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Version 1.11.4+dev:
* Language and i18n:
* Updated translations:
* User interface:
* Added notification support for Windows
Version 1.11.4:
* AI:
* Reverted new Lua AI persistent storage mechanism for external CAs that
would crash Wesnoth under certain circumstances in 1.11.3. This will be
re-committed in an upcoming release.
* Micro AIs
* Healer Support MAI now respects RCA AI [avoid] aspect.
Version 1.11.3:
* AI:
* Micro AIs
* New Goto and Zone Guardian MAIs
* Change SUF/SLF names to [filter]/[filter_location] and variants thereof
* Add optional SUF to Healer Support MAI
* Campaigns:
* Descend into Darkness:
* Fix the surviving orc leader starting poisoned after scenario 5.
* Language and i18n:
* Updated translations: Chinese (Traditional), Indonesian, Italian, Polish,
Portuguese, Russian, Vietnamese
* User interface:
* Fixed 'end turn' button's state in MP and title2 issues.
* Fixed (bug #17220): Cursor in gui2 text box now behaves appropriately after
text box overflow occurs.
* Change Difficulty checkbox in Load Game dialog in GUI1 gets disabled if
change in difficulty of a loading game won't take effect (bug #20381).
* Fixed 'end turn' button's state issue: button stays disabled after the first turn.
* Fixed bug #20592: dialog (wml_message.cfg) is shifted by the
distance between the left edge of the screen and the game map
* Overhaul of the editor's gui
* WML engine:
* Fixed invalid memory access issues caused by subnamespaced persistent WML
variables (bug #20385).
* fix negative gold carried over (bug #20676)
* Allow filtering on controller= in SSFs. Cannot be used in networked multiplayer.
* When controller in 'side' tag is ai, use 'no' as default value
for 'allow_player' attribute.
* Miscellaneous and bug fixes
* Switched to git version control. Hosting moved to SourceForge
* Improved: Autorevision based revision numbers in CMake.
* Don't let petrified units reveal ambushers
Version 1.11.2:
* Add-ons client:
* Fixed bug #20518: identical add-ons titles not supported
* Add a button to the Filter Options dialog to toggle all currently
displayed add-on categories at once
* AI:
* Experimental Multiplayer AI
* Improve recruitment, notably first turn choices and units with poison
and charge
* Improved selection of units for village stealing
* Remove dependency on AI-demos add-on
* Fix bug when playing on maps with a turn limit
* Fix bug handling regeneration
* Minor improvements in switching between castles
* Add healer support micro AI to improve healer use
* Improved village capturing
* Retreat badly injured units more effectively
* New [micro_ai] tag, 18 different Micro AIs, and 14 test scenarios
* This includes AIs for 7 different animal behaviors, bottleneck defense,
2 different guardians and a coward, healer support, lurkers,
messenger escort, patrol, protect and move a unit, and 2 alternative
recruiting strategies.
* Documentation at
* New leader_ignores_keep AI aspect that lets AI leader take part in the same
AI moves as the non-leader units.
* Rename passive_leader_shares_keep candidate action to leader_shares_keep.
The old syntax still works for backward compatibility (for both CA and
* Fix minor bug in leader_shares_keep candidate action that occurred
under some circumstances when the AI leader does not have full MP
* Campaigns:
* Sceptre of Fire:
* Allow game to continue after completing scenario (reported in forums)
* Son of the Black Eye:
* Prevent infinite loop if fewer than two transport ships (bug #20389)
* Graphics:
* New bigmaps for the title screen and campaigns HttT, TSG, SoF and SotBE
* Fix layering error with bridges
* Language and i18n:
* Updated translations: British English, Chinese (Traditional), Dutch,
Estonian, French, Galician, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Lithuanian,
Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Slovak, Vietnamese
* Lua API:
* new wesnoth.get_time_stamp() function
* new helper.shuffle() function
* The wesnoth.transform_unit() function no longer performs a full heal. It
will (still) enforce the resulting unit's maximum hit points, though.
* The wesnoth.transform_unit() function will automatically remove poison from
a unit that is immune after transforming.
* Multiplayer:
* Moved new lobby option in Preferences -> Multiplayer to Advanced
Preferences and clarified description
* MP command-line mode now works correctly, including replays, random maps
and default values (bugs #19853, #19877, #19883, #19895 and #20009)
* New --ignore-map-settings MP command-line option
* Fixed some issues with Dark Forecast skipping spawns and failing to end.
* User interface:
* Allow copying the selection in the old (default) lobby using
Ctrl+C/Command+C (bug #5877)
* Color coded the resistance table in the hp display's tooltip.
* Scale down unit baseframes larger than 72x72 in the Recruit and Recall
dialogs to prevent all list entries from being enlarged to fit
* Tooltip for the movement points display shows the movement costs.
* Updating the shroud after delaying shroud updates is done gradually instead
of instantly.
* Fixed (bug #18970): Moving a unit after closing a click dismiss dialogue.
* Increased bottom padding for story screen text when it reaches the bottom
of the screen.
* Fix viewport centering issues with actions such as the Next Unit command,
and the [scroll_to], [scroll_to_unit], and [message] WML actions (bug #18793).
* Removed the "move unit to hexfield" feature.
* Rearranged :inspect dialog elements to provide the data visualization
panel with more horizontal space.
* WML engine:
* [unit_overlay] and [remove_unit_overlay] now return a more meaningful
error message if the image= key is missing
* When not replacing values, [effect] apply_to=defense will now modify
absolute values instead of signed values (bug #20242). This allows for
cleaner WML when the unit type is not necessarily known in advance.
* Split the 'not_living' unit status into 'unpoisonable', 'undrainable' and
'unplagueable'. 'not_living' now acts on the whole group
* The bugs with sighted events have been resolved.
* A unit's maximum hit points are more regularly applied. This affects
[transform_unit], [effect]apply_to=type, and [effect]apply_to=variation.
* Poison is automatically removed from immune units after using
[effect]apply_to=type or [effect]apply_to=variation.
* Fixed bug #20401: [remove_unit_overlay] did not work when the image used an
image path function that took multiple parameters.
* Improved support for setting id= within a [variation].
* Added support for square bracket expansion in animation strings I.E
halo="pic[1-2,5]:[10,20,30]" expands to halo="pic1:10,pic2:20,pic5:30"
this is used for halos, team flags, animated terrains and unit animations
* Changed default unit halos and macros to use new square bracket expansion
* Fixed bug #20468: Update the owned villages when using [replace_map].
* Changed [vision_costs] to default to movement costs on a per-terrain basis.
* Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* The undo stack is preserved across a save-reload.
* Removed several unused private member variables.
* Fixed the present in-game command line autocompletion feature so it
actually works without using :debug
* Removed recognition of the --smallgui command line option, which has been
superfluous since 1.9.5.
* Made wmllint recognize victory_string, defeat_string,
gold_carryover_string, and notes_string (all from the [objectives] tag) as
attributes that need to be made translatable
* Added -Wdocumentation to the CMake pedantic flags.
* Make drakes fly on volcano tiles (bug #20485).
* Added a FOREACH macro to emulate C++11 for(... : ...) style loops.
* Fixed bug #20290: No longer terminate due to a corrupt savegame.
* Fixed bug #19970: No longer terminate due to corrupt preferences.
* Changed: Increased the pango cairo dependency to version 1.24.4.
* Fixed a display artifact (halos not cleared) when WML moves a unit.
* Improved the display of vision costs in the unit help.
* Fixed wmllint, wmlscope and wmlindent not working correctly on Windows if a
command line argument ends with a backslash
* Fixed: Compilation with CLang 3.2 and libc++.
* Added: Autorevision based revision numbers in CMake.
Version 1.11.1:
* AI:
* New AI: Experimental AI
* Improved recruitment, castle and village management over current default AI
* Campaigns:
* Dead Water:
* Removed duplicated loyalty overlay (that now is in core), and used
{IS_LOYAL} macro
* Stunned units are now marked with a status icon
* Delfador's Memoirs
* Add dummy side to cutscene to avoid crash at end of story part
(bug #20208)
* Eastern Invasion:
* New set of portraits
* Legend of Wesmere:
* Scenario 02: Replaced the moveto events for checking the
dwarvish borders with enter_hex events
* Scenario 08: Add dummy side to cutscene to avoid crash at end of story
part (bug #20208)
* The Rise of Wesnoth:
* Fix bug #16772: AI won't attack
* Under the Burning Suns:
* Keep a spawned unit from disappearing on reload in scenario 6b
* Stunned units are now marked with a status icon
* Fix bug #19303: dwarf sometimes spawns in cave wall
* Graphics:
* New portraits: Tentacle of the Deep
* Updated brown lich alternative portrait
* Fixed glitches caused by larger-than-hex standing units with certain frame
image effects when image= is not explicitly specified (bug #20099)
* Fixed standing unit animation glitches caused by [move_unit_fake] on
adjacent locations (bug #20098)
* The special ellipses for leader and hero units now support team coloring.
* Language and i18n:
* New translation: Scottish Gaelic
* Updated translations: British English, Chinese (Traditional), Croatian,
French, Galician, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latin, Lithuanian, Polish,
Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Slovak, Ukrainian
* Lua API:
* new wesnoth.have_file() function
* wesnoth.get_time_of_day() now works when specifying a turn when the number
of turns is unlimited
* Multiplayer:
* Silver Mage no longer allowed as a leader in Age of Heroes
* Added support for modification tags
* Added support for dependencies between eras, scenarios and modifications
* New [options] tag to allow MP add-ons to add their own settings on the game
creation screen
* Networking:
* Handle an exception in the SDL_net-based network code (bug #20205)
* Terrains:
* Added Unwalkable Overlay terrain (^Qov)
* Added Dense Palm (^Ftp), Savanna (^Fts), and Rainforest (^Ftr) terrains
* Updated graphics for palms (^Ftd), tropical forest (^Ft),
plank bridge (^Bp*), stone bridge (^Bs*), and chasm bridge (^Bcx*)
* User interface:
* Healing animations are now played when poison is cured.
* Moving units to a selected hex field
* Units in reach of a hex field are highlighted during selection.
* Highlighting and labeling the selected hex field with the amount of in
range units.
* Left click on a controlled one triggers the move.
* The recruit and recall commands are restored when right-clicking on a
leader, but with new semantics -- only that leader's recruits/recalls will
be presented as options.
* Fog/shroud clearing has been reworked to be more timely and consistent.
* The statistics window can now show per-scenario statistics.
* The sidebar now includes specials when reporting a weapon's damage.
* The sidebar now includes all specials when reporting a weapon's number of
attacks (not just swarm).
* Active/inactive highlighting for abilities and weapon specials in the
* Fix broken MP game creation dialog on low resolutions
* The "repeat recruit" command now refers to the last recruit by the current
side, rather than the last recruit by the current game client.
* Refinements to undo stack management, sometimes allowing moves to be undone
after "update shroud now" (if those moves did not affect fog/shroud).
* Whiteboard
* Don't end turn if executing all actions in another way than using the
"end turn" button/hotkey. (bug #19901)
* WML engine:
* The recall, recruit, prerecall, and prerecruit events will now block
undoing unless they contain [allow_undo].
* The cost of a recall/recruit is now paid between the prerecall/prerecruit
and recall/recruit events. (FR #16711)
* Sighted events should be reliable, provided the player does not activate
delayed shroud updates (which is still a major caveat).
* Added [effect] apply_to=overlay
* Added [effect] apply_to=experience
* Added [terrain_type] max_light= and min_light=.
* Standardize weapon filters, supporting special=, [and], [or], and [not]
wherever weapons can be filtered.
* Image path functions again evaluated left-to-right. Fixes bug #20196.
* Support for [swarm] causing attacks to increase as health decreases.
* Inactive names and descriptions for abilities and weapon specials will
default to the active name/description if omitted.
* Fix a bug with [store_time_of_day] so that it treats the provided variable
as a container instead of an array (overwrite instead of append).
* Added [side]suppress_end_turn_confirmation= for those (rather nonstandard)
scenarios where players often skip their turns.
* Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* Fix invalid memory access crash resulting from deleting all saved games
in the Load Game dialog
* Redesigned the hotkey preferences dialog
* Removed two Khalifate leftovers (Hakim portrait and KHALIFATE_NAMES macro)
* Ambush now works for desert palms and dead great trees (bug #20207)
* Hex field size and default terrain are wml configurable
* RCA AI renamed from 'testing' to 'default'
* Fix OOS when dismissing a recall in a multiplayer campaign (bug #19924).
* Fixed a bug disallowing the left shift and meta key to be detected in
the hotkeys
* Added -Wuseless-cast to the CMake pedantic flags.
* Added -Wc++11-compat to the CMake pedantic flags.
* Added bzip2 support for savefiles. (new dependency)
* Fix OOS when observe scenario 2 in a multiplayer campaign (bug #20217).
* Synchronize underlying_unit_id in MP campaigns (bug #20227)
* Fixed: Compilation with Boost 1.51.0 (Gentoo bug #440742).
* Added -Wnoexcept to the CMake pedantic flags.
* Fixed a rare case where a player could exercise (very) limited control of
another (human) player's units in a hotseat game.
* Added project files for CodeLite.
Version 1.11.0:
* Add-ons client:
* The Update Add-ons dialog has been replaced with an alternate view mode
for the main Add-ons Manager
* The Add-ons Manager now allows filtering add-ons by installation status
(all, installed, not installed, upgradable)
* Add-ons in the Add-ons Manager are initially sorted by title instead of
the order they were originally uploaded to the server
* Add-ons with broken/unavailable dependencies are reported to the user
* The add-on dependencies prompt reports all recursively-resolved
dependencies, not just the direct dependencies
* Add-on installation, upgradability, and publish status is reported as a
footnote for every list entry, plus a field in the Description dialog
* The Add-ons Manager filter textbox is preserved during the same
connection (i.e. while installing multiple add-ons)
* Add-ons server:
* Reject add-ons with names or titles that begin with a WML text format
markup character (any of *, `, ~, {, ^, }, |, @, #, <, &)
* Switched to port 15006 for 1.11.x and adjusted all tools to this port
* AI:
* In akihara_recruitment, analyzing battle field - we take village as
important spot. The aim of it is to list terrain couple according to these
important spot so we can evaluate battle simulation on them.
* In akihara_recruitment, the struct situation became a class.
* New AI formula 'aki_eval' for testing a battle evaluation
* AI now properly considers the expected damage from poison when attacking
using poisoners.
* Adding a new scenario for the ai-arena-small in order to test the new AI.
* Adding new files for the new AI (ai/akihara/recruitment.?pp)
* Campaigns:
* Added a note to all final scenarios, stating which one is the last scenario
* A Tale of Two Brothers:
* Fix bug #19949: Turns left counter initially incorrect when objectives
change and turn limit is extended
* The Chase: fixed some missing messages if no unit with role=speaker is
* Dead Water:
* Updated the Stun weapon special code to use [object] duration=turn
* Delfadors Memoirs:
* Showdown in the Northern Swamp: added to conditional notes in objectives
about who should kill Iliah-Malal
* Dead Water:
* Changed uses of "ai turn" to "side # turn" ("[event]name=ai turn" breaks
* Descent into Darkness:
* Fix most possible cases for Darken Volk becoming "stuck"
in 09_A_Small_Favor3.
* Eastern Invasion:
* Revisions to dialogue and part of the story.
* Heir to the Throne:
* Implemented FR #19418: the Orcs destroy the villages near Konrad's castle
when capturing them in The Elves Besieged
* Fixed bug #19531: scroll to reinforcement units in Blackwater Port
* Fixed bug #19517: The injured sergeant in HttT: Cliffs of Thoria will now
always become visible when he is discovered.
* Legend of Wesmere:
* Fix bug #19577 - some terrain was not snow covered
* Fix bug #19565 - yetis remaining under fog when they appear in scenario
* Liberty:
* Fixed unknown unit type errors in 04_Unlawful_Orders
* Sceptre of Fire:
* Searching for the Runecrafter: updated the "sighted location" code to
make use of [filter_vision], plus a SSF
* Keep recall list at end of scenario 7
* Son of the Black Eye:
* Removed Al'Brock and Flar'Tar death as defeat condition in objectives in
Civil War
* Fixed bug #19684: Kapou'e says a different message if he kills the first
Elf in Silent Forest
* Silent Forest: the messages that appear upon killing the first Elf can be
translated differently depending on the Elf's gender
* Fixed bug #19686: fixed two variable checks that prevented some strings
from being displayed in Back Home
* The Hammer of Thursagan:
* Fixed bug #19743: in Mages and Drakes, Perrin has two different messages
about apprentices, depending on the difficult level
* Karrag now gets enough gold to actually recruit when met
* The South Guard:
* Fixed bug #19758: Urza Afalas' sighted event is fired also when the Lich
is seen, and if the player allies with the Elves, then both Urza Afalas
and Mal M'Brin must be defeated
* Tutorial:
* Applied patch #3203: Allow to end the scenario via the right-click menu.
* Fixed bug #19316: Narrator messages are now translated.
* Replaced $unit.type by $unit.language_name to make a string completely
* Fixed bug #19367: Incomplete i18n in wesnoth-tutorial
* Under the Burning Suns:
* Made it so that Kaleh gets the default AMLA after he's been fully
* Fixed flood appearance over wooden boards
* Update scenario code to take advantage of modern WML features
* Fix bug #19630
* Fix some minor unreported bugs
* Minor spelling and grammar corrections
* Made it so that all units are rehydrated quietly upon victory in scenario
* Updated the Stun weapon special code to use [object] duration=turn
* The Human Commander unit now uses the smallfoot movetype instead of
* Display dehydration status in the sidebar
* Ensure player always has positive gold leaving the cave in Out of the
Frying Pan
* New AI for human messenger in "Out of the Frying Pan"
* Taking all items is now optional
* Finding the map in scenario 3 is now useful
* Healers now prevent dehydration instead of removing it, so they no longer
heal dehydrated units
* New art for Dark Assassin
* Editor:
* New gui theme, fixes the editor being broken on low resolutions.
* Smaller font for displaying the terrain information.
* Less space between the map coordinates and the terrain information
(no need to display defense value)
* More width sidebar
* Features one more editing tool per row.
* Additional brush
* Button for default zoom switching.
* Space for a second row of editing tools.
* Terrain group selection from a menu, saving a lot of space.
* Terrain palette
* is scaled to fit at all resolutions.
* Removed the scrolling feature which is no longer needed.
* Improved performance of the Editor Settings ToD lighting controls
* Engine:
* Refactored scenario transition code
* Fixed bug #19599: Engine keeps redundant unit.ai_special_ information.
* Graphics:
* New graphics for the Spectre.
* Help menu:
* Added a new Add-ons section explaining add-on usage basics
* Added more elaborate descriptions for the Units, Abilities and Weapon
Specials sections, with the intent of reducing confusion when they are
initially empty (feature request #13914)
* Language and i18n:
* Fixed two untranslatable strings in the "new" MP lobby
* Fixed an untranslatable string in the Multiplayer Commands help topic
* Fixed untranslatable Cancel button label in the add-ons server network
status dialog (bug #19659)
* New translations: Ukrainian
* Updated translations: British English, Chinese (Simplified),
Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, Galician,
German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean,
Latin, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Old English, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil),
Russian, Slovak, Spanish
* Lua API:
* Upgraded Lua from 5.1.4 to 5.2.0
* new: field wesnoth.game_config.mp_debug
* new: setter for wesnoth.sides[i].color
* Deprecated the following functions from the wesnoth table,
all of which have better replacements:
get_side, get_side_count, get_unit_type_ids, get_unit_type,
* Changed: Extended support for toggle_button.
* Fixed: wesnoth.find_reach does no longer replace a passed private lua
proxy unit with the on-map unit at the same location
* new: helper.round function
* wesnoth.scroll_to_tile() now takes a fourth optional argument (boolean)
specifying whether to ignore the scroll speed setting in Preferences and
instantly warp to the given location
* Added wesnoth.lock_view(), taking a boolean argument specifying whether
to lock gamemap view scrolling (so the user cannot scroll, while WML/Lua
actions still can, i.e. for cutscenes), or unlock it
* Added wesnoth.view_locked(), returning a boolean true value if gamemap
view scrolling has been locked, and false otherwise
* Added == operator for (private, on-map, recall) lua proxy units,
checking for unit identity
* Added wesnoth.get_villages() function
* Multiplayer:
* A New Land:
* Made it so that the "Elvish Shaman" option in the elvish unit selection
menu gets translated. Fixes bug #19677.
* Fix an accidental terrain type change in Isar's Cross
* Fix attacker side being human in 6p_Team_Survival (bug #19400)
* Ignore Pango markup in map descriptions (bug #19210)
* Canceling the sides setup screen when hosting a MP game now brings the
host back to the game configuration screen first instead of returning
immediately to the lobby or (for hotseat) titlescreen (bug #7130)
* The Set Password action is no longer shown for local hotseat games
(bug #10784)
* Changes to the time of day schedules of Fallenstar Lake and Silverhead
* Random leader is default selection when picking faction
* Music and sound effects:
* Replaced some of the wolf hit sounds with lower-pitched ones
* Terrain:
* New Syntax for terrain maps
* New tropical forest images
* New palm forest terrain
* Deprecated flowers (Ggf) and Volcano (Qv) removed - use Gg^Efm and Mv
* Fix bridge/rail transitions to each other
* Add new rail terrain type; no existing unit can move on it, so their
move/defense values are unchanged
* New stone, hanging, and wooden chasm bridges
* Fix bug #19753, missing hex transition
* Unit changes and balancing:
* New extra_define ENABLE_WOLF_ADVANCEMENT to optionally enable Wolves
advancement to Great Wolves and Direwolves
* New extra_define ENABLE_TROLL_SHAMAN to optionally enable Troll Whelps
advancement to Troll Shamans (not in multiplayer)
* Lowered General's experience to 150 when extra_define DISABLE_GRAND_MARSHAL
is used
* User interface:
* Restored leader unit image in Load Game dialog (bug #18683)
* Added a "Back to Start" option to the game menu to load the current
scenario's start save if it is available (feature/bug #18027)
* Added tooltips to Load Game dialog (feature/bug #18249)
* Added a Reset All button to Hotkey Settings dialog in preferences
(feature/bug #3797)
* Fixed excessive idle CPU usage in story screens without story text
* Map editor now displays invisible overlay terrains on main map
* Made add-ons with markup characters at the start of their titles
display normally in the add-ons management dialogs (e.g. without
* Re-fogging does not occur in the middle of the player's turn.
