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BUG: core: Make scalar output volatile to prevent incorrect optimizer…

… reordering (#1671)
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mwiebe authored and charris committed Nov 12, 2010
1 parent d1a184c commit 72a702d22cfcdba0346670defe887801c0e53eaf
Showing with 65 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +9 −3 numpy/core/src/scalarmathmodule.c.src
  2. +56 −0 numpy/core/tests/
@@ -651,7 +651,13 @@ static PyObject *
PyObject *ret;
@name@ arg1, arg2;
@otyp@ out;
* NOTE: In gcc >= 4.1, the compiler will reorder floating point operations and
* floating point error state checks. In particular, the arithmetic operations
* were being reordered so that the errors weren't caught. Declaring this output
* variable volatile was the minimal fix for the issue. (Ticket #1671)
volatile @otyp@ out;
#if @twoout@
@otyp@ out2;
PyObject *obj;
@@ -692,9 +698,9 @@ static PyObject *
* as a function call.
#if @twoout@
@name@_ctype_@oper@(arg1, arg2, &out, &out2);
@name@_ctype_@oper@(arg1, arg2, (@otyp@ *)&out, &out2);
@name@_ctype_@oper@(arg1, arg2, &out);
@name@_ctype_@oper@(arg1, arg2, (@otyp@ *)&out);
#if @fperr@
@@ -250,6 +250,62 @@ def test_divide_err(self):
class TestFloatExceptions(TestCase):
def assert_raises_fpe(self, strmatch, operation, x, y):
operation(x, y)
assert_(False, "Did not raise a floating point %s error - with type %s" % (strmatch, type(x)))
except FloatingPointError, exc:
assert_(str(exc).find(strmatch) >= 0,
"Raised a floating point error as expected, but not a %s error - with type %s" % (strmatch, type(x)))
def assert_op_raises_fpe(self, strmatch, operation, sc1, sc2):
"""Given an operation and two scalar-typed values, checks that
the operation raises the specified floating point exception.
Tests all variants with 0-d array scalars as well"""
self.assert_raises_fpe(strmatch, operation, sc1, sc2);
self.assert_raises_fpe(strmatch, operation, sc1[()], sc2);
self.assert_raises_fpe(strmatch, operation, sc1, sc2[()]);
self.assert_raises_fpe(strmatch, operation, sc1[()], sc2[()]);
def test_floating_exceptions(self):
"""Test basic arithmetic function errors"""
oldsettings = np.seterr(all='raise')
for typecode in np.typecodes['AllFloat']: # Test for all real and complex float types
ftype = np.obj2sctype(typecode)
# Get some extreme values for the type
if np.dtype(ftype).kind == 'f':
fi = np.finfo(ftype)
ft_tiny = fi.tiny
ft_max = fi.max
ft_eps = fi.eps
underflow_str = 'underflow'
divbyzero_str = 'divide by zero'
else: # 'c', complex
rtype = type(ftype(0).real) # corresponding real dtype
fi = np.finfo(rtype)
ft_tiny = ftype(fi.tiny)
ft_max = ftype(fi.max)
ft_eps = ftype(fi.eps)
# The complex types end up raising different exceptions
underflow_str = ''
divbyzero_str = ''
self.assert_op_raises_fpe(underflow_str, lambda a,b:a/b, ft_tiny, ft_max)
self.assert_op_raises_fpe(underflow_str, lambda a,b:a*b, ft_tiny, ft_tiny)
self.assert_op_raises_fpe('overflow', lambda a,b:a*b, ft_max, ftype(2))
self.assert_op_raises_fpe('overflow', lambda a,b:a/b, ft_max, ftype(0.5))
self.assert_op_raises_fpe('overflow', lambda a,b:a+b, ft_max, ft_max*ft_eps)
self.assert_op_raises_fpe('overflow', lambda a,b:a-b, -ft_max, ft_max*ft_eps)
self.assert_op_raises_fpe(divbyzero_str, lambda a,b:a/b, ftype(1), ftype(0))
self.assert_op_raises_fpe('invalid', lambda a,b:a/b, ftype(0), ftype(0))
self.assert_op_raises_fpe('invalid', lambda a,b:a-b, ftype(np.inf), ftype(np.inf))
self.assert_op_raises_fpe('invalid', lambda a,b:a+b, ftype(np.inf), ftype(-np.inf))
self.assert_op_raises_fpe('invalid', lambda a,b:a*b, ftype(0), ftype(np.inf))
self.assert_op_raises_fpe('overflow', np.power, ftype(2), ftype(2**fi.nexp))
class TestFromiter(TestCase):
def makegen(self):

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