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A simple webpage that generates an arbitrary number of boards for Chat Roulette Bingo.

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This webpage generates boards for a rousing game of Chat Roulette Bingo!

What is Chat Roulette?

Chat Roulette ( is a website that pairs random strangers for video conversations. Participants click "Next" to end the current conversation and start another.

What is Chat Roulette Bingo?

A game we made up for a recent house party. Cards were distributed to guests at the party, and people marked a square for each item they hit as they surfed the site (e.g. tattoo, animal costume, cross-dressing, wang*). First to get 5 in a row is a bingo!

To load the file, load the following HTML file in your browser:

To specify the number of boards you'd like to print out, use the "n" parameter:

For maximum hotness, be sure to download the provided font, "League Gothic."

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