* Fixed provided saved game filenames being ignored when requesting to
save a MP game due to a network or OOS error (bug #19562)
* Fixed bug #19538: Filters matching 0 saved games cause crash
* Clicking a unit does not reveal adjacent hidden units (bug #19381).
* Simultaneous ambush, sighted and teleport failed messages will no longer
cover each other up
* Added: A character limit width constrain for a text
* Stop showing a unit's potential moves before moving in a move & attack,
rather than after (more consistent with regular movement)
* Changed: Made the id for a tooltip and helptip mandatory.
* Added: Helper code to assist in widget placement.
* Added: New widget pane.
* Added: New widget viewport.
* Added: New dummy widget instance.
* Added: New control matrix.
* Trying to initiate movement (or an attack) before previous movement is
finished no longer unselects the current unit (bug #19734). (The new
movement command is still deliberately ignored.)
* The recruit and recall commands no longer appear in the context menu
for shrouded or (visibly) occupied hexes.
* Fixed bug #19844: Block recruiting into shrouded hexes.
* Fixed bug #19783: Disable commands while WML menu items are executing.
* Fixed bug #19533: Both damage tooltips now take into account local factors.
* Whiteboard:
* Fixed bug #19626: segfaults on window resize
* Fixed bug #19369: Using planning mode can cause losing ability to move my
* Fixed bug #19408: Crash shortly after executing invalid multi-turn move
* Fixed bug #19581: Leader can still move after a planned recall
* Shortened all context menu items
* Fixed bug #19619: In local games, units keep ghosted appearance during
opponent's turn
* Fixed bug #19613: Multiple attacks after planning attacks in whiteboard
* Fixed bug #19618: Problems with ending turn with impossible moves
* Fixed bug #19615: Can see part of opponents' planned moves in local
multiplayer game
* Refactored wb::side_actions
* Refactored the highlighter and the visitor
* WML engine:
* new key: [unit]/[unit_type] vision=<number>, decouples movement and sight
* new tag: [movement_type] [vision_costs], used for calculating sight range
if present.
* new action tag: [clear_menu_item] id=...
* new key: [set_menu_item][command]delayed_variable_substitution=yes|no
* Removed support for the deprecated "colour=", "debug_border_colour=",
and [colour_adjust]
* Fixed bug #18996: Increase random number generation range.
* Made it possible to disable the credits screen at the end of a campaign
by specifying end_credits=no in the final [endlevel] action, or in the
[campaign] definition (defaults to yes)
* Added [modify_side] color= attribute, which changes a side's team color
range (feature/bug #18772)
* Removed support for the deprecated [removeitem]
* Implemented ~BLEND(r,g,b,o) image path function, which blends the image
with a specified RGB color according to certain opacity (factor or
percentage) (feature/bug #11590)
* [find_path] now returns a "hexes" key instead of a "length" key inside
the output array
* Introduce inline SSF support in action tags [allow_recruit],
[disallow_recruit], [set_recruit], [gold] and [modify_ai]
* [gold][filter_side] and [modify_ai][filter_side] are deprecated, use inline
SSF instead
* Action tags [modify_side], [place_shroud] and [remove_shroud] now default
to "all sides" instead of side=1 if left empty.
* Introduce support for [filter_owner]<SSF> in SLFs. For villages. Keeps
backwards compatibility for inline owner_side= at the cost of
confusing syntax (due to (possible) duplicate side information).
This also adds SSF support in [store_villages].
* Added support for resistance_multiplier= key in [harm_unit]
* Fixed bug #19498: [modify_unit] duplicating units if x,y changed
* Added inline SLF support in [scroll_to], by using the first matching
* Introduce inline SSF support in [objectives] and [show_objectives]
* The [drain] weapon special now supports value=, multiply=, divide=, add=
and sub=
* Added [heal_on_hit] for healing/harming the user by a fixed amount
* Drained HP amounts can now be negative. Trigger this by setting
a negative value in the [drain] or [heal_on_hit] weapon special
* Negative drain amounts will not take a unit below 1 health
* Added [show_if] support to [objectives] [note]
* New tags: [lift_fog] and [reset_fog]
* New keys: reset_maps= and reset_view= added to [modify_side].
* Using more than 4 multiply effects no longer wraps to negative integers
* Added: support for ranges of sides in SSF
* The [filter_vision] tag of the SUF now uses a SSF
(viewing_side= still works, but is deprecated and
should be renamed to side=)
Semantics for empty side information changes from
"all enemy sides" to "all sides"
* [filter_vision] now works in location filters as well as unit filters,
and has an additional key (respect_fog) for locations
* Support for [effect]unit_type= and [effect]unit_gender= has been
removed, use [effect][filter]type= respectively [effect][filter]gender=
* Border hexes are included when using radius= in the SLF of [remove_shroud]
and [place_shroud] (they were already included for directly matched hexes).
* Retrofitted CLEAR_FOG and UNCLEAR_FOG macros to make use of [lift_fog] and
* Replaced variable i by TRANSFORM_UNIT_i in macro TRANSFORM_UNIT
* Fix $owner_side in capture events fired due to unit movement
* Introduce [item]redraw=yes|no (def yes) parameter
* Added [object]duration=turn
* Pushed LOOT macro from LoW, THoT and TRoW in core
* Adds new WML attribute for configurable village support (upkeep)
* Change [object]duration=level to [object]duration=scenario
* The race attribute in SUFs can now take a comma-separated list
* New image path function: ~ROTATE()
* Fixed some cases where [find_path] did not restore $this_unit
* Added: Allow better error messages for missing WML children.
* [scroll_to] and [scroll_to_unit] now accept an optional boolean immediate=
attribute (defaults to false) specifying whether to ignore the scroll
speed setting in Preferences and instantly warp to the selected location
* Added [lock_view] and [unlock_view] WML actions, for locking and unlocking
gamemap view scrolling (so the user cannot scroll, while WML/Lua actions
still can, i.e. for cutscenes)
* Fixed CALL_FUNCTION macro (bug #19805)
* Added [effect] apply_to=halo
* Converted [store_villages] from C++ to Lua
* Introduced [unstore_unit]animate=yes|no (def. yes) parameter
* Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* Fix wrong preferences path suffix (1.1 instead of 1.10) on Linux and other
platforms using XDG layout (no compiled-in preferences path override,
bug #19318)
* Fixed unit sound animation timings wherever {SOUND:SLOW}, {SOUND:POISON},
and several macros from animation-utils2.cfg are used (see bug #19274)
* Restart is no longer required to toggle desktop notifications
* Display the savegame version when warning the user about unsupported or
mismatched versions (bug #7243)
* Implemented feature request for difficulty changing during campaigns.
(see bug #10978)
* The saved games cache file is now save_index instead of save_index.gz, and
it is compressed when the Compressed Saves option is enabled in Advanced
Preferences (patch #3115)
* Show base terrain description if none for overlay (bug #19411)
* Added wesmage tool to test SDL image manipulation functions.
* Fixed: A possible NULL-pointer deference in get_unit_type_function.
* Changed: Default man installation directory now confirms to FHS.
* Added: New floating point emulation code.
* Make Wolf Rider and Wolf raise their heads if and only if unit is
* Changed: Add a small cache for reading files, giving a minor improvement.
* Added: Helper tool to create images for unit tests.
* Added: Image manipulation unit tests.
* Changed: Rewrote the surface blending algorithm, and improving its speed
using NEON intrinsics on processors supporting NEON (the Pandora).
* Fixed bug #19503: "maximum auto saves" setting now works correctly.
* Fixed: A preprocessor bug looking beyond the end of a buffer.
* Fixed: Binding a temporary in the network code, possibly causing
* Fixed bug #19658: In replays, units sometimes refresh movement when it is
not their turn
* Added: Enabled BREAKPOINT and WES_HALT macros on the Pandora.
* Fixed bug #19678: Escape the pipe-symbol in the wiki: TerrainCodeTableWML.
* Fixed bug #19469: Missing scenario hash results in Remote scenario always
added to game description
* Fixed bug #19322: Empty sides not being listed at the status table
* Fixed bug #19681: Use the created cache instead of rebuilding it all the
* Fixed bug #16544: Fail to read `empty' cache files.
* Fix bug #19681: Cache is never valid
* Added shroud_data to the inspection window (FR #19623).
* Fixed: grids now recursively search for widgets by pointer.
* Fixed: Wrong current side number after side turns (bug #19735)
It also affected the lua field wesnoth.current.side
* Added: Fail macros FAIL and FAIL_WITH_DEV_MESSAGE.
* Added: Helper code to make it easier to write enumerate stream operators.
* Added: UNREACHABLE_CODE macro.
* Added: TELEPORT animation macros usable by any units
* Fixed: Allow strict compilation with CMake using the upcoming gcc-4.8.
* Fixed bug #19795: OOS when [message][option] is used in a (single-player)
start event when side 1's controller is null.
* Changed: Enabled strict compilation for Clang in CMake.
Version 1.10.0:
* Campaigns:
* Legend of Wesmere:
* Scenario 03: Fixed bug #19067: Control over Galtrid's side stays with the
player after the arrival of Kalenz
* Scenario 22: Fixed bug #19236: Cleodil was missing and no recall list
* An Orcish Incursion:
* Scenario 3: select a new unit with the Adviser (sic) role for dialogs if
the original unit selected at the start of the scenario died
* Under the Burning Suns:
* Scenario 5: Fixed bug #19303: one of the dwarves was spawning in a wall.
* The Rise of Wesnoth:
* Peoples in Decline: fixed a message not shown when the Sea Serpent appears
* Editor:
* Added Etheral Abyss terrain (Qxua) to the Cave category, too
* Updated the terrain palette icons for winter/fall single or mixed forested
hills so they show the default base Hhd instead of Hh
* Graphics:
* Fixed some spearman attack animations being too slow in some directions
* Language and i18n:
* Updated translations: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech,
Finnish, French, Galician, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latin, Lithuanian,
Old English, Polish, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish
* Lua API:
* Extend and improve wesnoth.select_hex, deprecate wesnoth.highlight_hex
* Multiplayer:
* Allow tab completion of player names in commands (bug #19284)
* Fixed bug #19260: 'villages_value' -> 'village_value' in 5p_The_Wilderlands
* Fixed eras other than the default breaking 2p_Hornshark_Island. If a player
has a faction not in the default era, a standard set of units (aimed at
Khalifate) is used now.
* Fixed bug #19083: allow attack to happen normally without causing OOS if
turn time runs out in attack selection dialog.
* Fix some unit images being cropped in 2p_Aethermaw
* Terrain:
* Removed tags ignored by engine (as reported by lipk in )
* Fixed bug #18601: change swamp water so it looks as good as it did in 1.8
* User interface:
* Draw gold hex cursor above all terrain when no unit visible
* WML engine:
* Improve [select_unit] to match its original intention (bug #19224)
* Improve error handling in case of invalid maps passed to
[replace_map] or [terrain_mask]
* Disable wml menu items in linger mode without debug mode (bug #16262)
* Whiteboard:
* Fixed bug #18635: Percentage not displayed for units selected at their
future position
* Fixed bug #19142: attacks can be simulated between units (for which this
shouldn't be possible)
* Fixed bug #19221: Assert when a whiteboard move-attack wins a scenario
* Fixed bug #19222: After 'delete planned action', the unit is almost
* Fixed turn not finishing when moves were planned for future turns
* Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* Fixed wmlindent writing CRLF end of lines on windows
* Fix tutorial units without xp bar
* Reset game credits instead of appending on WML cache refresh (bug #19292)
* Fix wmllint check for "unknown xy referred to by id" not working
Version 1.9.14:
* AI:
* Fixed bug #18962 and bug #19214: AI leaders are no longer slow to select
* Campaigns:
* Sceptre of Fire:
* New set of portraits
* Editor:
* Fixed overpainting of transparent tile icons on the editor palettes on the
* Fixed terrain palette shrinking to the size of small categories when
switching maps (bug #19218)
* Fixed various crashes related to drawing/filling operations (bug #18928)
* Language and i18n:
* Changed font used for CJK languages to DroidSans
* Updated translations: British English, Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Dutch,
Estonian, French, Galician, German, Hungarian, Latin, Norwegian, Serbian,
Slovak, Spanish
* WML engine:
* Fix store_unit clearing the used variable before its filter can reference it
(bug #19203)
* Check for argument image file existence before creating a MASK or
BLIT image mod (bug #19208)
* New key [object]delayed_variable_substitution=yes|no (default no)
as a workaround for bug #18893 (fixes bug #19225)
* Made empty {} preprocessor directives be handled more gracefully
(bug #19233)
* Fixed bug #19213: [harm_unit] incorrectly uses ToD bonus
* The turn bell and autosaves are not triggered anymore in certain situations
after [endlevel] has been issued
* Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* Fixed bug #19032: Poison and level up AI defense placement calculation
* Fixed bug #19245: wesnoth(6) man page doesn't describe the --campaign*
options correctly
* Enable local ToD lighting option by default.
Version 1.9.13:
* Campaigns:
* Northern Rebirth:
* Infested Caves: integrated sighted events with moveto events
* To the Mines: fixed Hamel not having the hero overlay
* Clearing the Mines: fixed Dwarves recruitment not being disallowed upon
* The Pursuit: integrated a sighted event with moveto event
* The Pursuit: replaced another sighted event with ON_SIGHTING
* Elvish Princess: fixed Ro'Arthian and Ro'Sothian not having the hero
* Introductions: used ON_SIGHTING instead of sighted event
* Stolen Gold: gave Krash the expendable leader overlay
* Stolen Gold: fixed one of the two loyal Drakes having two IDs
* Stolen Gold: fixed Hidel missing his portrait
* Get the Gold: gave Eryssa the expendable leader overlay
* The Eastern Flank: made the Gryphon fly away and then return
* Showdown: removed hero overlay from Ro'Arthian and Ro'Sothian when they
are leaders
* Showdown: fixed Hamel's death not causing defeat
* Epilogue: fixed music not being played
* Eastern Invasion:
* The Escape Tunnel: integrated sighted event with moveto event
* Captured: integrated a sighted event with moveto event
* Weldyn Besieged: fixed a typo in Konrad's last breath event
* Sceptre of Fire:
* Caverns of Flame: integrated a sighted event with moveto event
* Son of the Black Eye:
* The Desert of Death: integrated a sighted event with moveto event
* Legend of Wesmere:
* Ka'lian Under Attack: fixed a lua error in AI code
* Editor:
* Fixed missing brightening of selected hexes under the brush
* Language and i18n:
* Updated translations: British English, Czech, Dutch, French, Galician,
German, Hungarian, Korean, Latin, Lithuanian, Old English, Polish,
Russian, Serbian
* Multiplayer:
* Fix user interface set to side 1 when entering linger mode
(bug #15847)
* Unit changes and balancing:
* Changed the Lancer's and the Deathblade's AMLA requirements to conform to
the current AMLA standards
* User interface:
* Removed blur from the add-ons description dialog
* Fixed bug #19121: Make click dismiss work properly.
* Fixed bug #17961 and #18686: Shows of big portraits on smaller screens.
* Fixed bug #19118: Default theme: coordinates overlap with the clock status
panel on small horizontal resolutions. Also fixed for the widescreeen
* Made it so that "AM"/"PM" show up in the default and widescreen themes
on the lowest supported resolutions.
* Whiteboard:
* Display turn numbers on multi-turn planned moves
* Fix attacks not finishing but still being transmitted over the network when
executing all actions
* WML engine:
* Fixed: ~L() not handling lightmap having different width. Now rescaled.
* Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* Fixed: compilation with clang 3.0 in C++11 mode.
* Changed: Sort order of campaigns uses a stable sort now.
* Fixed bug #18832: Fixed ~BLIT() to access images out of bounds.
* Fixed: ToD local light for RGB values bigger than 128.
* Fixed: hex-cut of images in :layers debug tool. Also removed empty images
* Forward ported a new version of multiplayer chat log history dialog
* Fixed bug #19188: Turn dialog always speaks of Konrad in tutorial
* Added: NativeClient port.
* Fixed: crash when using fullscreen on Mac OS using SDL nightly builds.
* Optimized screen update (zooming, ToD change, etc)
* Optimized framerate by removing a lot of empty terrain images
* Optimized perfomance cost of complex local ToD areas
* Fixed bug #16571: Multiplayer login error with certain username or
password formats
Version 1.9.12:
* Language and i18n:
* Updated translations: British English, Czech, French, German, Hungarian,
Indonesian, Italian, Latin, Latvian, Old English, Russian, Slovak
* Multiplayer:
* Fixed missed side init if controller changes at side progression
(bug #16299)
* Fixed user interface not updated if controller changes (bug #19056)
* Whiteboard:
* Fix invalid actions not being detected until another action is created
* Erase invalid actions when you try to execute them
* Disable access to Suppose Dead action until we can find a better UI for it
* Fix bug #18774: Recalling with the whiteboard enabled causes crash
* Fix bug #19061: Crash on starting most campaign scenarios
* Fix getting "not enough gold" message when executing planned recruits/recalls
* Ghost the unit at starting position of planned moves
* On mouseover, display orb and xp bar on planned moves with accurate status
* Mouseover on last planned move of a unit displays accurate movement left
* Re-enabled multi-turn moves
* Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* Fixed bug #19095: fixed a gcc warning when compiling under OpenBSD
* Fixed bug #19096: fixed linker errors on OpenBSD when using the CMake
build system
Version 1.9.11:
* Campaigns:
* Sceptre of Fire:
* A Bargain is Struck: added missing hero overlays to Alanin and the
* A Bargain is Struck: added find_vacant=yes to avoid unstoring Alanin
upon Rugnur or another player's unit
* The Dragon: fixed Rugnur being recalled not fully healed
* The Dragon: integrated two sighted events with moveto events
* Engine:
* Fixed bug #18918: the create unit dialog was sometimes capturing village
* Language and i18n:
* Updated translations: British English, Dutch, French, Finnish, Galician,
Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Old English
* WML engine:
* Added [secondary_unit] SUF for filtering the recalling leader in [recall]
action WML
* Fixed red, green and blue keys in 24-hour ToD not maching the default
schedule colors
* Reworked [harm_unit]'s damage calculation code to avoid leadership ability
altering the damage value
* Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* Fixed disappearing theme UI buttons after changing fullscreen/windowed mode
or resolution in Preferences during a game
* Fixed define handling of wmlxgettext (bug #18622)
* Changed: Try to recover from broken pango-markup.
Version 1.9.10:
* AI:
* Fixed: Display of recruitment_ignore_bad_combat and
recruitment_ignore_bad_movement is no longer swapped (bug #18839)
* Campaigns:
* Descent into Darkness:
* A Small Favor, part 1: used 24 hour ToD
* Son of the Black Eye:
* To the Harbor of Tirigaz: used 24 hour ToD
* Under the Burning Suns
* Subterranean Struggle: no longer possible to win by allowing allies to
* Across the Harsh Sands: the Black Hand oasis is no longer possible to
enter without triggering the bandits
* Editor:
* Made sure lighting setting changes are applied immediately when closing the
settings window when automatic map view updates are disabled
* Starting position tool menu now displays coordinates of existing positions,
and initially highlights the current player number assigned to the selected
* Add a menu item "Refresh WML" to reload terrain WML
* Graphics:
* New Animations:
* Goblin spearman run se
* Merman fighter attack se
* Tinted the slowed snail icon to match the new slowed unit color
* Terrain:
* Tall encampment keep can now be placed next to the tent encampment keep
* Forest/hill terrain combinations no longer appear black on the minimap
* Default team color always applied last; fixes bug #18817
* Removal of Khalifate unit images
* Language and i18n:
* Made it so that all of the Hangul Syllables block is covered by the
font-loading code.
* Made it so that en_US translations are loaded if they exist (bug #18507)
* Updated translations: British English, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, Galician,
Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Lithuanian,
Old English, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Slovak, Swedish
* Lua API:
* add function wesnoth.get_starting_location
* The side metatable provides also the side number
(like wesnoth.sides[i].side, which would be i)
* add function wesnoth.debug
* Added: Support for clickables (button and repeating button) to
wesnoth.set_dialog_callback (patch #2763)
* Allowed function debug.traceback()
* wesnoth.set_village_owner takes a bool argument determining
whether to fire capture events
* add field image_mods in proxy units
* add field undead_variation in wesnoth.races
* Multiplayer:
* New map: Aethermaw
* Updated maps: Hamlets, Howling Ghost Badlands, Thousand Stings Garrison
* Terrain:
* Oasis may be placed on any terrain, aliased to base
* New terrain macro: MOUNTAIN_SINGLE_RANDOM
* New rotting variant for wooden bridge
* Unit changes and balancing:
* All mounted units now have forest defines capped at 30%. This reduces their
defense on forested hills from 40% to 30%
* Forests now give best defense and worst movement on all terrain,
not just hills - fixes bug #18216
* Fixed some Khalifate unit animation glitches
* The XP required for an AMLA is now 50*level (and 25 for level 0) instead of
always 150.
* Increased the HP of the Great Mage from 55 to 60
* Increased the ranged attack of the Footpad from 4-2 to 5-2
* Removal of the Khalifate units, faction and era
* User interface:
* Removed waypoints UI feature
* Added an option to disable the "loading save from a different version"
confirmation dialog
* Line-wrap author names in the add-on description dialog (bug #18691)
* Made the Delete Add-on (in the server) option request confirmation from
the user before proceeding
* The add-ons download list shows up again after publishing/deleting a
single add-on
* Added option in advanced preferences that allows the twelve-hour clock
format to be used
* Reenabled "delay shroud updates"
* Changed: Disable pango markup in unit names (bug #17788)
* It is now possible to remove multiple installed add-ons at the same
* Slowed units are now tinted to be recognizable at a glance
* Fixed: Removed old markup style from OOS messages (bug #18387).
* Fixed: OOS ignore toggle in the save dialog (bug #18330).
