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Numix Core

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This repository powers the generation of the all the Numix app icon themes across all platforms. This new method is designed to make keeping themes on different platforms on feature parity easier as well as making it as simple as possible to add support for new platforms. Licensed under the GPL-3.0+


Icon Requests

Please report icon requests in this repo, providing all the details required. For normal applications follow this video tutorial, for Steam games follow this one and for Chrome apps just post a link to the webstore page. When filing your request please be respectful, patient, and remember that development is done solely on the back of donations.


We accept contributions, read this page for more info.

Hardcoded Icons

To deal with hardcoded application icons Numix uses the hardcode-fixer script. A list of the applications supported by the script can be found here.



The script needs Python 3.x to run. The exporting-to-PNG part of the script currently uses Cairo or Inkscape. The OSX packaging needs libicns for the png2icns command.

How To Use

  1. Download the repo
  2. Run --theme {square,circle} --platform {linux,osx,android}
  3. Get your generated package