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Merge pull request #2742 from certik/backport2709

Backport #2709
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commit b56f31529f3e3992eca54a5e86f1db4f4306ccc2 2 parents 3ecbac5 + abf0489
@certik certik authored
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 numpy/core/include/numpy/ndarraytypes.h
4 numpy/core/include/numpy/ndarraytypes.h
@@ -1476,8 +1476,8 @@ PyArray_SETITEM(PyArrayObject *arr, char *itemptr, PyObject *v)
/* These macros are deprecated as of NumPy 1.7. */
#define PyArray_NDIM(obj) (((PyArrayObject_fields *)(obj))->nd)
-#define PyArray_BYTES(obj) ((char *)(((PyArrayObject_fields *)(obj))->data))
-#define PyArray_DATA(obj) ((void *)(((PyArrayObject_fields *)(obj))->data))
+#define PyArray_BYTES(obj) (((PyArrayObject_fields *)(obj))->data)
+#define PyArray_DATA(obj) (((PyArrayObject_fields *)(obj))->data)
#define PyArray_DIMS(obj) (((PyArrayObject_fields *)(obj))->dimensions)
#define PyArray_STRIDES(obj) (((PyArrayObject_fields *)(obj))->strides)
#define PyArray_DIM(obj,n) (PyArray_DIMS(obj)[n])
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