* WML engine:
* Readded the liminal alignment
* Added four-difficulty versions of certain macros: QUANTITY4,
* added support for SSF to SUF via a [filter_side] subtag
* added support for [enemy_of]<SSF> to SSF
* added support for [allied_with]<SSF> to SSF
* New [find_path] tag, a WML interface to the pathfinder
* Add inline SSF support to [store_starting_location]
* Add support for [capture_village][filter_side]<SSF>
* Added FACING, which adds facing= to a previous [unit] codeblock
* Added VARIATION, which adds variation= to a previous [unit] codeblock
* Deprecated the Add-on.cfg style in favor of Add-on/_main.cfg, except for
the case of a single-file add-on
* [illuminated_time], which has been obsolete for a long time, is no longer
valid. Using it will cause errors to be thrown
* Reintroduced support for [unit][event]s (was until 1.7.10, bug #16259)
Such events are no longer forcefully variable substituted before inserting
into the scenario wml
* Fixed "error parsing image modifications" message caused by subsequent
image mod additions using the add attribute in [effect] apply_to=image_mod
* Made $this_unit in filter_recall work
* Added IS_EXPENDABLE_LEADER, which gives a unit the expendable leader icon
* Added $this_unit support to [harm_unit] and [find_path]
* Settings by [color_adjust] no longer expire at turn start or over save/load
* Implemented bullet= for [objectives], [objective], [gold_carryover], and
* Implemented red=, green=, and blue= for [objective], [gold_carryover], and
* Added [theme] hidden= attribute that makes a theme unavailable for selection
in Preferences or :theme (defaults to no)
* Implemented $second_unit being bound to the acting leader in recall/recruit events
* Introduce [redraw]clear_shroud=yes|no and [redraw]<SSF> support
* Introduce [race]undead_variation as a default for the race's [unit_type]s
* $owner_side describes the previous side owning a village
in capture events (FR bug #13567)
* Introduce [capture_village]fire_event=yes|no (def no) whether to fire
any capture events (was previously always yes)
* Made [move_unit] respect image modifications applied by EffectWML to single units
* Introduce [unit_type]image_icon key to override image for 72x72 icons
(FR bug #15466)
* Added IS_LAST_SCENARIO macro, for use in [objectives] dialog.
* Fix [objectives]silent= not working initially in a scenario (bug #18927)
* Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* Add --language/-L commandline option to set the language for that session
* Fixed: Avoid copying of singular iterators in the whiteboard code
* Fixed bug #10969: Made it possible to switch themes from Preferences in the
main menu
* Fixed bug #16111: gold carryover if loading a save created in linger mode
* Fixed bug #16508: remaining time of day areas that should affect map
borders in mainline campaigns and MP scenarios
* Fixed bug #18399 (part 1): Compilation with boost 1.47 (bug #18399's patch)
* Fixed bug #18399 (part 5): Compilation with the clang 2.9 compiler (bug
#18399's patch)
* Fixed bug #18695: Fixed preload event not being fired
* Fixed bug #18701: Evaluate key length even if intervening WML children
don't exist
* Fixed bug #18704: Make the create unit dialog give the created unit a valid
gender for that unit type
* Fixed bug #18766: Fixed a problem where version comparisons (including, but
not limited to #ifver/#ifnver directives) could cease to work until Wesnoth
was restarted
* Fixed debian bug #636193: Fixed compilation on all Debian architectures
* Fixed handling of #ifver and #ifnver preprocessor directives in wmllint
* Removed CANYON and its associated terrain macros
* The credits screen no longer mangles image path functions in background
image lists
* Fixed a rare glitch causing the menubar and sidebar buttons to appear
initially as solid color rectangles at the beginning of a scenario start
* Fixed bug #18681: glitch with local time of day lighting
* Fixed bug #18892: random crash when loading replays
* Fixed bug #18882: Compilation with libpng-1.5.5
Version 1.9.9:
* AI:
* Fixed bug #16117: added a way to supress E_NOT_REACHED_DESTINATION to lua
* Fixed bug #16247: modify SoF 8 to let the dragon attack aggressively
api via an optional boolean parameter - ai.move_full(from,to_x,to_y,true)
* Fixed bug #18057: AI leaders should now attack when they should
* Fixed bug #18122: AI leaders set to defensive will now follow goals anyway
* Fixed bug #18356: AI leaders now won't move to avoided keeps
* Applied patch #2846 by thonsew: let AI forget about invisible enemy units
in villages during get_villages phase (bug #18101)
* Campaigns:
* Fixed remaining deprecation warnings about empty side=
* Under the Burning Suns:
* Fixed Naga Sentinel gaining an AMLA after 32 XP instead of the usual 150
* Gave to Desert Shydes and Desert Stars 30% defense on void terrain
* Engine:
* Fixed bug #16173: Using n or cl while a fake unit is moving causes the game
to segfault by creating game_display::fake_unit as an exception safe
interace to the fake_units
* Improved unit_map lookup from std::map to boost::unordered_map to decrease
lookup times
* Fixed bug #16151: Discover new units on recruit
* Fixed bug #17780: Allow objects to 'increase' damage to 0
* Fixed bug #18098: now recruits and recalls capture village if recruited or
recalled on village castle hex
* Graphics:
* Fixed bug #18524: [replace_map] doesn't force window repainting
* Fixed bugs #18504 #18493 and #18017: Time of Day and fading interact poorly
* Fixed bugs #18475 and #17292: Mage of Light and Sorceress Halo/animation
* Terrains:
* Added Gray Coastal Reef, Tropical Coastal Reef terrain
* Swamp no longer prevents embellishments from being drawn
* Fixed bug #15940: graphics glitch: pillared wall terrain covers great
* Language and i18n:
* Updated translations: British English, Estonian, French, Galician, Greek,
Hewbrew, Indonesian, Irish, Latin, Macedonian, Old English, Russian,
* Lua API:
* Added: function wesnoth.set_dialog_active (patch #2767)
* Expanded wesnoth.races entries to return the wml object a race was
constructed from via the __cfg field.
* New function wesnoth.get_traits returning a table holding the global traits
known to the engine.
* Multiplayer:
* Updated maps: Aethermaw, Hornshark Island, Sablestone Delta, Thousand
Stings Garrison
* A New Land:
* Fixed 'agriculture' not getting translated sometimes and research
for agriculture not getting counted if the research order wasn't changed
(bug #16477)
* Options to share knowledge with those who have learned everything about
whatever are no longer shown (bug #14822).
* Added "chat_message_aging" advanced preference to allow setting the
ingame chat message aging interval
* Music and sound effects:
* New track "Battle Epic" by Doug Kaufman
* Unit changes and balancing:
* New units: Great Wolf; Direwolf
* Lowered swamp defense of Cuttlefish and Sea Serpent from 60% to 40%
* Decreased cost of Giant Rat from 13 to 6
* Various changes to the defense, movement and resistances of the Giant Rat
* Increased the XP requirements of the Arif from 40 to 47
* Increased the cost of the Falcon from 10 to 12
* Decreased the beak and claw attack of the Falcon by one each to 2-3 and 5-1
* Decreased the HP of the Falcon from 19 to 18
* Increased the XP requirements of the Falcon from 20 to 24
* Increased the XP requirements of the Hakim from 33 to 39
* Decreased the HP of the Jundi from 36 to 32
* Increased the XP requirements of the Jundi from 35 to 44
* Increased the cost of the Khaiyal from 20 to 21
* Decreased the blade resistance of the Khaiyal from 30% to 20%
* Decreased the pierce resistance of the Khaiyal from 0% to -10%
* Decreased the impact resistance of the Khaiyal from 10% to 0%
* Increased the melee attack of the Mighwar from 7-5 to 8-5
* Decreased the HP of the Mighwar from 57 to 53
* Increased the melee attack of the Monawish from 6-4 to 7-4
* Decreased the HP of the Monawish from 45 to 41
* Decreased the HP of the Naffat from 32 to 28
* Increased the XP requirements of the Naffat from 38 to 44
* Increased the cost of the Naffat from 17 to 19
* Decreased the melee attack of the Qatif-al-nar to 10-2
* Decreased the ranged attack of the Qatif-al-nar to 8-3
* Increased the XP requirements of the Rasikh from 40 to 150
* Decreased the melee attack of the Tineen to 10-3
* Decreased the impact resistance of the Falcon line from 0% to -10%
* The Falcon line now gets 2 traits, one normal trait and the feral trait
* The Naffat line is no longer able to get the strong trait
* Converted units with khalifatelightfoot to khalifatefoot movetype:
* Increased the fire resistance from -10% to 0% (Hakim only)
* Increased the impact resistance from -20% to -10%
* Increased the village defense from 50% to 60%
* Removed the khalifatelightfoot movetype
* Changes to khalifatefoot movetype:
* Increased the frozen defense from 20% to 30%
* Changes to khalifatearmoredfoot movetype:
* Increased the shallow water and swamp mp from 2 to 3
* Decreased the mushroom grove defense from 50% to 40%
* Changes to the khalifatehorse movetype:
* Increased the shallow water, swamp, cave, and mushroom grove mp cost to
4 in all cases
* Increased the forest mp cost from 2 to 3
* Decreased the frozen mp cost from 4 to 2
* Decreased the swamp defense from 30% to 20%
* Decreased the cave defense from 40% to 20%
* Decreased the mushroom grove defense from 40% to 20%
* Increased the frozen defense from 10% to 30%
* Increased the impact resistance from -10% to 0%
* Changes to the khalifatearmoredhorse movetype:
* Increased the shallow water, swamp, cave, and mushroom grove mp cost to
4 in all cases
* Increased the reef mp cost from 2 to 3
* Decreased the frozen mp cost from 4 to 2
* Decreased the cave defense from 40% to 20%
* Decreased the mushroom grove defense from 40% to 20%
* Increased the frozen defense from 10% to 30%
* Increased the swamp defense from 10% to 20%
* Decreased the hill defense from 60% to 50%
* User interface:
* Fixed Preferences dialog glitch on < 600 px tall resolutions (i.e. 800x480)
* Made Hotkeys configuration dialog fit on < 600 px tall resolutions (i.e. 800x480)
* Various minor improvements for consistency
* Whiteboard planning system:
* Added support for planning multi-turn moves
* Added the option to hide allies' plans during a network game
* Made action numbers colored according to team color
* Made plan execution halt upon discovering hidden units
* WML engine:
* Added [event]id= support (to protect against duplicates)
* Added [event]remove=yes|no support
(to remove events that have an id set)
* Implemented sub= and divide= for abilities and weapon specials
(patch #2857)
* new attribute replay_save= in [endlevel]. Defaults to yes, allows
WML authors to disable replay saving for a scenario. (bug #18026)
* [harm_unit] always uses wesnoth.float_label to avoid that an incorrect
weapon filter may prevent floating the damage label
* new key heal_full=yes|no (def no) in [effect]apply_to=type
* Added SLF support to [event][item] and [remove_item].
[remove_item]: IMPORTANT SYNTAX CHANGE: Default x,y=$x1,$y1
is no longer supported, but instead all locations on the map chosen if
no SLF keys are supplied. No wmllint rule in official release but patch
in bug #18522.
[event][item]: If x = and y= aren't explicitely given no longer throw an
error but choose locations according to SLF behavior.
* Allowed [modify_turns]current= to change to an earlier current turn
* Added [primary_attack] support to [harm_unit]
* Added wml tag [store_items]
* [harm_unit] now supports a harmer unit and experience calculation.
* Added support for 24 hour ToD.
* Added WML validation system based on schema validation.
* Enabled validation for GUI WML.
* Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* Teach wmllint to fix deprecated implicit side=1 in [store_gold], [gold]
[remove_shroud], [place_shroud], [modify_side], [modify_ai] actions
* Fixed bug #17150: fix naming confict with OpenBSD macro by renaming
* Added "-Wno-strict-aliasing" to the default compiler flags
* Whiteboard planning system:
* Made the whiteboard respond better to :droid, :give_control, etc.
* Removed chat notification upon activating the whiteboard
* Added advanced preference to ignore the encountered units
list and show all unit types in the game Help
Version 1.9.8:
* Campaigns:
* Fixed deprecation warnings about "empty side="
* Language and i18n:
* Updated translations: British English, Estonian, Indonesian, Irish,
Latin, Old English, Russian, Vietnamese
* Lua API:
* added support for slider and progress_bar widgets to
* added support for text_box, slider, and progress_bar widgets to
* new wesnoth.races table
* wesnoth.get_terrain_info can now retrieve the editor_name field
* Multiplayer server:
* Handle incoming [whiteboard] data
* Treat inactive forum accounts as unregistered users to prevent abuse
of unverified registrations
* User interface:
* Converted New Folder dialog to GUI2
* Moved Animate Map option from Advanced Preferences to Display
* Moved Reverse Time Graphics display option to Advanced Preferences
* Moved Scroll Tracking of Unit Actions display option to Advanced
Preferences, renamed to Follow Unit Actions
* Moved Unit Standing Animations option from Advanced Preferences to
* Removed window decorations from GUI2 lobby
* Sort the Recruit menu by localized unit type names (feature #18294)
* Whiteboard planning system:
* Added a new planned action type: "Suppose dead"
* Changed behavior of invalid actions (no longer immediately discarded)
* Disabled undo while planning mode is active
* Made whiteboard plans visible to allied network players
* Terrains:
* Tweaked gameplay-visible names of terrain types, and restored many
missing ones.
* Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* CMake build system:
* Disabled building of libana by default
* Removed "-Wno-strict-aliasing" from the default compiler flags
* Fixed bug #18117, saved games with Qatif-al-nar became corrupted
* Fixed bug #18120, where Khalifate units were not getting the default AMLA
* Patch #2663: Make wesnoth-optipng work on systems with BSD stat
* Started working on the new asio based network subsystem. boost.asio
(along with boost.thread and boost.system) is now a dependency for
the client no matter whether ANA is enabled.
* Support for gamepads/joysticks
Version 1.9.7:
* Graphics:
* Terrains:
* Modified Deep Water tiles for greater contrast with Shallow
* New Dead Great Tree
* Portraits:
* Drake Warden
* Language and i18n:
* Updated translations: Afrikaans, British English, Chinese (Traditional),
Galician, German, Greek, Indonesian, Irish, Japanese, Korean, Latin,
Lithuanian, Old English, Portuguese (Brazil), Serbian, Spanish, Swedish,
* Lua API:
* proxy getters and setters for unit attributes extra_recruit
and advances_to
* new function wesnoth.add_known_unit
* new proxy getters for sides: fog, shroud, hidden, name, color
* new function wesnoth.get_time_of_day
* new functions os.clock,, os.time and os.difftime
* Multiplayer:
* New "Shuffle sides" option in MP creation list, allowing to randomize
player to side assignment (patch #1937 by Quetzalcoatl)
* User interface:
* Fix starting location labels being initially invisible in the map editor
(bug #17956).
* Fixed bug #18000, #18099: Show a wrongly entered MP password and crash
upon editing this text.
* WML engine:
* new attribute team_name= in SSFs
* added [event][filter_side]<SSF keys> support
* added support for inline SSF to [chat]
* added support for inline SSF to [store_gold]
* added support for inline SSF to [store_side], added attribute
"side" in the created array
* introduced [has_unit]search_recall_list=yes|no (def no) parameter in SSFs
* support for leader specific recruit lists
* [unit] extra_recruit= -- defines a unit with a specific recruit list
* [event] [allow_extra_recruit] [filter] [/filter] type=
-- adds unit types to a leader's recruit list
* [event] [disallow_extra_recruit] [filter] [/filter] type=
-- removes unit types from a leader's recruit list
* [event] [set_extra_recruit] [filter] [/filter] extra_recruit=
-- assigns a new recruit list to the leader
* support for leader specific recall filters
* [unit] [filter_recall] <SUF>
-- The unit can only recall units which pass the SUF
* Removed the Liminal alignment
* Fixed: a divide by zero in the calculate_map_ownership_function function
* Possibly fixed: rounding errors when using ^ in formulas (bug #18165)
* Animation will now cycle according to a WML parameter, use with caution
* Toplevel [tunnel] tags are now ignored rather than cause assertion
failures (bug #18201).
* Miscellaneous and bugfixes:
* Fixed: issues with singular variant iterators
* Fixed: the Wescamp script download part
* Fixed the ingame command line not accepting
characters accessible via AltGr (certain keyboard layouts)
on windows systems
* Started using Boost.Program_options for command line parsing (new
* Commandline syntax changes:
* --ai_config renamed to --ai-config
* --new_storyscreens renamed to --new-storyscreens
* --no-delay renamed to --nodelay
* --campaign option split into --campaign, --campaign-difficulty and
* split optional comma-separated defines list from --preprocess= (or -p=)
to --preprocess-defines= option
* dropped --log alias for --log-error
* Fixed: Compilation on kfreebsd (Debian bug #626313)
* Fixed: CMake Subversion revision script causing build errors with MSVC.
* Fix time of day not changing in time area (bug #16584, bug #17543)
Version 1.9.6:
* Campaigns:
* The Hammer of Thursagan:
* Fixed time over event in the High Pass
* Graphics:
* Portraits:
* Added portrait for Khalifate Hakim.
* Terrains:
* New Igloo village
* Language and i18n:
* Updated translations: Afrikaans, British English, Dutch, French, Galician,
German, Greek, Hungarian, Irish, Japanese, Latin, Lithuanian, Old English,
Portuguese (Brazil), Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Vietnamese
* Lua API:
* max_attacks (read) and attacks_left (read/write) field of lua proxy units
* new function wesnoth.compare_versions
* new function wesnoth.get_sides
* Multiplayer:
* New era: the default+Khalifate era adds a new faction for multiplayer play.
* New maps: 2p Thousand Stings Garrison, 2p Arcanclave Citadel, 6p Volcano.
* Updated maps: Caves of the Basilisk, 2p Hamlets, The Freelands, Silverhead
Crossing, Sablestone Delta, Fallenstar Lake, Den of Onis.
* Unit changes and balancing:
* Increased the pierce attack of the Orc Archer from 5-3 to 6-3.
* Decreased the HP of the Cavalryman from 38 to 34.
* Decreased the HP of the Dragoon from 53 to 49.
* Decreased the HP of the Cavalier from 68 to 64.
* Changed the 'feral' trait to give 50% instead of 40% defense on villages.
* User interface:
* Patch #2625: added a GUI interface to changing control in multiplayer
games. The command to access it is currently :give_control
* WML engine:
* Patch #2610: changed default for turns in [scenario] tag to -1 (unlimited)
* Introduced [recall]check_passability=yes|no key (default yes)
for placing units only on suitable terrain when recalling.
* Extended [heal_unit] to also "heal" moves, attacks, statuses
and several units at once.
* Miscellaneous and bugfixes:
* Changed : replaced all sticky excpetions by lua jailbreak exceptions
(fixes bug #17743).
* Applied patch #2611: removed redundant own_side attribute
* Applied patch #2600: improved MP creation screen logging
* Added: New gui2 iterator framework.
* Patch #2624: Solved enemy leaders never appearing on status table on
foggy/shrouded maps, even when visible.
* Fix linker issues with cmake and scons.
Version 1.9.5:
* Graphics:
* Portraits:
* New portrait for Drake Enforcer/Thrasher.
* Terrains:
* Moved the ruined desert castle to core.
* New and improved swamp villages.
* New and improved tropical villages.
* New ruined desert keep.
* New stones and sand drifts embellishment.
* New tall encampment keep.
* New water lilies embellishment.
* Other:
* New elf-style flag.
* Language and i18n:
* Added missing Windows locale associations
* Fixed Windows locale association for tr/Turkish
* New translation: Old English.
* Updated translations: British English, Chinese (Simplified),
Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, Galician, German,
Irish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Slovak, Spanish, Vietnamese
* Updated DejaVu Sans to 2.33
* Multiplayer:
* Don't show team labels to observers (feature request #9648).
* Recalculate map labels to account for team changes when switching players
with :control.
* Renamed /adminmsg command to /report to better reflect its use.
* User interface:
* Added: circle to the gui2 canvas.
* Added: new tip class for tooltips and helptips.
* Reimplemented: the tooltips use the new tip class and look much better
(bug #14818).
* Fixed: the tooltips no longer stack when the MP dialog is opened
(bug #16915, bug #16670).
* Implemented: the helptips.
* Changed: the scroll wheel, in gui2 code, now also follows the mouse focus
instead of the keyboard focus.
* Fixed again: Not showing the twml_exception dialog when gui2 was called
from Lua (bug #17405).
* Fix old multiplayer lobby glitches caused by the loadscreen code when
skipping to the lobby with -s <server> command line.
* Add 1.25, 1.75 and 3.0 animation speed factors to display preferences
(feature request #15713).
* Implemented: The expose event in gui2.
* Fixed: Image widget now honors its minimum and maximum size.
* Fixed: Black lines in the minimap.
* Fixed: tooltips no longer capture the keyboard (bug #17797).
* Changed: Allow underline in the gui2 font style.
* Fixed: Not wrapping of transient dialog text (bug #17945).
* WML engine:
* Added support for map_passable and leader_passable for [placement]
* Allow [color_range] and [color_palette] nodes to be inserted at top-level
by add-ons to globally define custom ranges and palettes.
* New [tunnel] tag to create teleports between two SLFs for units matching
a SUF. The [teleport] ability retrofitted to use this tag.
* New [allow_end_turn] and [disallow_end_turn] commands to enable/disable
the human players' ability to end their turn from the user interface
(feature request #13141).
* [side] tags may now contain [leader] tags to create their leader(s), as
opposed to mixing the leader's attributes with the side attributes.
* New wml action tag [transform_unit], like the {TRANSFORM_UNIT..} macro.
* [unstore_unit] now accepts a fire_event= key to control firing of
(post) advance events and a check_passability= (default yes, previously
it was always no/non-existent) key controlling whether to check for
suitable terrain when placing units
* Renamed [teleport]ignore_passability= to check_passability= to get rid of
a confusing negation.
* Introduced [move_unit]check_passability= (default yes, previously it was
always yes/non-existent) key to allow disabling the check for suitable
* Added an engine-defined WESNOTH_VERSION macro that expands to the Wesnoth
engine version string.
* New #ifver/#ifnver preprocessor macro to compare Wesnoth or UMC-defined
version numbers as in '#ifver WESNOTH_VERSION >= 1.9.5'.
* The tags [remove_shroud] and [place_shroud] now take comma-separated lists
of sides.
* The [gold] tag now takes a comma-separated list of sides.
* Added automatically stored variable this_unit to [modify_unit]
for self-reference via $this_unit
* Miscellaneous and bugfixes:
* Fixed: g++ compiler warnings.
* Added: cmake target to build the gui design pdf.
* Removed support for TinyGUI: Devices with a resolution below 800x480 are
not supported anymore.
