NUnit Xamarin Runners

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The NUnit Xamarin Runners provide NUnit 3 test runners for Xamarin and mobile devices. See Testing Xamarin projects using NUnit 3 for more general information.


Runner options are set inside a TestOptions object. For example:

var nunit = new NUnit.Runner.App();

nunit.Options = new TestOptions
                AutoRun = true

The following options are available:

Option Version added Type Usage
AutoRun 3.0 Boolean If True, the tests will run automatically when the app starts, otherwise you must run them manually.
TerminateAfterExecution 3.6 Boolean If True, app will exit cleanly after test execution.
TcpWriterParameters 3.6 TcpWriterInfo Provide a TCP listener host and port, sends result as XML to the listening server. Takes a TcpWriterInfo - see below.
CreateXmlResultFile 3.6 Boolean If True, create a xml file containing results.
ResultFilePath 3.6 String Specify file path to save xml result file.


TcpWriterInfo takes three parameters: hostname, port, and an optional timeout in seconds (default 10).

TcpWriterParameters = new TcpWriterInfo("", 13000, 10);