need exported (PyArray_API) functions for Array API data-structure access #2998

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As recently discussed on the mailing list, the NumPy API's array data-structure information is unnecessarily hard to access from non-C languages because the accessor functions PyArray_NDIM etcetera are defined either as macros or as inline functions, neither of which are exported for dynamic linking.

Please consider exporting (non-inline) versions of these functions (adding them to PyArray_API for dynamic linking). e.g. you could call them PyArray_ndim etcetera.

(This is very similar to how, in the Python API, important macros like Py_XDECREF have equivalent exported functions Py_DecRef "for runtime dynamic embedding".)

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See also #2998. @stevengj A list of functions you would like to see would be helpful.

@charris charris added the Proposal label Feb 21, 2014
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