* Changed: The minimum screen resolution is 800x480, no need to use
--smallgui anymore.
* Reverted hotkey for clearing cache for Mac OS X back to F5. Control-F5
still works (and is necessary when in windowed mode).
* Let cmake use absolute locale dirs when set to an absolute path.
(Windows always uses a relative path.) (patch #2280)
* Make it impossible to build Wesnoth without the editor.
* Fixed a replay OOS issue caused by ToD areas defined outside of events
(bug #17783).
* Changed: when loading a file fails to open try with a .gz file.
* Unit invalidation is processed in parallel using OpenMP
* Allow redirection of the logger.
* Polished gui2 code.
* Fixed: Newer versions of FriBidi were no longer recognized.
* wmlindent now handles #ifhave, #ifnhave, #ifver and #ifnver properly in
Version 1.9.4:
* AI:
* Fixed bugs #15861, #16223, #17206: fix passive_leader and
* Campaigns:
* Delfadors Memoirs:
* Fixed bug #17273: Made difficulty selection conform to the style of all
other mainline campaigns
* Descent into Darkness:
* New set of portraits.
* Eastern Invasion:
* Fixed bug #15950: Made 11_Captured remove units from recall list,
preventing units being 'healed' upon load.
* Engine
* Fixed bug #17355: split team initialization into two parts to prevent
wrong determination of allied sides.
* Formula language:
* Added substring function.
* Added length function, to determine the length of a string.
* Added concatenate function.
* Added sin (sine) function.
* Added cos (cosine) function.
* Graphics:
* Terrain: added transitions for the wood floor.
* Language and i18n:
* New translation: Irish
* Updated translations: Dutch, Finnish, Galician, German, Hebrew, Japanese,
Korean, Lithuanian, Russian, Slovak, Vietnamese
* User interface:
* Fix alignment of text labels in certain confirmation dialogs (e.g.
Quit Game/Editor)
* Fix behavior of add-ons download dialog on double-click/enter
(bug #17345)
* Several improvements to the gui2 progress bar.
* New add-ons description dialog with further details, including bundled
* Add new gui2 drawing widget.
* Fix gui2 lines drawing glitch, which happens in some rare cases.
* Fixed: Not showing the twml_exception dialog when gui2 was called from
lua (bug #17405).
* Fixed: Properly validate the height of a portrait (bug #17399).
* Increase text area dimensions on story screens and improve space use on
smallgui configurations.
* WML engine:
* New [harm_unit] tag for damaging, and eventually killing, units.
* [allow_recruit], [disallow_recruit] and [set_recruit] now accept a
comma-separated list for side=.
* Unit types, units, and unit effects, can use small_profile= in
addition to profile= to precisely describe portrait locations.
* New ~BG(color) modifier for setting the background color of an image.
* Made [inspect] tag work even without debug mode.
* [move_unit_fake] now accepts an image_mods= attribute, specifying
a list of path functions to be applied to the moving fake unit.
* Miscellaneous and bugfixes:
* Fix --data-dir command line option
* Better detect mouse button state when window is activated.
* Change wiki comment format.
* Polish code.
* Names of attack ranges are now read from the range_$RANGE keys in
data/hardwired/english.cfg. (feature #17395)
* Names of attack types are now read from the type_$TYPE keys in
* Un-hardwired the [language] block in data/hardwired/english.cfg, and
moved the file out of that subdirectory.
* Add update-po4a-man and update-po4a-manual targets to cmake.
* Added: Extra validate macro VALIDATE_WITH_DEV_MESSAGE.
* Fixed: Link to libintl with cmake (bug #17152).
* Fixed: Better cmake detection for older FriBidi versions (bug #17151).
* Added: the wml_reference description comment class.
* Removed support for the "autotools" build system
Version 1.9.3:
* Campaigns:
* Descent into Darkness:
* Allow Darken Volk to open gates in A Small Favor part 3 (bug #17250)
* Legend of Wesmere:
* Fixed the recursion of the scenario 4 bug.
* Added the Elvish Horse Archer as alternative advancement for the scout
* (Singleplayer only) Added the Dwarvish Runemaster as advancement for the
* The Rise of Wesnoth:
* New portraits for Jevyan, Typhon and Rithrandil.
* Graphics:
* Terrain:
* Fixed display of UMC castles (which were being overdrawn by regular human
* Added ruined cottage and ruined hill village.
* Added a fence embellishment terrain.
* Language and i18n:
* Updated translations: Dutch, Finnish, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean,
Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Vietnamese
* Multiplayer:
* Fixed Siege Castles' description to state the correct map size, 36x36
rather than 40x30 (bug #15835)
* Multiplayer server:
* Increased username length limit from 18 to 20
* User interface:
* Converted some dialog boxes to GUI2
* Campaign difficulty descriptions must use Pango markup now
* Added a new hotkey sequence (by default unassigned) to toggle animated map
mode (feature #15976).
* Removed bottom border from character [message] dialogs.
* Improved the width of portraits in the wml_message once the maximum text
width is reached.
* Fixed display of unit-specific image mods on the Status Table dialog
(bug #16285)
* WML engine:
* Created tag [petrify] (bug #17077). Moved [unpetrify] to lua. Syntax
changed from [unpetrify][filter]<SUF> to [unpetrify]<SUF>.
* New [floating_text] tag for creating floating text similar to the damage
and healing numbers.
* Introduced [recall]fire_event=yes|no (default no) parameter (fixes
bug #17083).
* Deprecated the following macros: FLOATING_TEXT, CAPTURE_FILTERED_VILLAGES,
* Make [select_unit] highlight= (def. yes) work as intended for displaying
the selected unit's reach (bug #16819)
* Miscellaneous and bugfixes:
* Fixed the submerge ability not working on all deep water terrains.
Version 1.9.2:
* Campaigns:
* Descent into Darkness:
* Made 'Alone at Last' easier.
* Legend of Wesmere:
* Map updates.
* Implemented gold carryover between the multiplayer chapters.
* Added extra keeps to keep up with the growing number of leaders.
* Fixed scenario 04 not being playable.
* Corrected the objectives of scenario 3.
* Bug fix for the fleeing orcs in scenario 07.
* Heir to the Throne:
* Fixed a bug causing Warven in 'Cliffs of Thoria' not able to move through
* Liberty:
* New set of portraits.
* Changed Relnan's character to a woman.
* New (unanimated) sprites for the Rogue Mage unit line.
* Various balancing changes to the Rogue Mage unit line.
* Northern Rebirth:
* Make it possible to choose whether a unit should pick up the
Rod of Justice or not.
* The Rise of Wesnoth:
* New set of portraits, except for Jevyan and Rithrandil.
* Gave Jevyan's familiar a custom unit type.
* Sceptre of Fire:
* Thursagan can now advance to Dwarvish Arcanister.
* New (unanimated) sprites for the Dwarvish Miner.
* Son of the Black Eye:
* Changes to the objectives and gameplay of 'Clash of Armies'.
* The South Guard:
* New portrait for Mal M'Brin.
* Editor:
* Verbose terrain names can be specified using terrain.editor_name to
be displayed in the editor as "<verbose name>/<common name> (<underlying>)"
(bug #16450)
* Graphics:
* Terrain:
* Any Castle or Keep except Dwarvish can now be combined without large gaps
or extra walls.
* New graphics for wooden bridges.
* Added variant of chasm bridge for over water.
* New transitions from all Hills and Mountains to Water.
* Underground and chasm friendly volcanoes.
* A new desaturated color of shallow water (Wwg).
* Much improved lava transitions.
* A new desaturated ocean color (Wog).
* New Waterfall automatically placed between chasm and water or swamp.
* New Sand-to-Water transitions
* Wave animations on sand
* Added Ruined Human City terrain
* Animations:
* Standing anims: Fencer, Spearman, Dwarf Guard.
* Idle anims: 2 for the Spearman.
* Fixed drakes flying or not flying over all the correct terrains.
* Portraits: Drake Blademaster, Hurricane Drake, Drake Flameheart, alternate
* Units: New base frame and animations for Mudcrawler.
* Language and i18n:
* Updated translations: Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Dutch, Galician,
German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian,
Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Shavian, Slovak, Slovenian, Vietnamese
* Unit changes and balancing:
* Decreased the physical resistances of the Dwarvish Scout and Dwarvish
Pathfinder to 10% and those of the Dwarvish Explorer to 20%.
* Decreased the village defense of Chocobone from 60% to 40%.
* Moved the Fire Guardian unit to core.
* Fixed villages on snow and sand hills providing worst instead of best
* The complete Dwarvish Runesmith line moved from SoF to core along with new
* User interface:
* Fixed: Addon dialog in title screen shows last host again.
* Fixed: Addon download progress dialog shows the correct addon name again.
* Fixed: Fullscreen hotkey works again in the title screen.
* Fixed: Termination of the game when making the title screen small
(bug #16724).
* Fixed: A resize glitch causing resize events to be lost.
* Changed: All buttons in the title screen now have a hotkey.
* Changed: Refresh cache hotkey is CTRL+F5 on the Mac by default now.
* Fixed: Don't trigger an assertion failure if no tips are defined
(bug #16731).
* Fixed: Enter no longer shows the credits in the title screen.
* Changed: The title screen now has a maximum width for the tips text.
* Changed: Improved the layout of the title screen.
* Fixed: Changing the language updates map and logo in title screen
(bug #16631).
* Fixed: No longer cut off large title screen logos (bug #16632).
* Refresh cache (F5) works in editor.
* Add a "Save All Maps" menu item and hotkey in editor.
* [object] description messages are now shown using GUI2, allowing usage of
Pango markup (bug #16859).
* Whiteboard planning system:
* Fixed: Crash when creating a planned move on Windows (bug #16705)
* New "Execute all actions" command bound to CTRL+y
* WML Engine:
* id= in SUFs now accepts a comma-separated list.
* [capture_village] now accepts a full SLF.
* events can be fired depending on a condition using [filter_condition].
* Added support for SLF to [terrain]. Note that the SLF's terrain= key is
not valid; terrain= specifies the new terrain instead like it used to do.
Filtering for terrain can be done with the [terrain][and]terrain=
* Renamed [removeitem] to [remove_item].
* added new parameters directional_x and directional_y to animations
* added new parameters auto_vflip and auto_hflip to animations
* Made it so that units affected by [hide_unit] don't appear on the minimap
(FR #16796)
* New [store_reachable_locations] tag for storing the locations reachable (by
movement, attack or vision) of units.
* New [select_unit] tag, with optional fire_event (def. no) and hilight_hex
(def. yes) attributes (FR #16819)
* New [message] scroll= attribute to specify whether the game view should
scroll to the speaking unit (defaults to yes) (FR #16843)
* New key 'random_start' (default = yes) in [terrain_graphics][image]
allowing to disable random animation shift in animated terrains.
* Added a new key "primary" to animation to separate frames that should be
treated as primary from frames that shouldn't
* Made it so that if several [advancefrom] tags for a certain base unit are
encountered, the lowest experience= keys from these is chosen (so if
there's only one [advancefrom] referencing this base unit the experience
needed can be increased).
* Miscellaneous and bugfixes:
* Changed: Lowered severity of some gui2 timer log messages.
* Units created in debug mode now play their recruit animation (FR #16766).
* Fixed: properly update cmake revision numbers (bug #16483)
* Fixed: hotkeys dialog in editor is big enough to display them correctly.
* Fixed: Shifted windmill animation (bug #16529)
* Files matching *.wesnoth and *.project in add-ons are now ignored by
default when uploading
Version 1.9.1:
* AI:
* Fixed bug #16585: made AI move in targeting phase even if for some of the
'best' units moves to targets are impossible
* Campaigns:
* Unified the campaign description of the number of scenarios. Now the
number reflects only the battle scenarios of each campaign.
* A Tale of Two Brothers:
* New portraits for Arne and Bjarn.
* Dead Water:
* Fixed the last scenario not working due to an 'unknown scenario' error.
* Descent into Darkness:
* Fixed the 'A Small Favor' scenarios being unbeatable.
* Eastern Invasion:
* Increased Owaec's hitpoints and attack stats, and added a new weapon
special to his morningstar on levels 2 and 3.
* Legend of Wesmere:
* Splitted the multiplayer port into five chapters with 3 difficult levels
* (Beta) Chapter one, a two player campaign, ends after scenario 3.
* (Beta) Chapter two, a three player campaign, ends after scenario 7.
* (Alpha) Chapter three, a four player campaign, ends after scenario 13.
* (Alpha) Chapter four, a four player campaign, ends after scenario 17.
* (Alpha) Chapter five, a two player campaign, ends with the single
player version.
* There is no savefile compatibility between saves from an older version
of Wesnoth.
* Scenarios
* Scenario one's objectives changed.
* Completed a rewrite of scenario 5, changing the objectives, ai and
game mechanism slightly.
* Scenario 7
* Shortened by letting the orcs flee if their numbers went too low.
* The player can choose between two different starting positions for
* Rebalanced Scenario 14.
* Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* Renamed some of the locations at the Kalian to fit with the map
* Fixed scenario number 5 where the gold carrier's overlay was not
* Fixed the bug with the army split up before scenario number 9.
* Map and coding updates regarding the new terrain types and graphics.
* Added keeps to every scenario to match the number of leaders
(singleplayer) or sides (multiplayer).
* Removed the obselete Haldric the second portrait.
* The Rise of Wesnoth:
* Made surprise enemy spawns appear in a less immediately dangerous way in
'The Midlands', 'The Swamp of Esten', 'Peoples in Decline',
'A Rough Landing', 'The Vanguard', 'Return of the Fleet' and
'Rise of Wesnoth'.
* Clarified the early finish bonus conditions in 'Fallen Lich Point' and
'Sewer of Southbay'.
* Allowed Merman Hunters to be recruited alongside Merman Fighters.
* Sceptre of Fire:
* Fixed bug #16542: Alanin not appearing in the epilogue.
* The South Guard:
* Fixed a bug causing a freeze at the beginning of 'The Long March'.
* Editor:
* Added a standard click sound to brush bar buttons (bug #15635)
* Graphics:
* New animations: Merman Hunter ranged animation and defence, Warrior se
attack and defence, Drake Flare and Flameheart leadership.
* New portraits: Inferno Drake, Mermaid Initiate alternate, Goblin spearman
* Terrain:
* Tropical Ocean added
* Improved transition between void and off-map and with both and the
* Snowy Human City Village added
* Muddy Quagmire (Sm) added - alias of swamp
* Old Desert Mountains replaced with a non-green version of the mountains
* Slightly tweaked dirt colors and new, smooth dirt transitions
* Better transitions for Cobbled Road, Clean Cobbles, and Overgrown Path
* Fixed hard edge on immpassible mountains clouds.
* Fixed Transition of leaf litter to water.
* Fixed hard edge on top of cave beams
* Fixed lava drawing extra transition on off-map
* Any Castle or Keep except Dwarvish can now be combined without large gaps or extra walls.
* Better rendering of unit in water: transparency decreases with depth.
* Language and i18n:
* Updated fonts: DejaVu 2.32
* Updated translations: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French,
German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian,
Slovak, Vietnamese
* Multiplayer:
* Updated maps: 4p Hamlets.
* Updated most of the maps taking advantage of the new terrains.
* Side vision is now switched before the healing phase of the turn (only
visible in hotseat)
* Re-added the old MP lobby.
* Terrain WML:
* Updated height adjust of desert, orcish, and snowy keeps.
* Fixed broken aliasing of the wooden floor.
* Stop using negative unit height adjust for water terrains.
* Chasm bridges can now be placed on any terrain, and the lit-by-lava
variants are automatically used when placed over lava.
* Removed village terrains: ^Voha, ^Voh, ^Vhms, ^Vhm, ^Vcha, ^Vch, ^Vcm. See
the village aliasing change listed below.
* Unit changes and balancing:
* Decreased the melee and ranged attack of the Footpad from 5-2 to 4-2.
* Decreased the XP requirement of the Mage from 60 to 54.
* Decreased the XP requirement of the White Mage from 150 to 136.
* Decreased the XP requirement of the Mermaid Priestess from 150 to 132.
* Added the Ghast unit from DiD to core with new base frame and animations.
* Made the Giant Rat have a normal AMLA instead of an AMLA with no fullheal.
* All bats are now given a 'feral' trait which caps their defense on villages
to 40% and also making them receive only one random trait.
* All villages except for water and swamp villages are now aliased to both
village and the terrain they're placed on, giving best movement and defense
of both.
* User interface:
* Changed: the title screen is now gui2 (bugs #12906, #12908 and #15987).
* Use red/green color for damage in sidebar when modified by bonus/malus
* Placing a waypoint on a capturable village will now make the unit pause
there to capture it (FR#16603)
* Fixed bug #16653: Avoid markup when calculating the text length for
ellipse text (Debian bug #547476).
* Damage type tooltip now also shows damage after resistance calculation.
* Whiteboard:
* Added cost display for planned recruits and recalls
* Fixed bug #16554 : Infinite attacks with the whiteboard
* WML Engine:
* Added tag [kill][secondary_unit] for specifying the killing unit.
* Added a LOW_MEM define to WML to be able to adapt WML to low memory
* Added event: side turn X
* Added event: turn X refresh
* Added [chat] tag for outputting public or private messages to the chat.
* Added events: turn end and turn X end
* Added events: side turn end, side X turn end, side turn X end,
and side X turn Y end
* Added "variations" key and "@V" symbol in [terrain_graphics] (syntax is
not final, and may change later)
* Fixed a bug causing the PUT_TO_RECALL_LIST macro to freeze the game.
* Modified [set_variable] "divide" so that it always performs a
floating-point divide.
* Allow time_area to define local time of day on map border (bug #16508)
* Allowed negative defense values as a way to set upper bounds,
e.g. village=-60 means that a unit cannot have less than 60 def (more
than 40% def) on terrains containing villages.
* Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* Removed: statistics upload code.
* Changed: compiler mode set to c++98
* Optimize terrain rules which speed up cache creation and loading
* Optimize rendering of flying units
* Fix crash when attacking in fog (using teleport+attack to a fogged village)
* Fixed a bug causing turn counter in the objectives dialog to duplicate when
the objectives are viewed several times.
* Replace "working peasant" (indicating missing images in debug mode) by
half-transparent "Image not found"
* Improved rendering algorithm: reduced memory requirements and a much faster
render loop; very noticable on big maps
* Improved framerate by removing useless 20ms delay between frames.
Version 1.9.0:
* AI:
* Fixed bug #15994 : Formula AI candidate actions specified in [side][ai]
don't always work.
* Fixed bug #16406: Broken AI of SoF 1, and improved upgrade procedure for
old-style AI config.
* Campaigns:
* An Orcish Incursion:
* Made 'Valley of Trolls' easier on the easiest difficulties.
* Dead Water:
* New campaign added to mainline from the Wesnoth-UMC-Dev Project's
repository (Intermediate level, 13 scenarios)
* Descent into Darkness:
* 'A Small Favor' (part 1) now gives an early finish bonus.
* Dela is no longer invulnerable in 'Alone at Last' but cannot be safely
* Eastern Invasion:
* New (unanimated) sprites for Owaec.
* Made it slightly easier to rescue the knights in 'Mal-Ravanal's Capital'.
* Increased the turn limit in 'Two Paths' from 18/16/14 to 18/17/16.
* Heir to the Throne:
* Made 'Cliffs of Thoria' much easier.
* Made 'Isle of the Damned' slightly easier.
* Liberty:
* Increased the difficulty of 'Unlawful Orders', 'The Grey Woods' and 'The
Hunters' and 'Glory'.
* Northern Rebirth:
* In Showdown, you recover full gold only if Sisal survived the previous
* Son of the Black Eye:
* Increased the turn limit in 'Black Flag' from 30/25/20 to 30/28/24.
* The South Guard:
* A new set of story art by Scavenger.
* In 'Vengeance', the final objective is now revealed at the beginning of
the scenario.
* New images for the Infantry Lieutenant and Commander by Rhyging5
* Scenarios in Eastern Invasion, Liberty, Northern Rebirth, Son of the
Black-Eye and The Rise of Wesnoth which feature computer-controlled allies
now allow you to affect their behavior via the right-click menu.
* Graphics
* Added new portraits for: the Orc Archer, Crossbowman, Slurbow, Sayer,
several new Orc Grunt line alternates, Draug and one alternate, Ghoul,
Skeleton Archer line, Giant Mudcrawler, Orc Leader/Ruler, alternate Leader
and Sovereign, alternate for Loyalist Swordsman, Drake Fighter, Burner.
* New animations (not yet including leading animations) for Drake Flare
and Flameheart, Dwarf Lord ranged attack, Dwarf guard melee attack, Dwarf
Pathfinder idle, Ruffian attack and defend, Spearman s and se attack.
* New base frame and animations for Armageddon Drake.
* Fixed bug causing Drake Clasher's animation to display incorrectly.
* Added missing help version for Sea Serpent portrait.
* Items & scenery: New anvil, and revised trash and lighthouse
* Two new flag styles.
* Animate terrain in editor
* New advanced preference to use a local ToD color-shift
* Added framework allowing to draw various arrow styles on the map.
* Language and i18n:
* Updated translations: British English, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified),
Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, Galician,
German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Latvian,
Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Slovak, Vietnamese
* Updated DejaVuSans to 2.31
* Fixed bug #15653: Made untranslateable strings translateable.
* Fixed bug #15843: Made untranslateable strings translateable.
* Fixed bug #15934: Flushed image cache when changing language
* Fixed bug #15937: Made untranslateable strings translateable.
* Make map labels store translatable strings, so when the language changes,
the labels also use the new translation.
* Multiplayer:
* Updated map: Ruins of Terra-Dwelve.
* Fixed bug #15865: missing WML Child error.
* Added the winner of the first Wesnoth map competition, the 2 player map
"Elensefar Courtyard" by krotop.
* Music and sound effects
* New version of "Northerners" by Stephen Rozanc (TreizeCouleurs)
* New sounds for wolves and wolf riders. Removed all old wolf-* sounds.
