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Directory of organizations serving under-represented groups (URGs) related to scientific computing, and associated outreach materials
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Recruitment and Outreach to Under-Represented Groups

This project is a directory of organizations serving under-represented groups (URGs) that may be of interest to those in scientific computing or interested in entering scientific computing. These include but are not limited to:

  • URG-focused meetups in scientific computing, data science and other tech topics
  • Computing, data science and tech groups at URG-serving educational institutions
  • URG support groups focused on STEM at all educational institutions
  • URG-focused job boards, STEM conferences

The current draft directory currently lives in a Google Sheet, here:

This repo also contains additional resources for recruiting from URGs for companies, open-source projects, academic programs, etc. that will eventually be housed alongside the directory as a web resource.

Take a look at our user stories for potential ways to use this directory.

This project was started as part of the 2017 NumFOCUS Diversity in Scientific Computing Unconference. Initial contributors include:

  • Amelia Kallaher, Cornell University
  • Christine Custis, Shenandoah University
  • Dave Clements, Galaxy Project
  • Jane Herriman, Julia Computing
  • Nathan Goldbaum, University of Illinois
  • Noam Ross, EcoHealth Alliance/rOpenSci
  • Sarah Supp, Denison University


Want to contribute? Great! Look at the project issues for things we want to do. Continuing to populate the spreadsheet and refine categories is our current top need.

Also, we're eager for feedback on our general structure and approach. Feel free to open an issue to start a discussion.

User Stories

These user stories are short descriptions of how these resources may be used that guide our work.

Fernando the Open-Source Project Community Manager

Fernando wants to increase the diversity of contributors and users of his open-source project. He needs ways to increase the visibility of the project to URGs and convey that his project is an inclusive, supporting community. Fernando may use the directory to find venues to talk about his project in his own city or other cities when he travels. He can use it to identify contacts at universities or conferences where he may teach a workshop. He can use the resources in this repo to evaluate the way his project is described on his website.

Winifred the NGO Research Scientist

Winifred is hiring data analysts and programmers for her group at research institute. She wants to ensure she gets applications from as broad a pool as possible. Winifred can use the directory to identify job boards on which she can post her job announcement, or contact relevant groups at universities or communities to disseminate it to a diverse group of students and potential hires. She may use the resources to make sure her job description best represents her organization's values and practices in diversity and inclusiveness.

Kenny the Data Science Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Kenny does recruitment and student advising for an undergraduate program in data science at a university. He needs to advertise his program to potential students and provide resources for those students as they transition to careers. He uses the directory to reach out to K-12 programs in data science and computing to send materials about his program. He refers his students to the directory to find meetups and support network groups, and mentorship programs in their home cities. He also has contacts to partner with in matching students with mentors and internships.

Trisha the Scientific Computing Entrepeneur

Trisha has a start-up in designing algorithms and is looking to network in her region's community of other data science and computing entrepeneurs. She is looking for diverse and inclusive venues to refine her pitch and look for partners and potential employees. She uses the directory to identify local meetups to attend and support networks to join.

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