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Tillsten commented Nov 7, 2012

Following snippet:

import numpy as np
a = np.array([[0.]])

is crashing Python for me. System: win32, numpy 1.6.2 mkl-build from Christoph.

Can anybody just check if it is not only me?


seberg commented Nov 14, 2012

@Tillsten no its not only you. This is a known bug which probably needs to be adressed by a special case early on (so that it also has the expected behavior). Its the same as gh-579 (and maybe others).

@seberg: Thanks, sorry i did not found the issues.


seberg commented Apr 12, 2013

The segfault is fixed with gh-3225 (and also its advanced indexing counter part). But it actually interprets the True/False as 1/0 for the simple index. That might be better then the segfault, but is is not quite right, so I will leave it open for now.


charris commented May 5, 2013

@seberg Can this be closed?


seberg commented May 5, 2013

It would be fixed with the pull request of mine about indexing, which is
not yet in. I think it should be pretty much ready though, Nathaniel
wanted to check if the np.newaxis thing was good, so maybe a little doc
change still.


seberg commented May 11, 2013

This is fixed with gh-2701.

@seberg seberg closed this May 11, 2013

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