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NUnit Console and Engine 3.13.2

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@CharliePoole CharliePoole released this 06 Jan 01:39

As part of this release we had 3 issues closed.

This is another build-only milestone. The previous release, 3.13.1, required some intervention in order to complete correctly. The build fixes in this one are intended to allow publishing and release to run to completion.

There are no user-facing fixes or improvements in this release.


  • #1077 Don't push non-chocolatey packages to chocolatey!
  • #1078 Don't publish -pre builds to MyGet
  • #1080 Add --nopush option to the build

Choosing a Package

The package nunit-console-runner.nupkg is a Chocolatey package and should be installed using choco.exe. It is also available at All other .nupkg packages are intended for use with nuget.exe and may be downloaded from as well as here.

SHA256 Hashes of the release artifacts

  • 2e3e943b0d0820fd1667b1fed0f80d7c42cb2b058256d2c733214725418aff51 NUnit.Console.3.13.2.nupkg
  • 0f1ac459d67484cb29ebbc6f485d6149fe17a032c8c637a59459f159657b9ea2 NUnit.ConsoleRunner.3.13.2.nupkg
  • cf0cd7b61462a5a2efaf8e4a197da26eec790096bcd771a8efbf038a7a4a715d NUnit.ConsoleRunner.NetCore.3.13.2.nupkg
  • a72378ebb7a937badcd531cdcb6ac66515222afd1c6546a75fbd7243785d0c06 nunit-console-runner.3.13.2.nupkg
  • 91732f22a96d0abf43085524336150500921d57a4ecbb649409407be0e6e284d NUnit.Console-3.13.2.msi
  • 17f28acc9ad14e1aa96a2f9d28642ebf2a0efed3bd2edebc09ef6e66990bdd27
  • 5b1b3e5da16f8708cca71d7c733e57e6ecc57e0db93ec68d64f4d78a3202d3a6 NUnit.Engine.3.13.2.nupkg
  • 5e9d0715cedde1bac66e4520df0371fd622e4673c3b880288c298275001dbb51 NUnit.Engine.Api.3.13.2.nupkg