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Sources for the website.

Adding Posts

  • Add a new file in the posts directory: src/posts, the file name is used to create the URL for the new post.

  • Use Markdown notation (basic introduction) to create the post.

  • Clone the header of other posts files so that everything gets generated correcly, something like:

<blank line>
# Title
<blank line>
yyyy-mm-dd, por Author <e-mail>
<blank line>
<Text goes here>

After this you can write whatever you want. HTML weaved in you post is also ok.

  • Do not forget to proofread your post. Use a spell checker.

  • Push the changes to the repository, open a pull request, ...

  • If you need an image in your post, commit the image to the src/imgs directory and use an absolute path for it, eg: /imgs/myimage.png. If you want to use a generic icon, as the APPP Onion logo, the Camelia butterfly or other, check if there is one already on the imgs folder, and try to reuse it.

  • The currently used MarkDown to HTML converter does not support code blocks surrounded by a line of back-ticks. Instead, indent the code block using spaces.

  • Wait for the next build of the site.

Building the Site



Once you have everything set up correctly just run;

$ perl6 build.p6

And the site will be generated in a dist/ directory.