Combinatorial Attribute

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The CombinatorialAttribute is used on a test to specify that NUnit should generate test cases for all possible combinations of the individual data items provided for the parameters of a test. Since this is the default, use of this attribute is optional.


The following test will be executed six times:

[Test, Combinatorial]
public void MyTest(
    [Values(1,2,3)] int x,
    [Values("A","B")] string s)

MyTest is called six times, as follows:

    MyTest(1, "A")
    MyTest(1, "B")
    MyTest(2, "A")
    MyTest(2, "B")
    MyTest(3, "A")
    MyTest(3, "B")


When used on a generic method the programmer must ensure that all possible combinations of arguments are valid. When multiple parameters use the same generic type (e.g.: T) this may not be possible and the attribute may generate invalid test cases.

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