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FenixEdu IST

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Contribution modules specific for IST installation of the FenixEdu project.

The modules are:

  • CMS Components - CMS contribution components
  • Delegates - Delegates are students elected
  • Giaf Contracts - Integration with HR
  • Integration - Tasks and services for external integration
  • Library Space - Access control for libraries
  • Parking - Car park access management
  • Pre Bolonha - Legacy component for pre-bolonha degrees
  • Quc -
  • Reports - jasper based academic report templates
  • Teacher Credits - Credit system to measure teacher work
  • Teacher Evaluation - Teacher evaluation system
  • Tutorship - Tutorship program for IST
  • Vigilancies - Exam vigilancies for IST

##Issue Tracking

Issue Tracking for the FenixEdu IST project is done in the FenixEdu JIRA.


FenixEdu IST is open sourced under the LGPL 3. We welcome interest in the project and are open to your contributions


FenixEdu IST Contribution Modules


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