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bundling a WSL distro with CNAB? yes we can!
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CNAB bundle for WSL distro


  1. Have Windows 10 Insiders 18305 minimum
    • It will work in the Windows 10 1903 release (no Insider need)
  2. Have a WSL store distro installed
  3. Have Porter installed
  4. Have the docker cli installed on WSL
    • You can also work with docker.exe directly by setting the variable DOCKER_SOURCE=docker.exe
  5. The path of both DISTRO_SOURCE and DISTRO_PATH must be on the Windows filesystem (/mnt/c/...)
    • In my config, I created a symlink /github to /mnt/c/github

Install a new distro

The only limitation here is: the distro needs to be in a container registry (read for 99%:

Test online

  • If you only want to try it out with Alpine you can also run:
curl | bash -s install

Run offline

  1. Clone the repository:
git clone
  1. Modify the values in script:
    • DISTRO_IMAGE: name of the container image and the version can be added: export DOCKER_IMAGE=ubuntu:19.04
    • DISTRO_NAME: name of your distro, MUST BE UNIQUE, which will be listed/called by wsl.exe
  2. Install a new distro
./ install
  1. Uninstall your distro
./ uninstall


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