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error in financial.npv ? #453

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Contrary to what the doc says, the sum is done from t=1 to M.
I'm not a finance expert, but it seems wrong to me, and I would tend to agree with the doc.
As for the financial.irr function, it returns the right result.

Correct code would be:

values = np.asarray(values)
return (values / (1+rate)**np.arange(0,len(values)).sum(axis=0)
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I don't understand your point, the documentation is incorrect in that it should have a t+1 exponent (and possible M-1 in the sum)
math :: \sum_{t=0}^{M-1}{\frac{values_t}{(1+rate)^{t+1}}}. The code seems correct your code has the first exponent as 0, when it is 1 if you do a sum from t=1 to M.

Sorry, my bad, I didn't pay attention, the index in the documentation was wrong too.
The sum should go from 0 to M-1 indeed. math :: \sum_{t=0}^{M-1}{\frac{values_t}{(1+rate)^t}}
I don't see why you would change the exponent into t+1 though, t is valid as is as far as I understand, since the first value is considered as the initial investment, no interest should be applied anyway.
Similarly, the doc string in finance.irr should also be corrected into a sum from 0 to M-1.


npv was fixed/changed with Numpy 1.8.x.

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