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A self hosted virtual browser ( clone) that runs in docker.
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This app uses Web RTC to stream a desktop inside of a docker container, I made this because went under and my internet can't handle streaming and discord keeps crashing when my friend attempts to. I just want to watch anime with my friends ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) so I started digging throughout the internet and found a few kinda clones, but none of them had the virtual browser, then I found Turtus and I was able to figure out the rest. This is by no means a fully featured clone of rabbit, it hs only one room. It's stateless, so no saved user names or passwords.


  • Text Chat (With basic markdown support, discord flavor)
  • Admin users (Kick, Ban & Force Give/Release Controls)
  • Clipboard synchronization (on supported browsers)
  • Emote overlay
  • Ignore user (chat and emotes)
  • Persistent settings

Why n.eko?

I like cats 🐱 (Neko is the Japanese word for cat), I'm a weeb/nerd

But why the cat butt? Because cats are assholes, but you love them anyways.


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