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Original ticket on 2008-08-31 by @cournape, assigned to @charris.

A patch to have segment_axis (contributed by Anne Archibald I believe) in numpy with tests. It uses as_strided


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Attachment added by @cournape on 2008-08-31:

@charris charris added Patch labels Feb 18, 2014

Will this ever be merged? If there is a problem with it, is there something that I could do to help move it along ?

roger- commented Aug 31, 2015

+1, very useful and I'd love to see this merged.

seberg commented Aug 31, 2015

@jeremyherbert see also #31

I think we can add something like this. The details need to be hashed out. Like my version has arbitrary dimensions, but no padding. And some of the design choices need to be cleaned up. If you have the patience, please feel do try to figure out what you think is the right functionality/features for such a function.

Then open a pull request and notifying the mailing list for some discussion (in whichever order) and we can get this going.

dashesy commented Jan 7, 2016

This is very useful! I hoped nditer would do something like this but it cannot.

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