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core Backport reduceat bug-fix to 1.1 series.
distutils Backported default include dir for Fedora/Red Hat (see scipy ticket 8…
doc Finish sync of doc/cython/ to trunk.
f2py Fix .update() problem for 2.3. Fixes #821
fft Backport r5406 and r5407.
linalg More backporting of scons changes: require 0.8.2
ma core
numarray More backporting of scons changes: require 0.8.2
oldnumeric Backport r5349.
random BUG: F distributions need the appropriate scale factor.
testing Add verbose keyword to test for compatibility with trunk.
tests Merge changeset 5292:5293 from trunk. Merge documentation changes from wiki. Many name-changes in oldnumeric. This may break some numpy code that … Move ma to numpy root. Fix unit tests. Remove references to numpy.cor… Add ma for scons build updating version information for branch
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