nditer multi_index gives incorrect value for 0-dim arrays #448

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njsmith commented Sep 18, 2012

(From discussion in #445)

In [32]: a
Out[32]: array(0)

In [33]: a.shape
Out[33]: ()

In [34]: i = np.nditer(a, flags=["multi_index"])

In [35]: i.next()
Out[35]: array(0)

In [36]: i.multi_index
Out[36]: (0,)

In [37]: a[i.multi_index]
IndexError: 0-d arrays can only use a single () or a list of newaxes (and a single ...) as an index

The multi_index here should be (), not (0,).

87 commented Sep 19, 2012

See #445 and 3043864 for a (new) fix for this issue.

seberg commented Oct 25, 2013

This has been fixed in master by allowing nditer to be true 0-d.

@seberg seberg closed this Oct 25, 2013

I am still getting the same error (I am using python through Anaconda on my Mac). Can anyone please help?

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