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This program provides and installs alternate folders for use with our base icon theme. To use the script simply download this repo, move into the repos directory and then run the script. All work here is licensed under the GNU GPLv3+


Style Preview Screenshot Description
0 - - The default in our base theme - choose this to revert back
1 1 link The original folder design
2 2 link Plain design which matches our Legacy theme
3 3 link Tilted design which never made it to production
4 4 link One that launched with the redesign of Circle
5 5 link Curvy design which never made it to production
6 6 link The current new design that landed in 2015


Colour Primary Secondary Symbol
default - - -
blue 42a5f5 #42a5f5 1976d2 #1976d2 2a74b9 #2a74b9
brown 8d6e63 #8d6e63 5d4037 #5d4037 634b43 #634b43
green 66bb6a #66bb6a 388e3c #388e3c 448647 #448647
grey bdbdbd #bdbdbd 757575 #757575 7f7f7f #7f7f7f
orange f57c00 #f57c00 e65100 #e65100 ab5d0b #ab5d0b
pink f06292 #f06292 ec407a #ec407a c64077 #c64077
purple 7e57c2 #7e57c2 512da8 #512da8 54398d #54398d
red ef5350 #ef5350 d32f2f #d32f2f ab3634 #ab3634
yellow ffca28 #ffca28 ffb300 #ffb300 c79a18 #c79a18
style# colours from folder sytle no. # (cf table above)
custom - - -


While this program is only supported on Linux, there's a macOS script by @BKrajancic which might be of interest.

Non-GUI usage

To use the interactive command-line interface of numix-folders (instead of the GUI which might not work) run ./numix-folders -t inside the directory where the numix-foldersscript file is installed.

If you do not specify values for folder style and colour and just hit enter, default values are used.

Run ./numix-folders --help to see available CLI options