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recursive-include . *.txt
include scipy/f2py2e/f2py.1
recursive-include scipy/f2py2e *.cfg
recursive-include scipy/f2py2e *.py
recursive-include scipy/f2py2e/src fortranobject.c fortranobject.h
recursive-include scipy/f2py2e/tests *.py
recursive-include scipy/f2py2e/tests/mixed *.f *.f90
#recursive-include scipy/f2py2e/doc *.py *.txt *.tex *.html Makefile
recursive-include scipy/f2py2e/docs *.txt *.html *.dat *.f *.f90 *.pyf f2py_style.css
recursive-include scipy/corelib/mtrand *.c *.h *.pyx *.pxi
prune scipy/base/include/scipy
recursive-include scipy/base/include/scipy *object.h
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