support the followings RDBMS:

  • PostgreSQL (version 7.x or higher)

  • MySQL (version 4.1 or higher)

  • Oracle (version 9i or higher)

With a few additional modules, twistranet can also work with the following engines:

  • Microsoft SQL Server (2005 or higher)

  • Generic ODBC databases

Users can be natively authenticated against an LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory directory.

And if you want to extend search capabilities of twistranet, you can use search engines such as Apache Solr with a few configuration steps.