* Terrain:
* all villages except water and swamp villages can now be placed on any base
* orcish, elven and human snow villages are now aliased to village,snow
instead of just to village
* orcish and human snow hills villages are now aliased to village,snowhills
instead of just to village,hills
* animated terrain animations are not synchronized anymore
* reworked macros to handle animations
* added new stone-wall-lit terrain
* made all animated terrains use the new macro system
* added a new "snowy castle" terrain
* added new mausoleum scenery
* added new "snowy fort"
* added new "desert castle"
* added new "tropical water"
* added new "dead grass" terrain
* improved dry grass "savanna" terrain
* improved green grass "grassland" terrain
* improved "desert road" terrain
* added new "dark dirt" terrain
* added new "small stones" embellishment
* added new "small mushrooms" embellishment
* fix for dwarven castle to cave wall alignment issue by Alarantalara
* made encampment and orc forts use regular dirt rather than a custom terrain
* created new editor group: "embellishments", and added desert plants to
that group
* improved snow terrain
* added "leaf litter" terrain
* added new "mine rail tracks" terrain
* added 3 new variants for log cabin
* added impassable snow mountains
* adjusted the color of various terrains for a more coordinated appearance
* added new dry hills terrain
* new ford that works with animated water
* improved cobbled road now also used for castle (not keep) floor
* new etherial abyss terrain added to mainline
* flower base terrain is deprecated, now available as an overlay
* added new clean cobbled road terrain
* added castle to chasm transitions
* improved human city village
* Dark flagstones mainlined from UtBS
* added castle to lava chasm transitions
* chasm type terrain now blend nicely with void and off-map
* new banks for transition between flat or cave terrains and water
* adjusted all underground terrain to harmonize with other terrains
* improved mini-map appearance for most chasm, wall and grass terrains
* stone path now matches other terrains
* added wooden floor terrain
* added mushroom farm terrain
* added volcano terrain.
* added a special blend transition for mountains next to chasms
* added snowy encampment
* special snowy chasm appears next to snow terrains
* added earth-toned chasm
* added earthy cave floor
* added hewn cave wall, earthy cave wall, and earthy hewn cave wall.
* animated water and swamp now use a double-sided transition to blend gradually into each other
* Terrain WML
* All unused macros are slowly removed to try to get a logical and complete subset of macros
* Allow to use local ToD terrain variants in [time_area]
* ToD key in terrain [variant] now accept a list of ToD
* New key 'set_no_flag' in [tile] which combines 'set_flag' and 'no_flag'
* Units:
* Giant Rat moved from DiD to core.
* User interface:
* Added the era AI in the list of AI shown when opening a game
* Added dialog for installation of add-on dependencies
* Removed the unused gui2 menu bar
* Added a window register framework
* Enabled the --new-widgets MP create dialog again
* Enabled the hidden join observe buttons per row
* Enabled alignment in labels
* Avoid resizing when next or previous button is pressed in the
--new-widgets title screen
* Added gui2 progress bar widget
* Added "animated" logo to the --new-widgets title screen
* Fixed the language is refreshed after the language is changed in the
--new-widgets title screen
* Implemented bug #15623 (patch #1568): On change resolution screen,
widescreen resolutions are now marked as such
* Added tooltips to the --new-widgets title screen
* Added a place holder upload statistics button in the --new-widgets title
* Fixed bug #15716: Lobby crash when refreshing with filtered out games
* Fixed bug #15768: Avoid parts of the previous game show in the lobby
* Fixed bug #15727: Allow wml message titles to wrap
* Added the total number of villages to the status table lists
* Added a new attack dialog, available for testing with --new-widgets
* Patch #1645: Fixed a bug sending keyboard events to deactivated controls
* Deprecated the resize flag for gui2 image, use the resize_mode instead
* Patch #1639: Added handlers for keyboard (arrow keys) to move gui2 sliders
* Added new experimental list box implementation, available for testing
* Damage in sidebar now also take account of ToD and leadership
* More info in the weapon tooltip (damage bonus calculation and swarm effect)
* Terrain defense tooltip show terrain's info and defense calculation
* Level tooltip shows next advancements
* Each trait and special attack has its own tooltip
* Most sidebar tooltips have now a category indication
* Tooltips of ellipsed text are grouped in the last visible item's tooltip
* Increase a little tooltip's opacity
* Render grid above foreground terrain
* Clicking on some elements of sidebar now open the related help page
* Display weapon stats in recruit/recall dialog the same way as in sidebar
* Accuracy/parry have its own line and tooltip in sidebar.
* Add first, last, play and back buttons to storyscreens
* Remember recall list sorting order (FR #16149)
* accelerated movment speed to 200ms per hex
* --logdomains accepts a filter argument and uses multiline output
* New mouseover image instead of simply highlighting the hex
* Tab completion for :commands and units search function
* Fixed #15781: On maps with statues player can pick statues team
* Fixed move+attack not interrupted when ambushed at destination
* Stop disabling mouse during attack+move
* Added the whiteboard planning system (GSoC project), see release notes for details.
* Allowed viewing terrain defense for the selected unit outside of your turn.
* WML Engine:
* Added wml action tag: [modify_unit]
* Added wml action tag: [move_unit]
* Deprecated [set_variable]'s random key, use rand instead
* Renamed [unit][status] healable to unhealable so it can default to 'no'
* Added 'side X turn refresh' and 'side X turn Y refresh' events
* Add ~DARKEN() counterpart to ~BRIGHTEN()
* Implement min_value for [illuminates]
* Added lua functions wesnoth.get_side_count() and wesnoth.is_enemy(a,b)
* Add 'recall_cost' key for [side], to override [game_config]'s default
* Add [replace_schedule] tag, which replaces the time of day schedule
* Trying to include a missing macro/file is now a fatal error
* Added #ifhave/#ifnhave for testing existence of files and directories
* Added [volume] tag, which allows game volume to be changed during scenarios
* Prototype support for [set_global_variable]
* Prototype support for [get_global_variable]
* Prototype support for [clear_global_variable]
* Added scroll_to_leader attribute to side tag.
Default value is 'yes' (bug #15921)
* Draw the map border over _off^_usr tiles too.
* Add 'immutable' key to [label], defaulting to true (feature #16078)
* Added search_recall_list key to [have_unit] tag
* Added [move_units_fake] tag
* Added reveal_map key to [endlevel] tag
* Rename all "colour" keys to "color" (in [side] and [label]), same for
* Allow a [case] value to take comma-separated values
* Move fog/shroud image definition into game_config.cfg
* Add new game_config keys "hex_brightening", "hex_semi_brightening",
"mouseover_image" and "selected_image" to tune mouse interface
* Fixed bug #16219: Handled ToD areas in a LIFO way, so that it is possible
to override them without first removing them
* [effect] violate_maximum= (for use when increasing HP) takes a real boolean
value now instead of taking any non-empty value as "true".
* Allow checking out terrain defense for units when it's not your turn.
* New image path function: dst~BLIT(src[, x, y]) blitting src image on dst
image at coordinates (x,y)
* Fix bugs in 'illuminates' when using non-standard values. Now max and
min_value only clamps the effect of the illuminates bonus, but ToD and
terrain effect can pass them.
* Added [gold_carryover] tag to the [objectives] tag.
* Added [note] tag to the [objectives] tag.
* Added caption= and show_turn_counter= keys to the [objective] tag.
* New WML macros: ON_DIFFICULTY (a macro that makes using different values
based on difficulty simpler), ON_SIGHTING (a substitute for sighted events)
* Removed WML macros: NEUTRAL_SIDE
* Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* Added a network library for asynchronous server & client applications (ANA)
* Rewrote the network module using this (ANA) library
* Added help entry when new unit is created directly in the recall list
* Defaulted log level to warning again
* better fix for bug 14765 now that string freeze is off
* Fixed picking the proper locale, the problem only occurred on some
* Added a way to compile wesnoth on windows by using CMake + MSVC9.
* Added the possibility to specify absolute paths for "--config-dir"
* Added more command line arguments for starting a campaign + scenario
* Added command line "--preprocess" to preprocess a specified file/folder and
output the result
* Added command line "--preprocess-input-macros" to specify extra input macros
* Added command line "--preprocess-output-macros" to output the preprocessed
macros to a file
* Added command line "--data-dir" to explicitly override the data directory
* Fixed the ping timeout not waiting for the default ping interval when
ping timeout is not set to 0
* Fixed a bug in scoring of AI recall list. Patch by billynux.
* Strip whitespace characters from .ign patterns (bug #15902)
* Fixed wesnoth_addon_manager's support for .ign files (bug #15846)
* Never allow uploading *.pbl files (case-insensitive) to the add-ons
server from the regular game client.
* When warning the player about installing add-ons with missing dependencies,
make 'OK' and 'Cancel' work as expected (bug #15960)
* Fixed tab completion not working in the new lobby (bug #14730)
* Fixed compilation for g++ 4.5
* Cleaned up the gui2 code at various places
* Don't crash if a [story] [part] [if] misses [then] or [else] (bug #16028)
* Fix a crash on OS X caused by passing invalid utf8 to pango (bug #16020)
* Hidden weapons (attack_weight = 0) no longer skew the best weapon selection
* Prevent dereferencing freed memory when reporting malformed maps, i.e. when
using an invalid terrain type
* Fixed attack predictions for combats with a unit leveling up thanks to a kill
* Fix rare layer's order bug about unit drawn above big south-west unit
* Improvements to make Wesnoth compile better with g++-4.5 in C++-0x mode
* Added ":undiscover" to clear all your discovered units from help
* Added ":turn" to change the current turn/time of day in debug mode
* Added ":turn_limit" to change the turn limit for a scenario in debug mode
* Fix a crash when a sighted event killed a unit just before a fight
* Fixed bug #16171: Disable commands during [animate_unit]
* Fixed bug #16235: Avoided displaying an empty menu and therefore choosing
a random weapon, when there is none
* Fixed bug #16243: Added detection for server replays, as they are missing
the core [lua] tags
* Fixed bug #16261: Added test for invalidated death due to positive hp
after the 'die' event
* Fixed bugs when a waypoint is unreachable
* Fixed attacker still getting resting bonus after attack using movement_used=0
* Fixed [store_time_of_day] for earlier turn
* Fixed _off^_usr not using the tile_image of theme.
* Patch #1727: Fixed revision.hpp generation with cmake 1.8(.2)
* Added debug command ":foreground" to better visualize foreground terrains
* Added debug command ":layers" displaying various layer info from the hex under
the mouse.
* Reducing cache loading for title screen, --test, --editor and --load
* Removed Lua dependency, the source is now in the source tree
* Introduced a new allignement called "Liminal". Those units fight best during the twilight times of day.
* Fixed #16343: wmllint wants to add translation markers to the empty string in description=
* Reduce individual memory cost of each terrain image
Version 1.8.0:
* AI:
* Fixed bug #14247: Make formula AI behave correctly if the side has only 1
potential recruit.
* Added support for candidate actions written in lua.
* Campaigns:
* Descent into Darkness:
* Added new Giant Rat base frame and animations.
* Legend of Wesmere:
* Fixed bug #15631: Scenario 3: arrival of Kalenz failed
* Fixed bug #15679: Scenario 17: leader of side 2 is missing
* Fixed bug #15680: Scenario 18: wrong recruitment options
* Under the Burning Suns:
* Scenario 2: speed up AI turn.
* Graphics:
* Added new Cave Spider and Cuttle Fish graphics
* Language and i18n:
* Added new translations: Serbian Ijekavian, Serbian Ijekavian Latin
* Updated translations: Czech, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese,
Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Slovak
* Multiplayer:
* Updated maps: Cynsaun Battlefield
* Music and sound effects:
* Fixed bug #15668: The lobby will play a random music playlist, configured
by [lobby_music], instead of looping the main menu song
* Fixed bug #15669: The titlescreen will play a random music playlist,
configured by [titlescreen_music], instead of looping the main menu song
First song played will still always be the main_menu theme.
* User interface:
* Worked around bug #15561: Resizing the lobby made the items in the game
listbox too small
* Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* Added the first draft of the gui2 design documentation
* Defaulted log level to error again
* Fixed bug #13882: Map which is invalid aborts map selection
* Fixed bug #14114: Checksum operations fail against certain scenario events
* Fixed bug #15545: Recall list gone after loading savegame created in
linger mode
* Fixed bug #15598: Can't move units after reloading game
* Fixed bug #15601: Replay crashes when replay log messages are enabled
* Fixed bug #15656: OOS errors in LoW from differing starting gold
* Fixed a segfault due to missing seed-attribute of an attack in a replay
* Fixed a graphics bug with the Spearman's attack anim noted by zookeeper
* Worked around bug #13333: Limit the maximum length of the mp command
dialog as workaround for bug (This workaround is only implemented for
Windows and Mac)
* Worked around a rare assertion failure when resizing the lobby
Version 1.7.15-1.8rc1:
* AI:
* Set RCA AI to be the default AI for single-player campaigns.
* Fix bug #15390: add a try_delete action to modify_ai which has
'delete if exists, don't complain if not exists' semantics
* Fix bug #15013: make AI gotos persist between turns when set by
WML, make the AI don't use gotos for normal moves.
* Engine:
* Fix bug #15542: if game encounters a base_unit that refers to a
unit that the game cannot find, throw exception instead of
failing assertion.
* Add a list of team units and a dedicated unit mode to gamestate
inspector (launched by :inspect command and [inspect] tag).
* Language and i18n:
* Updated translations: Chinese (Traditional), Czech, German, Hungarian,
Japanese, Serbian
* Multiplayer:
* Fix bug #15541: fix OOS on [unit] tag generating different
traits because of usage of local RNG instead of MP RNG.
* Fix bug #15560 for Dark Forecast: fix OOS in Dark Forecast caused by
unit advancement not properly synced across the network.
* Music and sound effects:
* Added new music track, "Weight of Revenge" by Doug Kaufman
* User interface:
* Improved resizing of a window when the contents don't fit, fixes the
window scrollbars in the MP lobby
* Fixed redraw invalidation issues in the MP lobby
Version 1.7.14-1.8beta7:
* AI:
* Allow to write AI components in LUA
* Implemented FR #15465: 'protect' goal was split into protect_location,
protect_unit, protect_my_unit [goal] tags. protect_my_unit can be used
as a direct replacement for protect_leader.
* Graphics:
* Fixed bug 15344: missing ice to nothing transition
* Fixed weird side effect of long first frame in standing anims
* Fix bug 15366 : overlay terrains badly interacting with submerge and height
* Fix bug 15544 : bad transitions between roads and deserts with overlay
* Language and i18n:
* Updated translations: Catalan, Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Estonian,
Finnish, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Polish, Serbian
* Multiplayer
* Make allow_changes attribute truly work
* Fixed players getting different side colours across scenarios of mp
* Fixed bug 14754: Host can start game before the client has selected a
leader (Debian bug #555964)
* Fix bug #15380 (cl in multiplayer local game doesn't work)
* Fix bug #15382 (Player doesn't get transported to the next scenario)
* Fix bug #15383 (Multiplayer Campaigns can't be loaded from savegame)
* Fix bug #15391 (Warnings in multiplayer games)
* Fix bug #15398 (Multiplayer Campaign aborted after endlevel)
* Fix bug #15399 (Leaders of the ai sides in LoW multiplayer scenario2 are
* Allow a 1-sides game to be started (Debian bug #568029)
* Fixed A New Land not working when there are empty sides
* User interface:
* Rewrote the sizing code of the tree view widget
* Don't show turn dialog once the level has ended
* Fix the empty games in the MP lobby game list
* Fix redraw glitches of the scrollbars when resizing a widget
* Fix a crash when using the scrollwheel (bug #15156)
* Fix an issue where the lobby chat log didn't resize properly
* Fix the translation of certain lobby strings
* Enable the scrollwheel for the tree view
* Enable the scrollwheel for the scroll label
* Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* Fix bug #15429 (Units created by WML can only get the Neutral alignment);
this also affected MP leaders
* Fix UB when closing a window, caused by the children of the window
accessing the destroyed window members
Version 1.7.13-1.8beta6:
* AI:
* Port [protect_leader], [protect_unit], [protect_location] to new-style ai
config, which is a goal with name=protect, which accepts a SLF [criteria].
* Changed names of AI log domains, to have a more uniform naming style.
Most names became shorter.
* Campaigns:
* Fixed a bug in several scenarios causing some enemy units to disappear when
loading a save
* Engine:
* Fix bug #15146: made kill event with animate="yes" recheck the presence of
unit before animating, fixing the assertion failure (in case the unit is
removed by other wml events like last breath)
* All unit-related images are team colored, this includes missiles and haloes
* Graphics:
* Add and wire two new Drake attack icons.
* Language and i18n:
* Updated translations: Czech, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian,
Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Serbian
* The manual now does support translations of alternative texts for images
(bug #14874)
* Multiplayer
* An early test version of the multiplayer port of "Legend of Wesmere"
is available when starting wesnoth with the commandline argument "--debug"
* User interface:
* Add a new tree view widget
* Use tree view widget as test in campaign dialog (needs --new-widgets)
* Use tree view widget in the lobby
* Miscellaneous and bugfixes:
* Fixed serveral issues found by cppcheck
Version 1.7.12-1.8beta5:
* AI
* Fixed unit_at formula ai function to return null on null input
* Campaigns:
* Fixed a bug in several scenarios causing some enemy units to disappear when
loading a save
* Language and i18n:
* Updated translations: Czech, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian,
Latin, Russian, Shavian, Slovak, Spanish
* Multiplayer:
* Non-human null controllers are no longer set to ai
* Don't allow a 0-sides game to be started (Debian bug #563310)
* Music and sound effects:
* New version of sad.ogg (Sad music) by Tyler Johnson
* User interface:
* Switched back to the tiled background for gui2
* Improved to looks in tiny-gui
* Add a new transient error message
* Convert several old style message dialog to the new style
* Allow listboxes to add rows at every place instead of at the end only
* Improved the speed of the new lobby
* WML Engine:
* Removed bogus merging of the old unit type's movetype when advancing
(fixes bug #15055)
* [unit] upkeep now accepts the 'free' value as a synonym for 'loyal'
It was widely used this way and worked because its integer value is 0
* Miscellaneous and bugfixes:
* Fix errors in tutorial when the player unexpectedly kills certain enemy
units in scenario 2 (bug #15037)
* Fix orcs being able to play their turn twice in tutorial scenario 2
(bug #14926)
* Fix missing dialog in tutorial scenario 1 (patch #1399)
* Fix scrolling during animation (bug 13106)
* Fix drakes tipping their wings in the water when flying
* Fix some assertion failures when showing/hiding listbox items
* Fixed serveral issues found by cppcheck
* Fixed drawing glitches with tiled gui2 windows in the lobby
* Fix some doxygen warnings
* wesnoth-optipng can now process selected files given on command line
* Allow listboxes to better request the update of their contents
Version 1.7.11-1.8beta4:
* Language and i18n:
* Updated translations: Chinese (Simplified), Estonian, French, Latvian,
Lithuanian, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish
* Manual: updated CSS style to cover Docbook markup for GUI elements
* User interface:
* Add a new repeating button widget
* Scrollbar buttons now keep scrolling when kept pressed down
* Optimized the speed of the --new-widgets game load dialog
* Waypoints of multi-turns moves are now saved between reload
* WML Engine:
* Rework of semantics of [unit] tags. Added 'placement' attribute.
Fix bugs #14373, #14444, #14451 and other 'duplicated unit' issues in LoW
* Miscellaneous and bugfixes:
* Scrollbar containers now use the button super class
* Allow a gui2 timer delete itself in its callback
* Fix various bugs when a unit has more MP than its maximum
* Fix not redrawing a grid when set to hidden
* Add helper functions to show/hide rows in a listbox
Version 1.7.10-1.8beta3:
* Campaigns:
* Under the Burning Suns:
* Fix locations of some items in "In the domain of the dwarves"
(bug #14925)
* Graphics:
* Added attack icon for Drake Ram attack, and for UtBS's Giant Ant.
* Language and i18n:
* Updated translations: French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian,
Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Serbian, Slovak
* User interface:
* Don't reserve space for scrollbars in message dialogs
* Ctrl-f for fullscreen works again in the MP lobby (bug #14759)
* Resizing the MP lobby no longer crashes randomly
* WML Engine:
* Fix bug #14859: [time_area] created by event are not saved
* Allow modifications to change unit ellipse
* Miscellaneous and bugfixes:
* Add a minimap cache for gui2
* Add a new super class for the button
* Added a new gui2 timer engine
* Add hotkey support for gui2
* Change Drake Flare and Flameheart weapon names to match new weapons
* Converted the hover tooltips to use the new timer engine
* Fix bug #14865: move+attack into hex with ambusher causes crash
* Fix the addon upload script to include the translate flag (patch #1387)
* Fix the gui2 unit tests
* MP lobby refresh to the new timer engine
* Optimize AI recruitement and movement phases
* Reduced header dependencies
* Remove spurious hover error messages
* Shorter "Initializing Display" phase when staying in same campaign/MP
Version 1.7.9-beta2:
* AI:
* new [limit] subtag of [value] of ai_default::recruitment implementation of
recruitment aspect - allow easy limiting of number of concurrent recruits
of specific type in the field
* new rate_action formula_ai function which returns a rating of
attack analysis.
* values of most ai aspects are now readable from formula ai (aggression,
avoid, attacks, attack_depth, caution, grouping, leader_aggression,
leader_value, number_of_possible_recruits_to_force_recruit, passive_leader,
passive_leader_shares_keep, recruitment_ignore_bad_movement,
recruitment_ignore_bad_combat, recruitment_pattern,
scout_village_targeting, support_villages, village_value,
* Fixed Bug #14768: made AI observe changes in allowed recruits, preventing
situations where AI does not recruit because it thinks that it can not do
* Campaigns:
* Northern Rebirth:
* Fixed a few graphic bugs with map items
* The Rise of Wesnoth:
* Removed the undead trait from several custom bat units
* Graphics:
* New animations for the Chocobone.
* Change which Orc Grunt portrait appears is the default.
* New portrait for Orc Warrior
* New portrait for Hamel (tHoT)
* Language and i18n:
* Updated translations: Czech, French, German, Italian, Latin, Lithuanian,
Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Serbian, Slovak.
* Multiplayer:
* Updated maps: Caves of the Basilisk, Hornshark Island, Howling Ghost
Badlands, Sablestone Delta
* Music and sound effects:
* Updated music tracks: Legends of the North, Breaking the Chains
* User interface:
* Show selected item after a listbox resize (bug #13995)
* Increasing the size of the MP lobby works properly (bug #14759)
* Fix waypoints ignored for multi-turns moves
* Toggle waypoint now works for each one, not just the last.
