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from timeit import Timer
class Benchmark(dict):
"""Benchmark a feature in different modules."""
def __init__(self,modules,title='',runs=3,reps=1000):
self.module_test = dict((m,'') for m in modules)
self.runs = runs
self.reps = reps
self.title = title
def __setitem__(self,module,(test_str,setup_str)):
"""Set the test code for modules."""
if module == 'all':
modules = self.module_test.keys()
modules = [module]
for m in modules:
setup_str = 'import %s; import %s as np; ' % (m,m) \
+ setup_str
self.module_test[m] = Timer(test_str, setup_str)
def run(self):
"""Run the benchmark on the different modules."""
module_column_len = max(len(mod) for mod in self.module_test)
if self.title:
print self.title
print 'Doing %d runs, each with %d reps.' % (self.runs,self.reps)
print '-'*79
for mod in sorted(self.module_test):
modname = mod.ljust(module_column_len)
print "%s: %s" % (modname, \
except Exception, e:
print "%s: Failed to benchmark (%s)." % (modname,e)
print '-'*79