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Commits on Apr 4, 2011
  1. @rgommers
  2. @charris

    BUG: ticket #1071, fix loadtxt to handle tab delimited data with missing

    Derek Homeir committed with charris
    values in the last column and add test for same.
Commits on Apr 3, 2011
  1. @charris
  2. @charris
  3. @charris
  4. @charris
  5. @rgommers
  6. @charris

    ENH: ticket #1616, let loadtxt accept generators in additions to

    charris committed
    file names and file like objects. Add test for for new functionality.
  7. @rgommers
  8. @rgommers
  9. @rgommers
  10. @rgommers
  11. @rgommers
  12. @rgommers

    BUG: fix allclose to work for scalar inf. Also actually runs tests.

    rgommers committed
    Tests were not run before because the allclose test class was a subclass of
    TestCase and used generators. This is not supported by nose, tests will be
    Also changes plain asserts to assert_().
    Closes #1672. Thanks to Justin Peel for the allclose inf fix.
  13. @rgommers

    ENH: add ndmin keyword to loadtxt. Closes #1562.

    rgommers committed
    Thanks to Paul Anton Letnes and Derek Homeier.
  14. @rgommers

    ENH: return empty array from loadtxt for an empty file. Closes #1752.

    rgommers committed
    Thanks to Paul Anton Letnes and Derek Homeier.
    (backport of e340e66)
  15. @charris

    TST: add test for ticket #1458.

    charris committed
  16. @charris

    ENH: ticket #1458, make loadtxt(..., unpack=True) unpack structured a…

    Derek Homier committed with charris
Commits on Apr 2, 2011
  1. @charris

    TST: Add test for ticket #1559.

    charris committed
  2. @charris
  3. @charris
  4. @cgohlke @charris

    BUG: ticket #1565, fix conversion of int64 and uint64 types by loadtxt.

    cgohlke committed with charris
    Add some tests for these types.
  5. @mwiebe

    ENH: Changes (and tests) to allow exporting half-floats through the b…

    Eli Stevens committed with mwiebe
    …uffer interface. (#1789)
    Added NPY_HALF to switch (descr->type_num) in _buffer_format_string.
    Added 'e' keys to the _pep3118_native_map and _pep3118_standard_map.
    Added entries to the generic round-trip tests.
    Added specialized half-float test that round-trips example values from the wikipedia page.
  6. @rgommers

    BLD: do not install swig/cython/pyrex files. See #1791.

    rgommers committed
    This is not a complete fix yet. Should be handled correctly in binary
  7. @pv

    BUG: core/buffer: fix another offset counting bug in pep-3118 format …

    pv committed
    …string generation
    (cherry picked from commit 89db53b)
  8. @pv

    BUG: core/buffer: fix bug in pep-3118 format strings for aligned structs

    pv committed
    The offset counting for struct fields occurred in a wrong location.
    Tests added.
    (cherry picked from commit ef46a09)
  9. @rgommers

    BUG: make histogramdd work with infinite size bins. Closes #1788.

    rgommers committed
    Also add more informative error messages for wrongly specified bins, for both
    histogram and histogram2d/dd.
    (backport of fdf84d9)
  10. @rgommers
  11. @charris
  12. @charris
  13. @rkern @charris

    BUG: Move the default errstate test over to the right place.

    rkern committed with charris
    Fix the seterr test case to take the new defaults into account.
  14. @rkern @charris
  15. @rkern @charris

    ENH: Change the default error handling to warn instead of print,

    rkern committed with charris
    except for underflow, which remains ignored.
Commits on Apr 1, 2011
  1. @rgommers
Commits on Mar 31, 2011
  1. @pearu @rgommers

    BUG: fix f2py bug in generating interfaces for assumed shape support …

    pearu committed with rgommers
    …as an addition to 4d43ec5.
    (backport of 7134a93)
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