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HLSDownloader CLI (hlsdl)

Upgrading is in progress. Please use tag or npm to install stable version. The code is broken in master

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HLS Downloader is under active development. Please send your thoughts, feature request and pull request


[sudo] npm install -g hlsdownloader-cli
# or
[sudo] yarn global add hlsdownloader-cli


Usage: hlsdl <url> [options]

  -d, --destination      path to directory (default: current directory)
  -h, --help             Show help
  -v, --version          Show version number [boolean]

  hlsdl http://path/to/playlist.m3u8 --destination /path/to/download
  hlsdl http://path/to/playlist.m3u8 -d /path/to/download
  hlsdl http://path/to/playlist.m3u8 -d /path/to/download --headers '{"X-Powered-By": "Yay!!"}'

Passing request-promise parameters

You can pass any request-promise parameter as flag that are supported by HLSDownloader package

I will be grateful if you all help me to improve this package by giving your suggestions, feature request and pull requests. I am all ears!!