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Un-break test, move behaviour to skip_header kwarg

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1 parent 9f45975 commit 74e071e81acb81b4030ed0ea86918715adb1e090 @khaeru khaeru committed Jul 16, 2012
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@@ -1189,11 +1189,15 @@ def genfromtxt(fname, dtype=float, comments='#', delimiter=None,
Which columns to read, with 0 being the first. For example,
``usecols = (1, 4, 5)`` will extract the 2nd, 5th and 6th columns.
names : {None, True, str, sequence}, optional
- If `names` is True, the field names are read from the first valid line
- after the first `skip_header` lines.
- If `names` is a sequence or a single-string of comma-separated names,
- the names will be used to define the field names in a structured dtype.
- If `names` is None, the names of the dtype fields will be used, if any.
+ Field names for structured dtype output. May be one of:
+ - True: field names are read from the first line after the initial
+ `skip_header` lines. If that line is commented and `skip_header` is
+ not -1, the portion *after* `comments` is used.
+ - None: field names from the `dtype` argument are used, if any.
+ - A sequence: field names are taken from the sequence.
+ - A string: comma-separated substrings are used as field names.
excludelist : sequence, optional
A list of names to exclude. This list is appended to the default list
['return','file','print']. Excluded names are appended an underscore:
@@ -1342,9 +1346,11 @@ def genfromtxt(fname, dtype=float, comments='#', delimiter=None,
while not first_values:
first_line =
- if names is True:
- if comments in first_line:
+ if names is True and comments in first_line:
+ if skip_header == -1:
first_line = first_line.split(comments)[0]
+ else:
+ first_line = asbytes('').join(first_line.split(comments)[1:])
first_values = split_line(first_line)
except StopIteration:
# return an empty array if the datafile is empty

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