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A simple Docker environment with Grafana, InfluxDB, and Telegraf.
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Docker-Compose Configuration for Grafana

This docker-compose.yml file can be used to build a Grafana environment that also includes InfluxDB and Telegraf. I wrote a more detailed post that explains the setup and contains sample configuration files.

Each container has one or more volumes defined for data persistency, in ./data/:

  • ./data/influxdb for the InfluxDB data;
  • ./data/telegraf/telegraf.conf for the Telegraf configuration file;
  • ./data/grafana/lib, ./data/grafana/log, and /data/grafana/etc for the Grafana data.

The current directory must contain a data directory, and two configuration must be created before running the containers:

  • ./data/telegraf/telegraf.conf, which defines the output and input plugins for Telegraf (you can use the default one);
  • ./data/grafana/etc/grafana.ini , which is used to configure Grafana (again, the defaults.ini file can be used as a template).
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