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DOC: add details on how to use generator tests to documentation.
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@@ -198,6 +198,15 @@ Note that 'check_even' is not itself a test (no 'test' in the name),
but 'test_evens' is a generator that returns a series of tests, using
'check_even', across a range of inputs.
+A problem with generator tests can be that if a test is failing, it's
+hard to see for which parameters. To avoid this problem, ensure that:
+ - No computation related to the features tested is done in the
+ ``test_*`` generator function, but delegated to a corresponding
+ ``check_*`` function (can be inside the generator, to share namespace).
+ - The generators are used *solely* for loops over parameters.
+ - These parameters are *not* arrays.
.. warning::
Parametric tests cannot be implemented on classes derived from

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