* Reclick on the selected unit now clear all waypoints
* Logo coordinates on the title screen now relative to center of the logo.
* WML Engine:
* Added [open_help], fixes Bug #11061 (forgot to commit that one long time
* Miscellaneous and bugfixes:
* Optimize "Initializing teams" loading phase
* Undraw floating labels when a gui2 dialog closes (bug #14816)
Version 1.7.8-beta1:
* Campaigns:
* Under the Burning Suns:
* Do not allow player units to get pass the Dwarf Ghost
without completing the side quest in Tunnels of the Trolls
(bug #14379)
* Fixed a few visual glitches in some scenarios
* Graphics:
* New base frames for Drake Flare, Flameheart
* New portraits for Grand Knight (alt), Lancer, Orc Grunt (two alts)
* Language and i18n:
* Updated translations: Czech, Dutch, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Italian,
Latin, Lithuanian, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian
* User interface:
* Instead of "crashing" upon invalid markup try to show the raw text
* Found a better fix for truncating the campaign description (bug #14328)
* Fix storyscreen buttons occasionally disappearing (bug #13779)
* Fix not being able to cancel the different version message (bug #14438)
* Fix not being able to close corrupted file dialog (bug #13764, #14058)
* Improve display order of unit healing (patch #1343)
* Fix the new-widgets addon list dialog
* Add fallback scrollbars if a window doesn't fit (bug #13180)
* Switch to the new MP lobby
* Fix a NULL pointer deferring in the hover code
* Protect against widgets being smaller as expected causing images with
negative sizes (bug #14525)
* WML engine:
* Added two array element lookup macros, LOOKUP_INDEX and LOOKUP_VALUE
* Event "turn refresh" is now fired at turn 1 too
* Miscellaneous and bugfixes:
* Using a hotkey to reload during an attack no longer disables the mouse
* Removed some unused Drake macros from animation_utils
* Add recruitment anims for the Sky and Hurricane Drakes
* Removed the old stats code (Debian bug #555276, CVE-2007-2383,
* undo+redo a multi-turn move now restores the assigned destination
Version 1.7.7:
* AI:
* Filtering of allowed attackers/defenders in 'attacks' aspect.
* Fix a serious enough bug in default ai targeting. The bug caused the AI,
in certain situations, to make weird shuffle-doing-nothing moves and not
seek enemies or their villages
* Optimize AI targeting phase.
* Language and i18n:
* New translations: Shavian
* Updated translations: Czech, Dutch, Finnish, Estonian, German, Hungarian,
Italian, Lithuanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish.
* Fix a broken markup in the Italian translation (bug #14506)
* Multiplayer:
* Updated map: The Manzivan Traps
* Units:
* Removed Elder Wose and Shock Trooper from random_leader of the default era.
* Removed Ancient Wose and Iron Mauler from random_leader of the AoH era.
* New animation WML and macros for the Drakes
* Increased the XP required to advance for the Orcish Assassin from 30 to 34.
* Changed the cold resistance of the naga line from -20% to 0%.
* User interface:
* Enabled the new event handler by default now
* Allow markup in a campaign description (bug #14435)
* Escape no longer closes the new title screen
* In recall dialog, use different color and brightness for XP and level
* In unit list, display invisibility status and change order of columns
* Update the mouse position after closing a dialog, so the dialog below
'knows' the proper mouse location
* Fix double click events to be send to the wrong window
* Fix scrollbars to show up when not needed (bug #13996)
* Avoid truncating the last line in campaign description (bug #14328)
* WML engine:
* Added 'side Y turn' and 'side Y turn X' events
* Make status "hidden=yes" default, no need to do it manually in WML anymore
* Miscellaneous and bugfixes:
* Add-ons download list now takes filtering into account for
displaying descriptions
* Various code cleanups
* Fixed a lot of issues found by cppcheck.
* Fixed "Revert all changes" feature in the map editor (bug #14266)
* Fixed broken illumination overlay in ToD sidebar image
* gui2 dialogs are now shown in an exception safe way
* Improve cmake po-update so it doesn't add too many dummy updates
* po-update2-xx now properly updates all domains
* Fixed sometimes incorrect update of unit/savegame view when using filter
* Debug-created units now also have traits and name
* Fixed broken ambush/invisibility at first turn or at unit creation
* Fixed ambushing unit not directly visible when discovered
* Fixed time tooltips (bug #13886)
* Fixed halo render glitches (bug #14405)
* Renamed the cmake foo2 targets to foo
Version 1.7.6:
* AI:
* Stabilized syntax of [modify_ai] tag
* Reorganized AI macro library
* Added 'move leader to target' candidate action
* Added recall capabilities to default ai.
* Added recall formula ai function and ai.recall_list formula ai attribute.
* Modified default ai recruitment to recall good units from recall list.
* Modified default ai recruitment to consider enemy potential recruits
during recruitment.
* Added the capability to control leader goal of allied leaders.
Enabled this for certain LoW scenarios.
* Animations
* new animations to help drakes to take off and land : pre-movement,
post-movement, draw_weapon, sheath_weapon
* Formula AI:
* New 'reduce()' formula function
* Graphics:
* New portraits for Merman Spearman, Bat, Merman Netcaster, Nightgaunt,
Spectre, Shadow
* Added a couple of missing frames for the Inferno Drake
* Show HP/XP bars during leveling animation.
* When a unit reach a new level, a floating label indicates it.
* Language and i18n:
* Updated translations: Czech, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German,
Italian, Lithuanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish.
* New translations: Vietnamese
* Multiplayer:
* New map: 4p Ruins of Terra-Dwelve
* Music and sound effects:
* Added new music track, "Into the Shadows" by Tyler Johnson
* Fixed bug #14239 (check_fogged ignored by sound sources)
* Implemented FR #14246 (check_shrouded= for sound sources)
* Units:
* Made units with the 'healthy' trait always rest heal but take normal
damage from poison.
* Changed the Drake Glider movetype to give 40% defense almost everywhere.
* Gave the Fire Dragon 100% fire resistance.
* Updated the descriptions for the Drake Fighter, Glider and Burner lines.
* User interface:
* new gamestate inspector debug dialog (via 'inspect' command
and '[inspect]' tag)
* Rename easy_close to click_dismiss
* Automatically try to resolve blocked multi-turn moves
* Better visually differentiate name, type and race in sidebar
* Add colorized terrain defense info in sidebar
* In attack dialog, split damages and chance to hit and color the later.
* The Remove and Update add-ons options are disabled when there are no
add-ons installed
* Add a Description button to the add-ons downloader
* For move+attack mouse click, now show the attack dialog before the move.
* In sidebar, add current bonus/malus info from alignement.
* New option to enable/disable move interruption when an ally is sighted
* WML engine:
* Fix silent=yes for objectives
* Allow [story] [part] blocks to specify the title box alignment
with title_alignment=
* Implemented FR #14246 (visible_in_shroud= for [label])
* Modified Lua handling of action handlers and WML objects.
* Added a lua_function= attribute to standard unit filters.
* Miscellaneous and bugfixes:
* Fix broken "Skip Ai moves" option.
* Changed upload log format and defaulted the new uploader.
* Fix bug #13268 (corrupted replays due to undo of recall/dismiss)
* Weapon name change for Drake Enforcer.
* Fixed the unit tests from 'hanging'
* Fix bug #14160 (carryover percentage in [endlevel] ignored
when victory_when_enemies_defeated="yes")
* Various cleanups to the gui2 code
* Remove position info from unit list
* Avoid an assertion failure if haloes are disabled (bug #14297)
* Fixed linked widgets not getting deregistered upon destruction
* Fix huge fonts on storyscreens with tiny GUI
* Fix cmake po-update not doing line wrapping properly
* Fix bug #14241 (mp campaign timer settings not carried over to
next scenario)
* Started with the a new event handler for gui2
* Fix unit facings after moving (bug #14336)
* Fix unit facings after undo/redo
* Improved the teamcoloring script for images.
Version 1.7.5:
* Campaigns:
* Legend of Wesmere
* Scenario 21 redesigned
* Graphics:
* New base frame and animations for the Drake Blademaster.
* Language and i18n:
* Setup for tracking localized images.
* Updated translations: Chinese (Traditional), Lithuanian, Serbian.
* Units:
* Fixed problems with the Drakes introduced in 1.7.4 (wrong resistances and
a possible crash when advancing to the Inferno Drake)
* Miscellaneous and bugfixes:
* Optimized the cmake building if both game and tests are enabled
* Switched to new stats upload mechanism so that should
soon provide usefull data
* Optimize pathfinding on 1MP terrains.
Version 1.7.4:
* AI:
* Formula AI debugger (uses -new-widgets)
* New 'debug()' formula function
* Fixed crashes and infinite loops on AI turn
* Animations
* Movement have the number of steps done in value and the number of step left
in value_second, this allows take-off and landing animations
* Campaigns
* Legend of Wesmere
* Scenario 3 redesigned
* Fixed wrong or unclear scenario objectives
* Scenario 16: Reduced the number of wolf riders
* Editor
* Better support for conflicting terrain letters across add-ons, now
in the event of a conflict the terrain will appear in all terrain
groups as opposed to appearing in one of them multiple times.
* Added remembering of the show terrain codes and coordinates options
* Graphics:
* New portraits for Ancient Wose, Ruffian, Master-at-arms, Naga
Warrior/Myrmidon, Grand Knight, Merman Hunter.
* Updates to Peasant, Spearman and Swordsman portraits.
* New melee animation for Thunderguard, Dragonguard.
* New base frame and animations for Inferno Drake, Fire Drake.
* Language and i18n:
* Updated translations: Chinese (Traditional), German, Lithuanian, Russian,
* Music and sound
* "Journey's End" from Mattias Westlund
* "Over the Northern Mountains" from Mattias Westlund
* Added horn signal sound effects
* Units
* New weapon names for a number of drake attacks to account for changes to
the sprites.
* User interface:
* Removed the hotkey to enable/disable mouse scrolling
* Added a horizontal listbox
* New basic support for specifying waypoints (via a new hotkey 'w')
* WML Engine:
* Support for [show_if] inside [message]
* Added ability to change the share_maps team attribute using [modify_side]
tag. Be sure to use shroud=yes for that side
* [side] team_name is now a comma-separated list of teams the side is on
* [modify_side] user_team_name no longer requires that team_name also be
* Miscellaneous and bugfixes:
* Removed obsolete code for implicit linked widgets for the listbox
* [part] caption= is no longer supported; prepend the CAPTION macro
to story text instead
* Fixed 100% CPU usage on storyscreens with no text (e.g. map screens)
* Fix ODR issues in gui2
* Remove the boost 1.33 code in the unit tests
* Fix regression about broken undo after a multi-turn ("goto") move
* Fix regression about pathfinding poorly using the teleport ability
* Added extra wiki comment and updated the extractor
* Animations
* Movement have the number of steps done in value and the number of step left in value_second.
* new animations pre_movement_anim and post_movement_anim to allow take-off and landing animation
Version 1.7.3:
* AI:
* New AI configuration syntax
* Campaigns:
* Two Brothers
* Replaced campaign specific portraits with mainline portraits
* Under the Burning Suns
* Fixed bug #13978: UtBS: "stun" ability doesn't modify enemy ZoC
* Legend of Wesmere
* Story only scenarios now display the speaker's name in the title.
* Ambient sound effects.
* Redone the campaign's objectives.
* Added the "Dwarfish Scout" to the player's recruit list.
* Scenario 19 now requires the player to destroy Saurgrath.
* Scenario 14 redesigned.
* Scenario 23 implemented Santi's plan to let half the army defect.
* Map updates (mostly new alias terrains added).
* Replaced the campaign image with a transparent one (Thanks to Kitty).
* Editor:
* Renamed editor2 to editor pretty much everywhere
* Graphics:
* New portrait for the Duelist, Mermaid Enchantress/Siren,
Priestess/Diviner, Merman Fighter/Warrior, Fencer, Drake
Glider, Merman Hoplite, Goblin Impaler, Rouser, Merman Triton,
Cavalier, Direwolf Rider, Paladin, Deathblade, Thug, Bandit,
alternate Goblin Rouser, Revenant, Naga Fighter, Troll.
* New unit graphics and animations for the Troll Hero, Drake Glider, Sky
Drake, Hurricane Drake, Drake Burner, Drake Fighter, Drake Warrior.
* Language and i18n:
* Updated translations: Czech, Dutch, Estonian, French, German, Hungarian,
Lithuanian, Polish, Slovak
* Updated Drake Clasher, Arbiter and Slasher descriptions.
* Multiplayer:
* Added a /q alias for /query
* New lobby interface in gui2, testable work in progress available with
--new-widgets. There are known issues with window resizing and low
resolution support.
* Server-side generation of random numbers for MP (combats)
* No MP compatibility with earlier clients and wesnothd
* --no-srng command line switch is available to turn off server RNG
support (and rquirement) in a client. Only games played with clients
pre-srng or with srng disabled as well can work without OOS. This is a
testing feature that will likely be removed prior to 1.8.
* Room support via /join and /room commands, better support in the
experimental new lobby. See
for details.
* Multiplayer server:
* Added server-side RNG support. Old clients can still play as normal.
* Added room support to the server.
* Unit balancing:
* Added Dwarvish Stalwart, Elder Wose, Shock Trooper and White Mage to
random_leader of the default era.
* Added Ancient Wose, Dwarvish Sentinel, Iron Mauler and Mage of Light to
random_leader of the AoH era.
* Unit renames:
* Drake Gladiator -> Drake Thrasher
* Drake Slasher -> Drake Arbiter
* WML Engine:
* return 0 for length of arrays inside nonexistent containers (bug #13734)
* [end_turn] now waits for the event to finish before ending the turn
* it is now possible to use Pango markup in storyscreen text
* it is now possible to specify a custom title= in [story] [part]s
* [story] [part]s' text placement may be changed with text_layout=; it
currently supports "top", "middle" and "bottom" (default)
* [story] [part]s accept the sound= attribute for a list of sound files
from which a single one is chosen and played once
* [story] [part]s accept a caption= attribute as a text header
* new tags [store_unit_type] and [store_unit_type_ids] were added
* allow direct WML unit modification of "halo" attribute
* Miscellaneous and bugfixes:
* [music], [sound], [sound_source] and [label] should work again on
WML prestart events; this means most music playlists should work again
(bug #14039)
* 'Recruit' and 'recall' don't appear in context menus unless the
leader is on a keep. (bug #13856 and #13855)
* No longer "crash" upon invalid pango markup
* It's now possible to display the area a widget uses, for debug purposes
* The widget in a stacked widget now grows properly
* Merged code for FDO and KDE desktop notification; only dbus is needed
* Added --screenshot parameter to take map screenshots without
initializing a GUI.
* Added --new-uploader parameter for testing the new experimental log
* Fix gcc 4.4 compilation errors (Debian bug #539546)
* Added a work-around a listbox assertion failure in the new MP lobby
Version 1.7.2:
* Campaigns:
* Son of the Black Eye
* changed Orcish Shaman movetype from smallfoot to orcishfoot
* Graphics:
* New portrait for male and female Footpad, male and female Outlaw,
Horseman, Drake Clasher, Goblin Wolf Rider, Goblin Pillager, Dwarf
Explorer, Dwarf Scout, Cavalryman, Skeleton.
* New unit graphics and animations for the Dwarvish Scout, Pathfinder,
and Explorer; Drake Clasher, Slasher, Warden, Gladiator, Enforcer.
* Language and i18n:
* Updated translations: Czech, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German,
Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Slovak
* Terrains:
* New terrain: drake village
* User interface:
* Add an icon to show whether or not the user finished a campaign
* Fixed bug #13831: Bug with team labels
* Added a new experimental stacked widget widget
* Added support for Growl notifications
* Added support for desktop notifications using KDE's
org.kde.VisualNotifications DBus service
* Changed "Toggle Full Screen" button to say "Full Screen" (bug #13909)
* Added cost of units recruited, recalled, killed, and lost, to the
statistics window (patch #1190)
* Fixed bug #13626: Bug about no option to turn on/off save delete
confimation. (patch #1192)
* Allow [advanced_preference]s to be of the 'int' type, appearing as a
* Add better configurable linked widgets in the new gui
* Allow to make items in a listbox invisible (needed for filtering)
* Initial new loby user interface, available for testing with --new-widgets
* Miscellaneous and bugfixes:
* Fixed language switch not affecting unit descriptions (bug #13827)
* Fixed teleporting to impassable terrain (bug #13795)
* Fixed an issue where teleporting could leave a unit halo
* Fixed [set_variable]'s rand and random when operating on 0..0 (return 0)
* Allow items to be removed from a listbox
* Fixed objective dialog not recognizing markup (bug #13888)
* Fix minimap no clipping in the new wiggets
* Added preprocessor macros to the wiki grabber tool
Version 1.7.1:
* AI:
* Reworked AI code to allow easier creation of AI components.
* New AI: Composite AI
* (Optional) new AI configuration syntax.
* Basic reimplementation of an old C++ AI as a 'candidate action'-based composite AI
* Autodiscovery of available AI configurations from data/ai/ais.
* (In debug mode) Autodiscovery of available AI configurations from data/ai/dev
* Campaigns
* Delfador's Memoirs: new portrait for Lionel.
* The Hammer of Thursagan: new portraits for Angarthing, Ratheln.
* Graphics
* New portrait for Knight, Ghost.
* Language and i18n:
* Updated translations: Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Finnish, French,
German, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian,
Serbian, Turkish
* User interface:
* Removed the old obsolete layout algorithm in the new widgets
* Added unit tests for the new widgets
* Improved the layout algorithm not to show scrollbars when they make the
situation worse
* Add a new transient message dialog
* Add a new multi page widget
* Increase the lineheight in the new dialogs
* Add a blur precommit function to the canvas
* Improved the redraw algoritm and added more asserts
* Objectives now use pango markup
* Replace the campaign dialog with a new gui one (debian bug #497655)
* Removed the hidden option to disable the tips of the day
* A click on a slider now properly sets the position
* WML generated messages, labels and sounds are skiped during replay (bug #13519)
* Added support for desktop notifications (GTK/libnotify only for now, patch #1179)
* Added a hotkey to toggle team ellipses (fr #7763)
* WML Engine:
* Made new turn, turn X, side turn and turn refresh events synchronous.
(bug #10603)
* Petrified units no longer heal. (bug #13513)
* Miscellaneous and bugfixes:
* Add strict compilation to cmake
* Let cmake also use the CXXFLAGS and CFLAGS environment variables
* Fixed a segmentation fault with storyscreens using [if] (bug #35959)
* Properly translate dialog title (bug #13761)
* Fixed a problem with easy close that caused buttons to be ignored
* Properly translate unit name and mark strings translatable (bug #13751)
* Properly redraw logo on the loading screen (bug #13758)
* Set window title before setting video mode (bug #13756)
* Fixed dates in the load box being untranslated (bug #13782)
* Fixed networking code regression that could lead to "Client disconnected"
errors when creating a MP game
* Minimum version for Boost is now 1.35
Version 1.7.0:
* AI:
* Added command-line option ai_config<number>=<value>
* Fixed incorrect handling of poisoning attacks when suggesting best attack
in user interface
* Added basic history and hot-redeployment capabilities to in-game console.
* Changed AI Lifecycle handling. Console AI is now persistent between
* Added AI Arena test map to test AIs in interactive mode ( ai_arena_small )
* Changed interaction between default AI and Formula AI - made default AI
fallback to formula recruitment if "recruitment" config option is set in
AI config.
* Campaigns:
* Delfador's Memoirs:
* New campaign added to mainline from the Wesnoth-UMC-Dev repository.
(Novice level, 24 scenarios)
* Eastern Invasion:
* Fixed the liches not being revealed properly in 'Weldyn Besieged'
* Heir to the Throne:
* Made snow fall gradually every turn in 'Northern Winter'.
* Enforce a 7-hex starting castle to prevent units from appearing inside
a wall in 'The Scepter of Fire' (bug #13377).
* Made the number of enemies to defeat depend on the difficulty in
'Test of the Clan'.
* Under the Burning Suns:
* Kaleh advancement:
* Gave the Hero variation more HP.
* Reduced XP requirements for the Captain variation.
* Disabled the sword2 (and thus armor) AMLA for the Captain variation.
* Enabled the bolas AMLA for all variations.
* Added the camouflage AMLA back.
* Editor2:
* New feature: exporting of selection coordinates to system clipboard
* Made auto terrain transition mode tri-state: on (editor2's on), partial
(1.4 editor's on / editor2's off) and off (1.4's off).
* Made "wesnoth -e FILE" work like "wesnoth -e --load FILE" (load the map)
* Made "wesnoth -e --load DIR" (and consequently "wesnoth -e DIR") set
DIR as the default map directory for the current session, and start with
the map load dialog open
* Added ability to load maps referenced in scenario files
* Added ability to work with maps embedded in scenario files (saving works
in a limited scope)
* Moved the clipboard actions to a context menu available in paste mode
* Added a terrain sampler feature -- ctrl+click when in paint or fill mode
* FormulaAI:
* Fixed bug #13230: added debug_float FormulaAI function to allow debugging
via floating popups on the specified hex
* Added run_file FormulaAI function to allow running .fai scripts directly
from in-game console
* Fixed bug #13295: made enemy_units formula return only those units which
are not incapacitated (for example, it now ignores petrified units )
* Implemented FR #13348: added timeofday_modifier function to formula AI
* Added attacks_left attribute to unit callable
* New variable: my_attacks with all possible attacks
* Added a new type of candidate move : strategic
* Added suitable_keep FormulaAI function to allow easier selection of
suitable keep for leader
* Graphics:
* New type of animation : "recruiting" used by leaders when recruiting
* New portrait for Orc Grunt, Dwarf Fighter (alternative), Goblin Spearman,
Ogre/Young Ogre, Trapper, Ranger, Huntsman
* Image path functors:
* New functor, ~NOP(), which does nothing.
* The ~RC() image functor does not accept the special palette switch
~RC(palette1=palette2) syntax anymore. ~PAL(palette1>palette2) should
be used instead
* Language and i18n:
* New translations: Icelandic
* Updated translations: British English, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified),
Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Dutch, German, Finnish, French, Hebrew,
Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian,
Serbian, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish
* Updated CJK character range
* Fixed word wrapping in CJK languages (patch #1140 from sylecn)
* Remove female^ descriptions of Outlaw, Footpad, Fugitive, Dark Adept
* The term 'stoned' has been replaced with 'petrified'; also the
related verb.
