numpy has a directory under python site-packages named "core" - linux removes core (Trac #1392) #1990

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thouis commented Oct 19, 2012

Original ticket on 2010-02-09 by trac user schaefer0, assigned to unknown.

I install numpy (1.4.0) in the day, every day. - I log out in the evening, every evening, and by next morning numpy's core directory has been deleted. So I get clever and chmod on core to write protect it. No go. Still deleted. Arggghhh!
Red-hat linux: uname -a returns
Linux kronos 2.6.18-164.11.1.el5xen #1 SMP Wed Jan 6 14:01:18 EST 2010 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

thouis commented Oct 19, 2012

@cournape wrote on 2010-02-09

This is certainly not a problem in numpy.

I suspect that your admin has a buggy script which removes core files, or something to that effect. You should contact him about that problem.

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@dwf dwf pushed a commit to dwf/numpy that referenced this issue Oct 25, 2012
@charris Bryan Van de Ven + charris BUG: Fix ticket #1990.
When an array is created from a sequence of numeric (boolean, int, float,
complex) and string (bytes, str, unicode) values, the resulting array type
is string, but only the string values were being used to choose the string
length, leading to truncation of data.
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