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Upgrade Guide

Upgrading To 0.5 From 0.4

Updating Dependencies

Update your nunomaduro/larastan dependency to ^0.5 in your composer.json file.

artisan code:analyse

The artisan code:analyse command is no longer available. Therefore, you need to:

  1. Start using the phpstan command to launch Larastan.
./vendor/bin/phpstan analyse

If you are getting the error Allowed memory size exhausted, then you can use the --memory-limit option fix the problem:

./vendor/bin/phpstan analyse --memory-limit=2G
  1. Create a phpstan.neon or phpstan.neon.dist file in the root of your application that might look like this:
    - ./vendor/nunomaduro/larastan/extension.neon


        - app

    # The level 7 is the highest level
    level: 5

        - '#Unsafe usage of new static#'

        - ./*/*/FileToBeExcluded.php

    checkMissingIterableValueType: false


You may want to be aware of all the BC breaks detailed in:

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