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# After changing this file, check it on:
language: python
- 2.6
- 2.7
- 3.2
- 3.3
- python: 2.7
- python: 3.2
- mkdir builds
- pushd builds
- pip install nose
# pip install coverage
- python -V
- popd
# We used to use ' install' here, but that has the terrible
# behaviour that if a copy of the package is already installed in
# the install location, then the new copy just gets dropped on top
# of it. Travis typically has a stable numpy release pre-installed,
# and if we don't remove it, then we can accidentally end up
# e.g. running old test modules that were in the stable release but
# have been removed from master. (See gh-2765, gh-2768.) Using 'pip
# install' also has the advantage that it tests that numpy is 'pip
# install' compatible, see e.g. gh-2766...
- pip install .
# We change directories to make sure that python won't find the copy
# of numpy in the source directory.
- mkdir empty
- cd empty
- INSTALLDIR=$(python -c "import os; import numpy; print(os.path.dirname(numpy.__file__))")
- export PYTHONWARNINGS=default
- python ../tools/
# - coverage run --source=$INSTALLDIR --rcfile=../.coveragerc $(which python) ../tools/
# - coverage report --rcfile=../.coveragerc --show-missing
# Perhaps we should have status emails sent to the mailing list, but
# let's wait to see what people think before turning that on.
email: false
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