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Travis Oliphant for the majority of code adaptation
Jim Hugunin, Paul Dubois, Konrad Hinsen, David Ascher, and many others for
Numeric on which the code is based.
Perry Greenfield, J Todd Miller, Rick White, Paul Barrett for Numarray
which gave much inspiration and showed the way forward.
Paul Dubois for Masked Arrays
Pearu Peterson for f2py and distutils and help with code organization
Robert Kern for mtrand, bug fixes, help with distutils, code organization,
and much more.
Eric Jones for sundry subroutines
Fernando Perez for code snippets, ideas, bugfixes, and testing.
Ed Schofield for patches, bugfixes, testing, and docstrings.
John Hunter for code snippets (from matplotlib)
Chris Hanley for help with, testing, and bug fixes.
Travis Vaught, Joe Cooper, Jeff Strunk for administration of web site and SVN
Eric Firing for bugfixes.
Arnd Baecker for 64-bit testing
David Cooke for many code improvements including the auto-generated C-API,
and optimizations.
Alexander Belopolsky (Sasha) for Masked array bug-fixes and tests,
rank-0 array improvements, scalar math help and other code additions
Francesc Altet for unicode and nested record tests
and much help with rooting out nested record array bugs.
Tim Hochberg for getting the build working on MSVC, optimization
improvements, and code review
Charles Harris for the sorting code originally written for Numarray and
for improvements to polyfit, many bug fixes, and documentation strings.
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