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site.cfg.example DOC: Added MKL win-64 settings to site.cfg example
tox.ini MAINT: Make NPY_RELAXED_STRIDE_CHECKING true by default.


NumPy is the fundamental package needed for scientific computing with Python.
This package contains:

    * a powerful N-dimensional array object
    * sophisticated (broadcasting) functions
    * tools for integrating C/C++ and Fortran code
    * useful linear algebra, Fourier transform, and random number capabilities.

It derives from the old Numeric code base and can be used as a replacement for Numeric. It also adds the features introduced by numarray and can be used to replace numarray.

More information can be found at the website:

After installation, tests can be run with:

python -c 'import numpy; numpy.test()'

The most current development version is always available from our
git repository:
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