* Multiplayer server:
* Implemented automatic saving of game replays.
* Implemented the adminmsg command to allow players to send messages to
currently available admins. (FR #9218)
* Fixed bug #7547: Add possibility to unban/unmute in a multiplayer game
* Savegames
* Providing a new simpler interface for dealing with savegames
* Terrains:
* New terrains: orcish fort, orcish village
* User interface:
* Fixed bug #13257: Attack dialog always uses the active name of a weapon
* Fix missing faction column when waiting that the host start the game,
plus some other unwanted changes there (bug #13243)
* Make delayed shroud updates and scenarion objectives to change and
show information for viewing team. (help in bug #13313)
* Making the game return to the add-on install dialog just before
installing one, and with its entry selected
* Implemented FR #13321: added "unit advances=N" command to debug console
to immediately level-up selected unit N times
* Improved the sorting of the XP and traits columns in the unit list dialog
(part of bug #13360)
* New console command ":discover" make the help considers that you
discovered all the units of the current campaign/era
* Debug action "Change unit side" allows to change owner of empty village
and is now renamed "Change side".
* Debug actions "Create unit" and "Change side" used on unit in a village
now causes a capture of that village.
* Rewrote the layout algoritm (still a work in progress)
* Fixed an multi-character UTF-8 handling bug in the password textbox
* Changed the tmessage dialog to be able to show four buttons and added
an extra helper function to show the dialog.
* Add a "Factions" section in help. Only show current era's informations.
* WML Engine:
* Added [show_objectives] tag and allowed [show_if] tag in [objective]
tags. (bug #13042)
* Made moveto events set $x2,$y2 to the source hex. (bug #13140)
* Story screen and parts allow using [switch], [if], [wml_message]
and [deprecated_message] consistently at [part] and [story] levels.
(feature/bugs #13170, #13290)
* Added a "preload" WML event type.
* Added ability to change the share_view team attribute using [modify_side]
tag. Be sure to use fog=yes for that side (bug #13320)
* Added support for Lua scripts in WML event actions ([lua] tag)
* [modify_side] can now change the share_view attribute
* new tag [hide_help] in [units] allows to hide units in help when you can't
change these unit types (main use: hide mainline units).
* [stone] and [unstone] have been replaced with [petrify] and [unpetrify];
the units' "stoned" status variable has been renamed to "petrified"
* Added the 'sub' key to [set_variable] to subtract from the variable.
* [era] and [multiplayer_side] now allow a 'description' key, and show it
in help pages (but currently empty)
* Filter on attacks now uses a 'damage' key, also support range like 1-9.
* Attacks with damage=0 are now correctly supported.
* Miscellaneous and bugfixes:
* Added --ignore-fatal-errors option to wmlunits
* Added --rng-seed command line option to specify a value to seed the random
number generator with
* Changes to logging:
* New logdomain : uploader to see stat-upload related actions
* The --log-domain command-line option now allows for a bit of
pattern-matching, e.g., "--log-info=ai/*"
* Fixed compilation with -D_GLIBCXX_PARALLEL
* Fixed handling of floating-point WML constants on localized Windows
(impacts "submerge" animations and AI settings)
* Fixed control transfer after player leaves MP game (bug #13238)
* Fixed a bug with auto-stored WML variables not being restored correctly
* Fixed missing unit graphics when loading a start-of-scenario savegame.
* Improved random village naming
* The add-ons directory, <preferences>/data/campaigns, has been renamed
and it is now <preferences>/data/add-ons
* Enabled hinting for texts displayed by Pango/Cairo (bug #13399)
* Enabled non-default fonts for Pango/Cairo (bug #13399)
* Made dismissing of recallable units undoable
* Sped up pathfinding (and therefore AI)
* fps info used in debug mode show info about number of redrawn hexes.
Version 1.6a:
* User interface:
* Remove a no longer valid assert (bug #13217)
* Make sure the dialog always uses the full map area width
* Multiplayer and AI:
* Fixed bug #13222: Do not use the FormulaAI by default since it could lead
to the AI doing nothing
* Fixed bug #13218: infinite loop in the AI if it persistently tries to move
unit to occupied square
* Moved FormulaAI related debug output into the info log level
Version 1.6:
* Campaigns:
* Under the Burning Suns:
* All portraits now have a transparent background (bug #13135)
* Graphics:
* New or updated unit graphics for the Mermaid Priestess and Enchantress
unit lines
* Language and i18n:
* updated translations: Finnish, French, German, Lithuanian, Polish,
Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Slovak, Spanish
* User interface:
* Grey game titles out when we're missing the era
* Fix a dialog size problem returning invalid sizes (bug #13203)
* WML Engine:
* Increase the map size limit to 1000 by 1000
* Added an 'always_display' key to [advancement] to make it possible to show
the advance dialog even with just one option.
* weapon filters now recognize the id= attribute of specials (bug #13193)
* Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* Fixed bug #13204: NR: Death event doesn't re-spawn Malifor as expected
* Fixed bug #13198: Corrupt replay in MP
* Fixed bug #13199: Map generation in mp fails when hills and size of hills
sliders are at max
* Fixed bug #13179: Unit's move have sometimes a jumpy start
* Stop resetting the alternate default zoom level after each reload
Version 1.5.14:
* Campaigns:
* Descent into Darkness:
* Increased the experience requirement for the Ancient Lich from 150 to 250
* The South Guard:
* Made Deoran not dismount in 'Into the Depths' anymore
* Under the Burning Suns:
* Simplified Kaleh's AMLAs to have consistent requirements and effects.
* Graphics:
* New portrait for the male and female Assassin, Gryphon Rider, Longbowman,
Master Bowman, Dwarf Runemaster.
* New variations of desert plants
* Language and i18n:
* updated translations: Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Dutch, Finnish,
German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Slovak
* updated DejaVuSans to 2.29
* replaced sazanami-gothic.ttf and wqy-zenhei-gb2312.ttf with wqy-zenhei.ttc
(version 0.8.38-1)
* Music and sound effects:
* Added the new music track "Siege of Laurelmor" by Doug Kaufman
* User interface:
* Fix an assertion failure when an unexpected mouse button was used
(bug #13126)
* Fixed bug #13161: Inactive weapon special name and description not used
* Fixed bug #13123: When you're downloading add-ons they do not appear in
the campaigns list until BfW is restarted
* The size of the message dialogs now really depends on the size of the map
* Started with a new layout engine for the new widgets (bug #13180)
* Fix few bugs about selecting an unit during another unit's move
* Fix a regression: again allow to use right-click to cancel drag&drop
* WML Engine:
* Increase the map size limit to 1000 by 1000
* Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* Fix another campaign replay bug (#13139)
* Fix AI bug #13165 (leader too aggressive)
* Fix WML [advancefrom] bug (#13176)
* It is now possible to create units with random genders in debug mode
* Reduce the fontconfig dependency to 2.4.1
Version 1.5.13:
* Graphics:
* New portrait for the Woodsman, Bowman, male Thief
* Language and i18n:
* updated translations: Chinese (Simplified), Czech, French, Finnish,
Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Turkish
* Multiplayer:
* The engine now send the exact path used by units, preventing visual
differences between clients.
* User interface:
* Fixed a crash when trying to use scrollbars in an invisible widget
* Fixed the setting of the ellipse_mode in ttext
* Improve the showing of ellipses in the textbox (bug #13083)
* Fix bad anti-aliasing of in-game MP chat (bug #12938)
* Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* Fix another savegame cache corruption
* Fixed bug #13099: MP lobby player list becomes inaccurate over time
* Fix bug #13118: OOS/replay bug when moving near ambushed units
* Better fog update after "slow" and "stone" attacks
* Updated Doxyfile to 1.5.6 format
* Fix regression about missing sighted event triggered by AI in replay
* Renamed some [ai] attributes to use correct English spelling.
Support for their misspelled forms will be removed in 1.7.0.
* simple_targetting -> simple_targeting
* scout_village_targetting -> scout_village_targeting
Version 1.5.12:
* Add-on server:
* Ignore case on add-on (file)names (bug #13080)
* Disallow uploading of add-ons with no title, type, author, version or
description specified and warn about invalid versions
* Graphics:
* New portrait for the female Thief
* New tiles for summer and fall deciduous and mixed forests
* Deciduous and mixed forests now used in several campaigns (not all, yet)
* New tiles for dirt
* Fixed a lot of small terrain transition glitches
* Language and i18n:
* updated translations: Chinese (Simplified), Czech, French, German, Italian,
Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Turkish
* Multiplayer:
* Updated maps: Howling Ghost Badlands, Sullas Ruins, Isar's Cross
* Music and sound effects:
* Fix a regression which caused the endlevel music to be played even when
skipping linger mode (e.g. result=continue or continue_no_save).
* Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* Removed last binaryWML references by making the save_index gzip
compressed. (We can still receive binaryWML via the network.)
* User interface:
* Listbox columns have the same width again
* Fix false "click" sometimes triggered at end of unit move (bug #12712)
* Now clear fog/shroud before an attack when doing a move+attack action
* Fix broken auto-undo when trying several move+attack with the same unit
* Changed the widgets in the in game message dialog
* The multiplayer dialog shows tooltips again
* The textbox history now uses CTRL+TAB and CTRL+SHIFT+TAB
* Properly set the cursor when opening a dialog (bug #12961)
* Fixed bug #13029: Problem with mouse-over unit identification in replays
* Added experimental campaign selection dialog (Only available when
starting with --new-widgets.)
* Properly reset the scrollbar mode when resizing (bug #13018)
* Fix unwanted double-clicks (caused by 1-pixel drag&drop)
* WML Engine:
* Fix incorrect or doubled "sighted" events when delaying shroud update
* Fix sometimes missing or doubled "select" events.
* Fixed bug #13090: Make movement_costs < 1 behave like movement_costs = 1
* Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* Align all network buffers on 4 bytes
* Partial fix for bug #13092: avoid a case of invalid iterator usage
in FormulaAI
* Fix savegame cache corruption (bug #12815/Debian bug #483782)
Version 1.5.11:
* Campaigns:
* Descent into Darkness:
* Removed the custom python AI used in 'A Haunting in Winter'
* Campaign server:
* Reject add-ons with an empty type.
* Give warning note when the add-on version is invalid.
* Editor2:
* Fixed / worked around several filebrowser issues (save/load dialogs)
(bugs #13033, #12771, #12625)
* Fixed terrain palette issue when the palette was not full (bug #13012)
* Graphics:
* New or updated unit graphics: Merman Fighter line, Merman Hunter line
* New idle animations: Heavy Infantryman
* New portrait for the Javelineer, Gryphon, Elvish Sylph.
* Moved and renamed story screen files:
* titlescreen/landscapebattlefield.jpg -> story/landscape-battlefield.jpg
* titlescreen/landscapebridge.jpg -> story/landscape-bridge.jpg
* titlescreen/landscapecastle.jpg -> story/landscape-castle.jpg
* Language and i18n:
* updated translations: Czech, French, German, Hebrew, Lithuanian, Polish,
Russian, Spanish
* Fixed a problem that could lead to wrong cache being used, leading to
some strings not being shown as translated (bug #12568)
* Multiplayer:
* server:
* Create the fifo group accessible (instead of only user accessible).
* Music and sound effects:
* Added a campfire sound file for use with [sound_source] in
* The game will no longer restart the music on a scenario change or game
load if the currently played track is on the new scenario's playlist
* User interface:
* Fixed the assertion failure which could happen when clicking on a button.
(bug #12927)
* Allow chat command quoting as '/ /command'.
* Fixed a bug which made listboxes the wrong size and caused visual
glitches. (bug #12940)
* Fixed colors in [message]. (bug #13019)
* Made the maximum used width for the message text 650 pixels.
* Added UI sounds to the new widgets. (bug #12748)
* Fixed a glitch in the text drawing after showing markedup text.
(bug #13023)
* Fixed bug #13034: "/me" messages cut of first character in multiplayer
game chat.
* Fixed a glitch where the Gryphon wing was drawn over the fog and
* When moving up or down in a listbox with a horizontal scrollbar, the
listbox no longer changes the position of the horizontal scrollbar
* Added experimental new addon download dialog (Only available when
starting with --new-widgets.)
* Fix a broken reference to the Myrmidon portrait.
* Removed team_name checks for chat display.
* WML Engine:
* Fixed bug #13024: Conditional [allow_undo] not always working right
* Map size is now hard-limited to 200 by 200
* attribute hidden in [side] allows to hide a side from status table,
it also can be changed by [modify_side] (FR #12814)
* Removed support for PythonAI to handle CVE-2009-0367
Version 1.5.10:
* Campaigns:
* The South Guard:
* Made 'Into the Depths' a bit easier
* Under the Burning Suns:
* fixed a major 1.5.7 regression with Kaleh's AMLAs, that made them
useless after advancing him to L2 (rel. bug #12911)
* fixed dehydration in scenario 2 triggering double-advancement for
dehydrated units when leveling up (rel. bug #12911)
* fixed some bad logic around the "Dust Devil dance" scene in scen.
* made all human-controlled major characters unrenamable.
* Graphics:
* New or updated unit graphics: Elvish Enchantress, Orcish Slayer,
Naga Fighter, Naga Myrmidon
* New idle animations: Dwarvish Thunderer, Naga Fighter
* New portrait for the Halberdier, dwarf Ulfserker line
* Unit HP bar decrease progressively when unit gets hit
* Rewrote the rendering engine which should fix the drawing order
* Language and i18n:
* new translations: Marathi
* updated translations: British English, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian,
Italian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish
* Multiplayer:
* Added support for observers to pause and continue the game at any time
* Fixed bug #12896: Map generator does not sync between clients when
advancing in MP campaigns
* Updated maps: Clash, Cynsaun Battlefield, Den of Onis, Silverhead Crossing,
Howling Ghost Badlands, The Wilderlands, Forest of Fear
* Removed Necrophage from the Undead Random Leader List.
* Terrains:
* Enabled mixed deciduous-pine forest terrains
* Forested hills variations now available for the deciduous forests
* New merman village terrain variations
* User interface:
* Fixed an exception when certain characters weren't escaped
* Removed the gamma correction option (code is only disabled not removed)
* Fixed the assertion failure with long options (bug #12970)
* WML Engine
* [replace_map] changes the map completely, changing the map size is
posible - off-map units go into the recall list
* Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* Fix bug #12946: [menu_item]/[command] losing function when called again
* Fix flickering of units in the second part of the tutorial (bug #12923)
* Fix high CPU usage in multiplayer lobby due to inefficient handling of
friends and ignores lists.
* AmigaOS4: Minimum stack cookie to prevent stack overflow (patch #1107)
* Additional screenmodes when SDL can't guess them (patch #1108)
* Python AI works again. (bug #12955, bug #12913)
* Fixed the :query command to work while in a multiplayer game, not only
when in chat (as /query)
* Fixed invalid memory access with AMLAs (bug #12911)
* Closing a message with escape caused the message to skip on the next
execution of that event (unless it required input)
Version 1.5.9:
* Campaigns:
* Descent into Darkness
* In 'Endless Night', the enemy's gold now increases faster
* The South Guard
* Made 'Tides of War' a bit easier
* Sceptre of Fire
* Fix the player's keep disappearing in 'Gathering Materials'
* New graphics for the Dwarvish Miner
* Under the Burning Suns:
* New base frames for the Desert Sentinel and Prowler
* Graphics:
* Removed the black background from some remaining old portraits
* New portrait for Dwarf Thunderer, Dwarf Dragonguard, Human Pikeman, Dwarf
Fighter, Dwarf Lord, Dwarf Guard, Mermaid Initiate, Dwarf Sentinel
* Image-path functions:
* All image path functions except RC() and TC() can now be stacked
correctly and the order of precedence is from left to right. This
may impact performance slightly.
* New function, SCALE(W,H): scale down an image to the specified width
(W) and height (H) for rendering. Negative or null (zero) numbers are
ignored when scaling in the respective direction
* Restructured portraits directory to be based on unit types rather than
authors, added an authors file for recording portrait credits
* Language and i18n:
* updated translations: Catalan, Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Dutch,
French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Slovak, Spanish, Valencian
* Multiplayer:
* Made "fog of war" and "random start time" default to on.
* Fixed the Default Era quick leaders not getting the -5% HP reduction
* Made leaders with 4 MP receive the quick trait also in Age of Heroes
* Terrains:
* New summer, fall and winter deciduous forest terrains
* User interface:
* Hide the "Network Player" option for Local MP Games (bug #12596)
* Portraits with an icon are TC'ed again
* All [message] based dialogs are now converted to the new dialogs
* WML Engine:
* Prevent duplicate id conflicts when cloning units with WML (bug #12894)
* [time_area], in EventWML, can now accept comma-separated lists of area ids
for removing, but not for inserting; in the latter case, only the first id
is considered to avoid stacking time_areas over a single location by
* [fire_event] children tags [primary_unit] and [secondary_unit] now
take a real Standard Unit Filter instead of a x,y coordinate pair
When a filter matching multiple units is used, only the first matching
unit will be taken for firing the event. Recall list filters and
invalid locations are silently ignored
* [set_variable] can now handle both integer and floating point values
properly. The functions round, ipart and fpart were added (bug #12546)
* Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* Fix clients not agreeing on remaining movepoints (bug #12467)
* Fix summoning of other players recruit list on turn 1 (bug #12783)
* Fix [item] overlays with visible_in_fog=yes magically becoming
visible_in_fog=no (the former default for a missing attribute) when loading
saved games - because the game was looking for a fogged= attribute
instead on loading
* Made [item] overlays always default to visible_in_fog=yes if not
* Made [label] overlays always default to visible_in_fog=yes if not
Version 1.5.8:
* Campaigns:
* An Orcish Incursion
* Converted to the new gold carryover system
* Eastern Invasion
* Fixed victory not triggering correctly in 'The Crossing'
* Fixed missing time of day schedules in several scenarios
* Fixed various problems in 'Northern Outpost'
* The Hammer of Thursagan
* Converted to the new gold carryover system.
* The Rise of Wesnoth
* Renamed "Lord Dionli" to "Lady Dionli".
* Son of the Black Eye
* Made scenarios 'Silent Forest' and 'Shan Taum the Smug' harder.
* Legend of Wesmere
* Fixed the bug with savegames in scenario 3
* Graphics:
* New portraits for Royal Guard, Heavy Infantry, Iron Mauler, Sergeant,
Lieutenant, General, Grand Marshal with 1 alternate, Saurian Augur line,
Saurian Skirmisher line, Troll Whelp, Death Knight
* Fixed drawing glitches in the listboxes
* Fixed several glitches with the new portrait dialog
* Optimized animation and invalidation of idle/standing units
* Removed the black background from most of the old portraits
* Language and i18n:
* Fixed a small bug that was causing the translations engine to look
at badly mixed up paths when trying to locate UMC translations,
rendering them unusable (bug #12872)
* Fixed translation of 'A New Land' not being shown
* updated translations: Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Danish, German,
Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish
* updated DejaVuSans to 2.28
* Multiplayer ui:
* Added a gui front-end to various commands, brought up by double clicking
a player name, replacing the old whisper dialog
* Automatically select the game the selected player is in
* Try to preserve the selected player when the player list is updated
* Added an option to avoid auto-scroll to enemy units during opponent's
* Cleared the login dialog mess: Now there is a single dialog to display
error messages from the server and to choose a different username and/or
* Added the possibility to provide a password in the main multiplayer dialog
* Added an option to save the password to the preferences
* Networking:
* Ensure SDL_net is initialized before attempting to send upload_log
* Unit changes and balancing:
* Updated most units' defense and movement values on coastal reef
* User interface:
* Pressing backspace in a textbox with selection now clears the selection.
* Scrollwheel mouses can scroll the new listboxes
* New advanced preference to choose whether middle-click scrolls or warps
* Fixed a glitch which closed a new dialog on the mouse up event of the old
dialog (the effect is percieved as the new dialog not showing up)
* Spacebar closes the dialogs without a scrollbar again
* Pressing escape in a new dialog, behaves like in the old dialogs again
* The new portrait dialogs can get higher so the scrollbars are less often
* Added a password box that hides its input
* The new portrait dialogs can now show the old images as well and also the
right hand side images
* WML engine:
* add an "animate" key to the [teleport] event
* add a resistance_anim block used whenever a unit uses a [resistance]
ability on a neghbour
* deprecated tag [debug_message]; use [wml_message] instead, which
now offers the debug/dbg logger and uses the "wml" log domain
(i.e. --log-*=wml should be used instead of --log-*=notifs)
* The text output created by [wml_message] to stderr is echoed in-game
using the chat user interface like [deprecated_message] and other
Invalid-WML messages; the level of verbosity is controlled by the log
level for the "wml" log domain
* the animate_unit action can now animate multiple units
* the animate_unit action can now change the direction the unit is facing
with a SLF
* add a [replace_map] map="file" event that can load a map of a different
size in a scenario
* make [remove_shroud] and [place_shroud] use true Standard Location Filters,
not just location lists/ranges (bug #12869).
* Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* Added the sunset feature to the new dialogs.
* Fix the calculate feature in the test scenario.
* Fix an endian issue which rendered text wrong on big endian machines
* Fix a bug with temporary objects not being removed at next scenario
* Fix replays with empty starting positions.
* Prevent access to invalidated memory after the first download when
updating all installed add-ons (bug #12837)
* Adjusts drain game mechanics to match attack prediction (bug #7702)
Version 1.5.7:
* Campaigns:
* Descent into Darkness
* Removed debris from this campaign's copy of the map of the
Great Continent, and converted Parthyn's marker (which was black)
to a brownish marker.
* Eastern Invasion
* Converted to the new gold carryover system.
* Gave the undead flag to relevant sides.
* Fixed Dacyn and Owaec not being loyal.
* In 'Mal-Ravanal's Capital', reworked how the prisoner knights work: now
they're placed on the map in cages with guards next to them, and the
player must kill the guard to release the prisoner.
* Removed debris from this campaign's map of the Great Continent,
and converted all black markers to brownish markers.
* Heir to the Throne
* Added an idle animation for L2 Princess.
* Fixed the dwarves attacking the player in 'The Lost General'.
* In 'Bay of Pearls', the player receives recruitment of all lvl1 mermen
units if both enemy leaders are defeated, and only Mermen Fighters if
only one of them is.
