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Visual Studio Test Generator

This is an extension for Visual Studio 2015 and 2017 that extends the test functionality to allow you to create unit tests and IntelliTests. This extension extends the built in test generator functionality allowing developers to generate tests using NUnit 2.6.x or NUnit 3.X.

Please note that IntelliTest is only available in Visual Studio Enterprise edition. Other versions of Visual Studio only have the Create Unit Tests menu option.


You can download this extension in Visual Studio using Tools | Extensions and Updates... and searching for Test Generator NUnit Extension. You can also download from the Visual Studio Gallery for VS 2015 and here for VS 2017, or from the GitHub Releases Page.

How to Use

For more information on using IntelliTest and this extension, please see the Microsoft documentation.

Right-Click to Create Tests

Right-Click to Create Tests

Select NUnit from the Test Framework dropdown

Selecting NUnit