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NUnit 3.5

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@rprouse rprouse released this 04 Oct 01:18

This is the first version of NUnit where the framework will be released separately from the
console runner, engine and other extensions. From this point forward, the NUnit Framework will be
released on its own schedule that is not bound to that of any other NUnit project and version numbers
may diverge over time.

This is also the first release where the NUnit Framework will not be included in the installer. Only
the console runner, engine and extensions will be available as an MSI installer. We recommend that you
use the NUnit NuGet packages for the framework, but a ZIP file with the binaries will also be available.


  • Added Assert.Zero and Assert.NotZero methods
  • Tests with a Timeout will no longer timeout while you are debugging

See the release notes for a complete list of changes.