* Fixed not being able to recruit mermen in 'Isle of the Damned'.
* Liberty
* Converted to the new gold carryover system.
* Gave the undead flag to relevant sides.
* The Rise of Wesnoth
* Changed Familiar's portrait to match his new unit type.
* Fixed a good amount of funny inconsistencies with Familiar's
unit type.
* Fixed broken death events.
* Lady Outlaw does not lose her experience on 'Return to Oldwood'.
* Restored missing leading animations for Noble Commander and
Noble Lord, and gave leading animations to Wesfolk Outcast line.
* Sceptre of Fire
* In 'Searching for the Runecrafter', the turn limit is now increased when
finding Thursagan.
* In 'Gathering Materials', all enemy sides now fight each other.
* Son of the Black Eye
* Cleaned up the forests in the Far North map; removed a lot of debris from
said map.
* The South Guard
* Made 'Into the Depths' a bit easier on the easiest difficulties.
* Two Brothers
* Converted to the new gold carryover system.
* Under the Burning Suns
* Converted to the new gold carryover system.
* Made Elyssa loyal+quick instead of quick+intelligent.
* Gave the Shyde/Star appropriate healing frames.
* Added updated Desert Hunter sprites.
* Legend of Wesmere
* Recoded Olurf in scenario 02
* Marked the guards in scenario 05 to be killed.
* Many Bug fixes(recruiting, village ownership)
* Made Olurf's side persistent.
* New 400*400 pixel sized portrait images.
* All portraits are now displayed without scaleing.
* Updated music playlists.
* Flipped the Ka'lian map horizontaly.
* Updated overview map to LoW's time.
* Redone journey that is displayed on the overview map.
* Editor2:
* The map editor is automatically started if the binary file used
to start Wesnoth contains "editor" somewhere in its name (useful
for symlinks).
* Graphics:
* Gave a nicer ranged attack animation to Troll Rocklobbers.
* New attack icons: spiked mace.
* New or updated unit graphics: Gryphon Rider, Gryphon Master, Revenant,
Naga Warrior.
* New portraits for Peasant, Swordsman, Spearman.
* New image-path functions:
* ~CS(R,G,B): do a simple color-shift by adding the argument values
to each color channel.
* ~R(v), ~G(v), ~B(v): mangled forms of ~CS() for single channel
* ~O(percentage%), ~O(factor): change an image's opacity by a
percentage value (0%-100%-*%) or a numeric factor (0.0-1.0-*),
respectively. Using factors/values greater than 1.0/100% causes
pixels with non-zero alpha value to have it increased.
* ~BL(radius): blur an image by the given radius.
* Added the transparent version of Kitty's portraits.
* Rewrote the drawing engine for the new widgets.
* Enabled the new dialogs when a new portrait is available.
* Properly update animated halos (bug #11965).
* Language and i18n:
* Renamed the --dummylocales parameter to --dummy-locales.
* Fixed the po extraction tool to also include the id field.
* updated translations: Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish,
French, Galician, German, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Slovak,
Spanish, Turkish
* Terrain:
* New graphic variations for Oasis (Dd^Do) terrain.
* Added a new invisible impassable overlay terrain, which can be painted on
top of any (non-layered) terrain to make the hex impassable.
* Unit changes and balancing:
* Decreased the range attack of the Drake Flare from 7-4 to 6-4.
* Decreased the range attack of the Drake Flamehart from 9-4 to 8-4.
* Increased the cost of the Goblin Spearman from 8 to 9.
* Decreased the cost of the Sergeant from 20 to 19.
* Decreased the HP of the Sergeant from 36 to 32.
* Decreased the HP of the Lieutenant from 48 to 40.
* Decreased the melee attack of the Lieutenant from 9-3 to 8-3.
* Decreased the HP of the General from 58 to 50.
* Decreased the HP of the Grand Marshal from 68 to 60.
* User interface:
* Recruit, recall, unit-list and create-unit dialogs display the
selected unit/unit-type's race.
* Improved appearance of progress bars besides the loading-screen
* Rewrote the layout algorithm for the new widgets.
* Fixed the font loading when the data directory is overridden.
* Removed text wrapping around background image in story screens; it is
better to always use the whole screen width if possible (fixes the
first story screens in Descent into Darkness and Under the Burning Suns).
* Tweaked the algorithm that extends the darkened area below long
story texts so that it gives a more consistent appearance.
* Added a border and blurring to story screens' text blocks.
* Improved wrapping in the new widgets.
* Improved easy close handling.
* Added a horizontal scrollbar widget.
* Made the border scrolling threshold a (hidden) preference and made it
default to 10 instead of 5 pixels.
* Don't display movement costs for units that have "infinite" costs on
terrains. The recognition margin is 5 MP.
* WML engine:
* Allow inline formulas "$( ... )" to be used in general WML
* Ignore whitespace at the beginning or end of event names
* Added the 'round' key to [set_variable].
* New attribute to_variable= in [unit] to spawn directly into a variable
* New attributes x,y= in [unstore_unit] to override unit location
* It is possible to override the end-of-campaign screen text
and its duration using end_text and end_text_duration attributes
respectively, in [endlevel] or [campaign] tags. end_text_duration
is measured in milliseconds. (feature #10449)
* [modify_turns] now works in scenarios without a turn limit. (bug #12715)
* Direct modifications to a unit using [unstore_unit] will now be kept
when advancing to the next scenario.
* If there is a file called _initial.cfg in an included directory, and
no _main.cfg, _initial.cfg is guaranteed to be processed before other
files in the directory.
* [endlevel] has been expanded by the carryover_report=, save= and
linger_mode= attribute.
* Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* Compressed start-of-scenario saves are properly recognized by the
load-game dialog again.
* Fixed replays for single-player campaigns (bug #12005).
* Fixed the restart-replay button causing an assertion failure.
* New memory allocator introduced to the engine. It should
produce 5-10% savings in memory usage on 64-bit systems.
The allocator is disabled by default.
* Included extra headers for certain g++ versions (patch #1113).
* Fixed random memory corruption/assertion failure/massive leak due
to story screens.
* Fixed [role] not working when no type was specified (bug #12660).
* Fixed compilation with Python 2.6 (bug #12638 (included a patch)).
* Fixed spammy multiplication of advancement options for units
affected by the [unit_type][advancefrom] clause (observed in
add-on Invasion_from_the_Unknown from the wesnoth-umc-dev
trunk) each time advancements were evaluated.
* Improved the drawing routine for the ttext class.
* Pressing Escape to exit the game from the title screen now requires a
discrete keypress (bug #12747)
* Properly implement the CFLAGS for autotools.
Version 1.5.6:
* Authoring tools:
* trackplacer is a pygtk tool that makes it possible to visually edit
the journey tracks on Wesnoth campaign maps.
* Campaigns:
* Descent into Darkness
* Added a set of story art.
* Made Malin's side use the ostensibly obscure undead flags after his
* Eastern Invasion
* In 'Weldyn Besieged', the positions of the liches are now randomized and
their names hidden until you attack them (patch #1109).
* Legend of Wesmere
* Newly added to mainline: Intermediate level, 24 scenarios.
(Imported from wesnoth-umc-dev.)
* Son of the Black Eye
* In 'Clash of Armies', fixed all the merman spawns not working correctly
and limited the number of simultaneous enemy gryphon recruits on the
easiest difficulty.
* The South Guard
* Rewrote 'The Long March'.
* Made each turn past turn 6 that passes in 'Pebbles in the Flood' give
you some concrete benefit in 'Tides of War'. Also, the Council of Westin
now always appears, but the exact turn depends on the length of
Gerrick's defense.
* Under the Burning Suns
* Made use of the undead flag for undead sides
* All known bugs (e.g. in Keratur's appearances and related to Kaleh's
AMLAs) have been fixed.
* Garak now gets into a duel of champions in "A Stirring In The Night".
* The Quenoth elf graphics have been refreshed; most of their sprites
now match the size of other 2.0 sprites and have been team-colored.
* Fixed the problem with Nym's defense animation
* Only the new gold carryover system is now available in Descent Into
Darkness, Heir to the Throne, Scepter of Fire, Son of the Black Eye and
The South Guard.
* Editor2:
* Changed the base-terrain key modifier to shift from alt.
This fixes an issue with some window managers grabbing the event.
* Added basic mask applying feature
* Added basic mask creation ("diff") feature
* New multiple document interface, allows more than one map to be open at the
same time. Experimental, can be turned off in the editor settings dialog.
* Graphics:
* New or updated unit frames: Troll Shaman, Naga Fighter.
* New animations: Deathblade idle, Orcish Assassin idle, Mage magic missile,
Silver Mage magic missile and teleport.
* Fixed some parts of alternative flag sets which were not correctly
team colored.
* Help menu:
* ability upgrades for max-level advancements are now listed (bug #10337)
* Language and i18n:
* Fixed a problem on OSX where the locales detection didn't
work; all languages are now enabled for OSX.
* updated translations: Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Galician,
German, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Racv, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish
* new translations: Valencian (the previous non-standard translation has
been renamed to RACV).
* Fixed Wesnoth looking for editor translations in the wrong place
(bug #12426)
* updated DejaVuSans to 2.27
* Multiplayer:
* New multiplayer map: 4p Underworld.
* Revised maps: Caves of the Basilisk, Hornshark Island, Silverhead
Crossing, Sullas Ruins, Weldyn Channel, Alirok Marsh, Island of the
Horatii, Castle Hopping Isle, King of the Hill, The Wilderlands.
* Music and sound effects:
* Changed sound sources' default fade and full volume ranges to 3 and 14
hexes respectively; the former defaults were less than adequate.
* Renamed music files:
* nr-sad.ogg -> sad.ogg
* main_menu.ogg -> transience.ogg
* main_menu_new.ogg -> main_menu.ogg
* Unit changes and balancing:
* New units: Dread Bat, Royal Warrior (character)
* Gave the Goblin Pillager the same bite attack as the Wolf Rider.
* Updated movement and defense values on the reef terrain for many units.
* Added the 'fearless' trait to the Heavy Infantryman line.
* User interface:
* Story parts that have show_title=yes and text at the same time have
now the text's background drawn.
* The new widget library now also supports closing a dialog with a mouse
click without a close button.
* The new widget library now has rudimentary support for wrapping long
* Added experimental support to show the new style dialogs when units
talk in game. (Only available when starting with --new-widgets.)
* Increased/fixed responsiveness of color cursors on "The End" screen
when color cursors are enabled.
* WML engine:
* Added "border" parameter to [terrain_mask] that overlays on the border
in addition to the playable map area. The used mask must have the same
border_size as the map (i.e. currently 1), else this will be ignored.
* Restore x1, y1, x2, and y2 after events fired from events.
* WML variable expansion can be used inside story [part] tags
(feature request #10398).
* When fire_event=yes, [kill] now also fires the 'last breath' event.
* SingleUnitFilters can now check for empty keys such as role=$null
* Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* Fixed addon update version logic (patch #1110).
* Fixed a flaw which caused sound sources to be forgotten after saving
and loading a game (bug #11495).
* Fixed crashes on move_unit_fake with unit types which cannot move
over terrains that are part of the path.
* Generic units get unique non-underlying ids again (bug #12558).
* Fixed a bug where "name=" attribute was not recognized in SUF
Version 1.5.5:
* Campaigns:
* A new experimental gold carryover system is now supported in Heir to the
Throne, Sceptre of Fire and Descent into Darkness: the choice appears in
the difficulty level menu when starting the campaign.
* Son of the Black Eye:
* New portraits for Al'Brock, Flar'Tar and Howgarth.
* Two Brothers:
* Rewrite to include story screens by Stefan
* Improved scenario texts and dialogs
* Editor2:
* Added editor-specific settings dialog
* Lighting setting similar to that of old editor, with presets from a
(hardcoded) list of time_of_days. Can change the settings and see the
effects without having to close the settings dialog. The preferences
are shared with the old editor (FR #11408 / Debian bug #458305).
* Auto update transitions option is stored in the preferences
* Removed map flipping
* Added clipboard flipping
* Command line: added "--load FILE" support to "-e" (FR #12299)
* Graphics:
* New or updated unit frames: Walking Corpse swimmer, Soulless swimmer
* Music and sound effects:
* New music track "Heroes Rite" by Doug Kaufman.
* New music track "The Deep Path" by Gianmarco Leone.
* Language and i18n:
* Fixed a problem under Windows where the locales detection didn't
work; all languages are now enabled for Windows.
* Made it possible to translate ability names according to the
unit's gender (feature #11982). Not yet activated for unit type.
* updated translations: Czech, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Hungarian,
Lithuanian, Polish, Slovak, Turkish, Valencian
* Map editor and terrains:
* Removed wesnoth-editor. Use editor2.
* Added a new "Snow Mountains" terrain (graphics still incomplete).
* Multiplayer:
* Revised maps: Fallenstar Lake, 2p Hamlets, Hornshark Island, The Freelands,
Castle Hopping Isle.
* In default era, all leaders with 4 MP now receive the quick trait.
* Units:
* Balancing changes:
* Made units with the healthy trait take a quarter less damage from
poison instead of half.
* Increased the 'smallfly' movement cost over fungus from 1 to 2.
* Changed the race of the Wolf Rider line from goblin to wolf.
* Added the traits weak, slow and dim and made the goblin race use them.
* Made the goblin race get 1 random trait instead of 2.
* Increased the movement of the Goblin Spearman line from 4 to 5.
* Increased the melee attack of the Goblin Spearman from 4-3 to 6-3.
* Increased the melee attack of the Goblin Impaler from 7-3 to 8-3.
* Increased the melee attack of the Goblin Rouser from 6-3 to 7-3.
* User interface:
* Various minor cleanups and refactoring of the new widgets.
* Added a new scroll label widget.
* Allowed usage of wildcards (? and *) in friend and ignore lists.
* Allowed usage of lists in /friend, /ignore and /remove commands. (feature
* Added a new image widget.
* Added a feature to draw hex coordinates and/or terrain code on every hex.
Available in-game via :sc and :tc commands, and in editor2's menu.
* Move the attack indicator on it's own layer and show at a higher layer so
its view won't be obscured by the terrain (bug #12401).
* Basic support for keyboard controls in main menu (arrow keys + enter)
(fr #3835)
* WML engine:
* New command, [store_time_of_day], makes it possible to store ToD info
in a WML array/container.
* Changed underlying_id in unit to be unique number
* New command, [end_turn], ends the current side's turn.
* Add scale_background key to [story] (bug #10738)
* AI
* Made it possible to use formula AI for recruiting when using default ai
* Changed defaults for AI parameters: village_value, villages_per_scout,
protect_leader, protect_leader_radius, leader_value
* Added new ai paramater number_of_possible_recruits_to_force_recruit which
tells AI when it must move leader back to keep.
* Improved leader movement and protection.
* Improved village grabbing and protection.
* Made 'caution' to control how dangerous place AI tries to attack
* Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* The config dir can now be changed when defining APPDATA_USERDATA at
compile-time to default to a dir under %APPDATA% on windows.
When specifying --config-dir on the command line %APPDATA% is used even
without that define.
* Fixed the list of the unit's attacks getting cut off in the right panel
(bug #12297).
* Fixed wesnoth not to try to add duplicate ids to unit_map
* Fixed a bug where the old unit type's abilities and attacks weren't
completely cleared during level-up
* Improved performance of 'recall' user action when disallow_recall
is set to true in scenarios.
* Various code cleanups
* Removed the requirement for files in ~campaigns to have a corresponding
Version 1.5.4:
* Editor2:
* Rotate clipboard 60 deg. cw/ccw, ctrl+r/ctrl+shift+r respectively
(cmd instead of ctrl on Mac). Active in the "paste" mode.
* A drag operation only creates one undo action instead of many.
* Partial undo feature to keep the old behavior of drag undo available
* More visible selection - draw a special overlay on every selected hex.
* Allow different map generators to be used in map -> generate map
(FR #3950)
* Reverse the preprocessor logic in src/ to default to building editor2,
with a DISABLE_EDITOR2 define to build without it.
* Graphics:
* New portraits: Silver Mage (male), Mage of Light (male).
* fixed the parts of the undead flags which were not TC'd
* Language and i18n:
* updated translations: Chinese (Traditional), Czech, French, Galician,
German, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish
* Music and sound effects:
* Added a new music track "The Dangerous Symphony" by Gianmarco Leone.
* Units:
* Balancing changes:
* Made units with the healthy trait take half the damage from poison.
* Decreased the ranged attack of the Bowman from 7-3 to 6-3.
* Added the marksman special to the ranged attack of the Orcish Assassin
* Decreased the melee attack of the Orcish Assassin from 8-1 to 7-1.
* Decreased the melee attack of the Orcish Slayer from 10-2 to 9-2.
* Increased the cost of the Walking Corpse from 7 to 8.
* Increased the cost of the Soulless from 11 to 13.
* User interface:
* Made the "slowed", "poisoned" and "stone" floating label translatable
according to the affected unit's gender. (bug/feature #11957
* Parts of the new widget libary are deemed stable enough for testing and
have been started to replace the old code.
* WML engine:
* fix bug #11988: Events with multiple types are multiplied
* added a new image-path function: CROP(x,y,w,h) - it extracts a slice
of a graphic with the requested dimensions. (feature #12067)
* allow variable substitution in event names
* allow spaces or underscores to be used interchangeably in event names
* In event attack filters ([filter_attack] and [filter_second_attack]),
weapon= attribute has been deprecated in favour of AnimationWML-like
attack filtering, which allows to filter damage type, range and weapon
specials. Backwards compatibility with weapon= will be removed in 1.5.5.
* As a consequence, [fire_event] has had [primary_unit] weapon= and
[secondary_unit] weapon= deprecated too; use [primary_attack] and
[secondary_attack] blocks instead.
* In events triggered by unit fighting ('attack' et al), the weapon info
is automatically stored in the 'weapon' and 'second_weapon' WML
variables; this works just like 'unit' and 'second_unit'.
* fix various minor bugs with attack filtering
* Fixed linewrapping with not to wrap markups (bug #11946 and bug #11945)
* fix bug where max_experience of stored units was not the true max when
playing with under 100% exp. settings
* Added support for labels and items that are hiden by fog (patch #1101)
* Made it possible to use another color palette as second parameter in
RC(A=B) image path function by using '=' instead of '>' as parameter
separator; this allows simple color replacement that RC(A>B) did not
* prevent some negative/nonsense values in direct WML unit modifications
* Renamed the advanceto key in [unit_type] to advances_to in order to be
consistent with its own and [unit]'s internals.
* implemented FR #11817: Allow [item]s to be visible only to specified teams
(patch #1100 by Broodkiller)
* Networking
* removed null termination character from end of packet send by wesnoth
* Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* Applied changes suggested by bug #11676 to wesnoth-optipng.
* Changed side_drop handling not to automaticaly assign AI for side if
leader is dead (bug #12186)
* Changed the behavior of [modify_turns] value= to default to -1
(no turn limit) instead of 50 if an invalid string is passed instead
of a number.
* Fixed [modify_turns] causing weird behavior when used in prestart
or start events to change current turn.
* Made config cache code available to eveverywhere in wesnoth
* Fixed [modify_turns] giving the unwanted side-effect of changing
turn limit when only current= modifier was used.
* Fixed OOS bug when giving control and having move in undo stack.
* Fixed [modify_turns] not updating $turn_number when current= was
* Fixed crash when ai moves units next to level 0 hiden unit (bug #12252)
* Fixed loading ai parameters. MP side defination now overwrites
era values (bug #12171)
* Fixed MP saves to transfer correct completion state to remote clients
when loadin game (bug #10385)
* Fixed can move enemy units (causing OOS) (bug #11205)
* Fixed a few inconsistencies related to scenarios which are not at
turn 1 at the beginning (namely start autosave detection and initial
triggering of a matching "turn *" event).
* Removed the compiler work arounds for MSVC6.
* Added some more compiler workarounds for MSVC9.
* Removed the --small-gui build option, starting Wesnoth with the
--smallgui parameter achieves the same
* new --nomusic commandline option to disable music for the session
Version 1.5.3:
* Campaigns
* Descent into Darkness
* Changed how the beginning of the scenario 'Descent into Darkness' works.
* Changed how the ice breakage works in 'Beginning of the Revenge'.
* Many minor fixes and tweaks to various scenarios.
* New graphics for Apprentice Necromancer and Dark Mage.
* New indoor maps for 'A Small Favor' parts 2 and 3.
* Sceptre of Fire
* Fixed a bug that allowed one to finish 'The Dragon' by defeating both
enemy leaders.
* Fixed a coordinate bug that caused 'Hills of the Shorbear Clan' to not
end when it was supposed to.
* Son of the Black Eye
* Fixed the shamans not getting removed from the recall list when they
* New portraits for Inarix, Jetto and the old orcish shaman.
* Reworked the scenarios 'Civil War' and 'Coward'.
* Editor2
* Future replacement for wesnoth_editor, launched from title menu or via
wesnoth -e. Most old editor's features are duplicated, with some
* Built by default in scons, cmake and autotools, if building manually
* See for details and known issues.
* Language and i18n:
* updated fonts: DejaVuSans 2.26
* updated translations: Chinese (Traditional), Danish, Finnish, Galician,
German, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish
* Multiplayer:
* Removed the "Great War" MP era
* Revised maps: Caves of the Basilisk, Den of Onis, Fallenstar Lake,
Silverhead Crossing, Sullas Ruins, The Freelands, Alirok Marsh, Island of
the Horatii, 3p Morituri, Blue Water Province, 4p Hamlets, Lagoon,
4p Morituri, The Wilderlands, Waterloo Sunset
* Music and sound effects:
* Engine automatically plays special music on defeat or victory; default
lists from which an option is randomly chosen at runtime are provided as
the default_victory_music and default_defeat_music attributes in
[game_config] node; this may be overriden per-scenario using the
victory_music and/or defeat_music attributes on its code - it can also
be overriden in a [endlevel] block by providing a music= attribute with
the desired list (feature request #11203).
* Python AI:
* Added and to make it easier to customize
AI environment and startup. Both are used by the new embedded python
* reversed builtin is now allowed. This allows for random.shuffle to be
* Terrains:
* Added a new attribute, hidden=<boolean> (default: no), to [terrain],
which prevents the map editor from offering the user a particular
tile type for drawing.
* Made user-made content graphic rules be parsed before core ones, so
custom tiles look the s