Official base icon theme from the Numix project.
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jlu5 and Foggalong Some symlinks for KDE 5 / dolphin VCS emblems (#1305)
* Add symlinks for KDE 5 / dolphin VCS emblems (#580)

These are not all one to one matches (e.g. "locally modified" and "update required" icons), but still preserve the original emblems' intents to some degree.

* Link vcs-update-required.svg to the "syncing" icon instead

* Fill in symlinks for other emblem sizes too

* Add Plasma 5 VCS symlinks for size 48 too

Interestingly, these needed different target names for vcs-added and vcs-removed

* More logical emblem-remove structure
Latest commit 53daae8 Sep 19, 2018

Numix icon theme

Numix is the official icon theme from the Numix Project. It is heavily inspired by, and based upon parts of the Elementary, Humanity and Gnome icon themes. Numix is designed to be used along-side an application icon theme like Numix Circle or Numix Square. This readme provides information on installation and icon requests. Licensed under the GPL-3.0+

Install it

If using this with one of our app icon themes (like Numix Circle) make sure you install both parts using the same method. This makes sure that the panel icons keep working as intended.

Distro Packages

If you use Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, or any of their derivatives then you're sorted! Numix is available from the official repositories.

Distro Install Command/Links
fedora sudo dnf install numix-icon-theme
debian  ubuntu sudo apt install numix-icon-theme

Nightly Packages

If you use Ubuntu or any of its derivatives (including Mint and elementary OS) you can use our Numix PPA to get the very latest version of the theme. Fire up a Terminal and run the following:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:numix/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install numix-icon-theme

For Arch users there's a community maintained package in the AUR which builds from this GitHub.

Icon Requests

Application icon requests should be posted in the Numix Core issue tracker. Folder icons requests should be posted in the Numix Folders issue tracker. Action icons, indicators, file types and everything else should be posted here.

Hardcoded Icons

To deal with hardcoded status icons Numix recommends you use the Hardcode Tray script.