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BUG: numpydoc: check that it works with sub-classes

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commit a3bc1467dee14dd4726a83af2fb1a4cb89cbf53b 1 parent 1b2e585
Pauli Virtanen pv authored
2  doc/sphinxext/numpydoc/
@@ -511,7 +511,7 @@ def methods(self):
return [name for name,func in inspect.getmembers(self._cls)
if ((not name.startswith('_')
or name in self.extra_public_methods)
- and callable(func))]
+ and callable(func) and not isinstance(func, type))]
def properties(self):
4 doc/sphinxext/numpydoc/tests/
@@ -603,6 +603,10 @@ def spammity(self):
"""Spammity index"""
return 0.95
+ class Ignorable(object):
+ """local class, to be ignored"""
+ pass
for cls in (ClassDoc, SphinxClassDoc):
doc = cls(Dummy, config=dict(show_class_members=False))
assert 'Methods' not in str(doc), (cls, str(doc))
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