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(ns com.blogspot.nurkiewicz.brainfuck.interpreter)
(defn brainfuck-interpreter [& lines]
(let [program (apply str lines)
goto-bracket (fn [same-bracket other-bracket ip dir]
(loop [i (dir ip) opened 0]
(condp = (nth program i)
same-bracket (recur (dir i) (inc opened))
other-bracket (if (zero? opened) i (recur (dir i) (dec opened)))
(recur (dir i) opened))))]
(loop [cells [0N], cell 0, ip 0]
(condp = (get program ip)
\> (let [next-ptr (inc cell)
next-cells (if (= next-ptr (count cells)) (conj cells 0N) cells)]
(recur next-cells next-ptr (inc ip)))
\< (recur cells (dec cell) (inc ip))
\+ (recur (update-in cells [cell] inc) cell (inc ip))
\- (recur (update-in cells [cell] dec) cell (inc ip))
\. (do
(print (char (nth cells cell)))
(recur cells cell (inc ip)))
\, (let [ch (.read System/in)]
(recur (assoc cells cell ch) cell (inc ip)))
\[ (recur cells cell (inc (if (zero? (nth cells cell))
(goto-bracket \[ \] ip inc)
\] (recur cells cell (goto-bracket \] \[ ip dec))
nil cells
(recur cells cell (inc ip))))))
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