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Numu Tracker for iOS - Numu is an app for keeping track of releases by your favorite musicians.
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Numu Tracker for iOS

Numu Tracker can keep you up to date on music by the artists you love the most. Part to-do list, part reminders and alerts, Numu gives you the tools to ensure you never miss out on new albums.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Numu Tracker shut down as of January 2020, and development has ceased.

Numu Tracker Screenshots

This app is dependent on the Numu Tracker server, originally built in PHP but soon to be rebuilt in Python.


Numu Tracker Screenshots

To Install

  1. git clone
  2. pod install (requires CocoaPods)
  3. Open Numu Tracker.xcworkspace in Xcode 9.2 or higher.
  4. Build :)


See also the list of contributors.


This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0 - see the LICENSE file for details


Numu Tracker for iOS features paid icons from The Noun Project. If you steal the icons from this repo you'll need to include credit to the designer. To be helpful here's a list of the icons used, to download yourself:

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