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Numix Cursor Theme

A cursor theme based on icons from the Numix icon theme. Code and assets licensed GPL v3+.


Download and extract the latest release from GitHub. Then copy the Numix-Cursor and Numix-Cursor-Light folders to /usr/share/icons. Set the cursor theme using either your system settings or a terminal as follows:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface cursor-theme 'Numix-Cursor{-Light}'

For system-wide change run the following:

sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme x-cursor-theme /usr/share/icons/Numix-Cursor{-Light}/cursor.theme 55
sudo update-alternatives --set x-cursor-theme /usr/share/icons/Numix-Cursor{-Light}/cursor.theme

Restart or log out and back in for the changes to take effect.


To build the themes from source you'll need Inkscape and xcursorgen installed. Then run the following in a terminal:

git clone
cd numix-cursor-theme/

The respective cursor icons are then generated and saved to both the Numix-Cursor{-Light} folders.